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Chapter 1: Distinction.

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Belonging to a pirate crew can come with the danger side of it, but nothing is compared to being apart of the Straw Hats and the amount of sh*t they get themselves into each week. It's probably enough to fill an entire tank of money, possibly even more if they really put their minds to it and thought about it for long enough.

Honestly being told that he was inside a man's body that is supposed to be a fortress of some kind would of been interesting to him if it wasn't incredibly disturbing at the same time. Currently he was seated on a chair, a long table leading to the man who introduced himself as bege, claiming he was also apart of the 'worst generation' along with his captain.

That wasn't important to him though, it was the weird piece of paper with a very over the top jolly roger imprinted on the back. It's apparently an invitation, but the question lies in the air, what exactly is it for and why is he the one being given it?? He swirls his cigarette to the other side of his mouth, smoke exiting through his mouth.

It's for a special kind of event that he's being invited to. Why would he care about something like that?? He has his crew, that's all he would ever need. It was in that moment when Bege had lifted the invitation, each word in bold writing, making it easy for him to read even with the distance between them.

"The groom is the third son of the Vinsmoke Family, Sanji! And the bride is the 35th daughter of the Charlotte Family, Pudding!"

Since this sudden ambush came out of nowhere, in this small amount of time a pile of information was dumped onto Sanji like a ton of bricks. A tea party?? Yes it sounded fun, but it wasn't just any old formal tea party you'd go to with a group of friends. It's for a wedding, and if it wasn't specific enough for anyone yet, it's HIS wedding.

A wedding he didn't even have any idea of! Why though? After all of these years of being away from that horrific place and trying to stay as far as he could, they managed to catch up to him. Thirteen years, Thirteen years he had been away from them, all for it to come to this?? His eyes stop at the surname and his lip curls up in disgust.

Utter disbelief, that's what he was in right now. Especially with whats happening to him, of all the things him and the straw hats had been through lately, for him anyway, this had to be one of or THE worst things so far. This situation was dangerous, if he made one wrong move then his friends could possibly be hurt. That wouldn't do good if he lost parts of the crew.

It wouldn't be the same without them, so what can he do?? A tiny voice in the back of his head was screaming at him so loud he swore his head was ready to explode. All it was saying was 'Help them, help them' repeatingly, he's trying you know! He has to get them out of here as quickly as possible.

And that's how he ended up with a gun held to another man's head, it's just being used as a threat he reminds himself, it's not to actually kill. He would never stoop so low as to kill another, he is not like them.

"I'll come with you! But it's just to sort out things with that person!" He yells at them. "So don't do anything to my friends! Leave them out of this!"

He made it absolutely clear on the agreement they could make, and it seemed to have worked, because everyone stopped moving and faced their guns either up to the ceiling or towards the door so that nobody would get hurt. Sanji took a look around and it seemed they weren't going to do anything, so only then did he get rid of his own.

This is the main reason behind Sanji leaving his friends behind in Zou. He couldn't of refused, not in a predicament like that, an offer to his own wedding? Saying no would of been insane. Sanji was doing this for the sake of his friends and their safety, it's all he ever wanted for them. They had done so much for him, he had to repay them somehow.

So he will go to Totto land, but make it crystal clear that he's not going to marry anyone. He'll finally be able to remind that person that they have no right to do anything with him, because they are no longer apart of the same family and haven't been for a long time.

Never will again and that is how it shall stay for as long as he lives.


There's a lot he has seen since joining a crazy crew such as the straw hat's, but this was unlike anything he had ever seen before, and there's a lot to see in the New World nowadays. He had been pretty much everywhere you could think of, and it's all because of this adventures he had went on with his captain and the rest of his crew.

The only sounds were the thunderous crashing of the ocean's waves, but as much as it was violent, it brought peace to Sanji's ears and made it easy for him to take in what was happening. Another noise joined in sooner or later, every so often the front of the ship would start singing.

Worst part about it is that the ship wasn't even singing an actual song, it was just saying 'ship, ship, ship' over and over again as if it was a child that learned it's first word and it was the only thing it could say. Sanji tried his best to ignore it and instead stared out into the open sea ahead of him.

One major difference in this sea than the other ones he had been in, was this one wasn't the normal and natural ocean blue. It was multiple different colour's, if we're speaking specifics then it would be purple, blue, yellow and a bit of orange. It almost looked similar to perfectly squeezed juice made with the best equipment possible.

A tickle on his nose caused him to scrunch it up and shake his face in an attempt to get it off. What was that?? His eyes moved from the colourful juice sea to the now noticeable multi-coloured sky that mirrored the hues of the ocean below. But something was starting to fall elegantly slow around him from those same clouds.

He held out the palm of his hand and one of the 'things' fell into it so softly it was like he was hallucinating the whole thing and it was never truly there in the first place. It tried moving away but Sanji curled his fingers around it to stop it and see what it actually was currently dropping from the sky.

For a moment he had mistaken it for snow, but upon further inspection it seemed that was not the case. He tensed up on instinct when he felt a presence behind him, he had felt it even before they started speaking, a sense he had randomly picked up and got used to after being with the Straw Hats for so long.

Not one to be a liar, he was only half listening to what the man had to say to him. There was a specific set of words he was waiting for, and once he had got them he smiled. So just as he thought it was cotton candy raining down on them. Now that he had confirmed this he popped it into his mouth, enjoying the sugary taste fading away in his mouth.

That joy did not last long as what he was thinking of the wonderful sweet was interrupted by the man behind him, he just didn't know how to read a room or maybe he did and chose to ignore it. Sanji was beginning to get irritated, when is this all going to end??

"Now have you made up your mind?"

It was clear that the question was about the arranged marriage between him and the 35th daughter he had been told about, well no- technically forced to be apart of.

"That is what your father wants you know."

Sanji was all for keeping peace, but that thought process had shattered in a matter of seconds. He turned to face the man, his one curly eyebrow that wasn't hid behind a waterfall of a long blond fringe twitched, and his hands formed into fists, almost crushing the cigarette he had put in his hand a second ago.

There was no words in the world to explain how much rage rushed through his veins whenever he heard someone saying that title about.. that man. He only had one father in this world, and it was for sure not that sad excuse for a man.

"Don't you dare talk about him! He makes me sick! We already broke off our relationship." He says to the man, deciding to light the cigarette before he goes batsh*t crazy over this. "I only came here to bring this whole thing to a close." He explains.

It seems after that sudden outburst of rage there was a somewhat mutal understanding not to bring up that man again, and so the two fell into a long conversation about cooking. A few stupid questions were asked and Sanji had to explain that his hands would only be ever used to cook for his crew a whole bunch of times and different ways too.

A new person had come to join the two men out on the front deck, it did not slip past Sanji's sixth sense he had formed and well, Sanji wasn't sure what he was meant to think. He had to look up to see the man's expression, but actually seeing it made him stare awkwardly.

He was extremely tall with slicked back hair dark as coal with a little flick at the back that reminded him of someone he wished to not remember but knew he was going to see soon. Some strange circle glasses, a tattoo right smack in the center of his forehead and a very expensive, nice and neat looking suit.

But the thing that disturbed him the most was that his tongue was out, like way more than it should be and he is another one that seemed to enjoy talking, which Sanji sighed at right away. Is everyone he meets on this part of the world going to be total chatterboxes?? Sanji notices the guns strapped to the mans hips, but says nothing.

"We got a picture of your fiance if you'd like to see her."

Sanji did hear what he said, unfortunately. A picture of his fiance?? A spark of curiousity appeared, it's not like he could help it, but he refused to let it kill the cat as they would say. He tried everything to keep the man away, from yelling profanities, to threatening him and so much more. But he did not move away, in fact he proceeded to get closer.

He did not like that he wasn't being taken seriously enough and he was about to make his point clear to the other man, but the insult died in his throat when he looked at the picture and tried to speak at the exact same time.

His jaw dropped enough for his cigarette to slip out and fall to the deck floor of the ship. She was, she was- well saying she was beautiful was an understatement, she was really pretty, with her caramel hair and matching eyes and her dress looked like it had been tailored well, with nothing less of love and concentration.

Unable to control himself, hearts popped out of his eyes at her beauty like he had done for many other women. She was truly something magnificent, like she was sculpted to perfection from the sculpter themself. This was supposingly going to be his wife??? Yes he can admit she'd be a perfect wife, every woman in this world is perfect after all.

Just like the angels they were, like goddesses that came down from heaven itself to grace these non worthy men of their undying love and attention, just to be treated like dirt by the very men they helped bring into this world. Sorry to disappoint but he's already spoken for, his blue eyes going straight to the gold wrapped around his finger.

"WE'VE ARRIVED MEN!!" A shout came from the opposite side of the ship.

It snapped him out of his trance to listen to the announcements, according to the captain they had now arrived at the docks of the Island. He did not wait for anyone to begin their jobs, like moving the boxes and whatever other junk they had on this ship. Sanji walked right past everyone, ignoring conversations and jumping off the deck.

His shoes clicked on the wood under him as he landed, dusting off the dirt he had gained from being on that ship, when was the last time they cleaned it?? Do they even clean it?? He didn't care for an answer right now. He went onwards, walking further away from the ship until he could actually think to himself properly, where it was finally clearer.

Before going to his main location he had a bit of a wonder around, taking the time to admire some of the buildings surrounding him. Apparently everything here was made out of certain foods and sweets, which was rather interesting, and he could even admit that it was very impressive. But how is it so solid?? How does it stay put?? He'd like to know.

However, despite all of the questions he had about the city, he didn't allow himself to get too distracted by such things. A bunch of the citizens of the town had greeted him, somehow knowing who he was even though there had been no announcement of the wedding just yet. Well at least he didn't think so, Sanji got the invitation just yesterday.

The blond had thought he was alone with himself and his thoughts, but the loud clicks of shoes and an annoying voice debunked that theory. He did not slow down nor did he stop, but the man with the slick back hair was catching up with him just fine. Sanji spotted his weird walking patterns, and kept looking ahead of him instead.

If the man thought he was annoyed before, it was about to get a whole load worse. How? You may be asking. The man wouldn't stop bringing up Germa 66, and how they are a well-known comic throughout the world, but mostly the North Blue. Sanji felt a sour taste form in his mouth at that being brought up, he wish he would shut up already.

Especially about Germa. Why should he care about something he was never apart of in the first place?? Like yes, his 'character' was in the comics too, but what had been the point in adding him when he wasn't a successful experiment like his siblings were?? That's just really stupid if you think about it properly.

He didn't have to hear much more about it, luckily, as they were now infront of a door. Not just any ordinary door though, it had two eyes, a nose and a mouth, an entire face that seemed to be showing signs of slumber. Sanji stared blankly, he really wasn't in the mood for this today. He waked up the door by knocking, and as it opened, it f*cking sung a song.

A curled eyebrow was raised at that. So... does every object in this damn land do this or is he just going a bit overboard with the theories?? How much more annoying can this place get before he's locked in a cell going insane?? He entered the room along with the dark haired man, and Sanji saw someone vaguely familiar here in the room with him.

Such a face was not one he was expecting to see was right there, the purple hair, the weird ghastly noises, it was Caesar?? That weird psychotic gas clown looking scientist from Punk Hazard. Who could forget a man who had experimented on children?? Trust him when he says, they aren't forgettable, take it from him, he knows a lot about it.

Sobs of frustration came from the clown, also a detail thats probably important that Sanji found quite humorous was that clown was now the one in the cage. Well he probably deserved it anyway, he payed him no mind and closed his eyes as he walked past, going straight to take a seat on the couch in the center of the room.

Smoke was blown out his mouth, it travelling in the direction of the open window a bit away from the couch. Caesar was screaming and shouting about something, even the other men were yelling back. Sanji sighed in annoyance, what was it going to take for him to get some f*cking actual peace and quiet around here??

Like someone had heard his pleads, a woman stormed into the room with a furious glare. Her hair was the colour of a peach, and was put into a pair of low ponytails. Her lips were big, glossy and red, her eyes were huge but the lashes were small, she was also quite short too compared to these much bigger men. She looked a lot like her from before..

What is with him and seeing a ton of faces he knows today?? Sanji geniunely had to take a double take because he swore he had seen this woman before somewhere else, there was just something a little off about her compared to the one he had already met. But he couldn't put his finger on it what exactly it was.

She spotted Sanji, giving him an awkward but bright smile. "I am so sorry about them." Was all she said, pushing the two men out and going back to her lecture.

He smiled back to her, finding that she was very outspoken and confident with her words, which he found rather interesting. His mind goes straight to imagining a certain swordsman and how powerful he was, how with very few and simple words he can be a very good second in command to the crew when he wants to be.

Now that mosshead might not be the brightest, but when it comes down to certain challenges and missions, he can be very intelligent where it counts, something Sanji grew to admire about the other man.

Sanji was really starting to miss that idiot. He sighed, he felt it was all he could do lately. Smoke was burning his vision as more went through his lips and joined the air, he took a glance at the clown in the cage who was crying and shouting once more. But he ended up bringing up that he got special treatment or some sh*t because he was a Vinsmoke.

Twice, Twice he was ready to break control over his wrath, how many times is he going to have to explain this to people here??

First of all, he's not a Vinsmoke. Second of all, special treatement??

Since when?? WHEN did he get special treatment?? Does not being thrown in a cage for certain reasons count as special treatment now?? That clown is so dumb sometimes.

A shiver went up his spine at another new person, but they did not come in, instead choosing to stand at the doorway and wait. Sanji moved his gaze away from the clown and blew out more smoke. His cigarette was removed from his mouth as he stares blankly at the other, waiting for him to say something instead of being a total creep.

"It's time to go now." The man had said after what felt like forever.

Sanji knew what he meant by that. It was time to go back to what haunted his sleep for years, to his worst nightmare, to the past and remain there until he had this whole situation dealt with. He dropped the cigarette on the floor after getting up from the couch, crushing it under his foot until it was flat and shoved his hands into his pockets.

"Lead the way."


Being sent on a mission at least a week from a very important even wasn't something he had been very happy about, but what was he meant to do?? Disobey orders?? Don't be ridiculous, that had to be one of the stupidest things he has ever heard utter from someones mouth. He'd kill anyone who would say such a thing to him so confidently.

"I'll have you know, I have a wedding to attend."

A gun is at another man's head, this is not a threat he reminds himself. It is to take the life of another, since he's a killing machine and that is all he'll ever be, he was never like him.

Another bang and one more is dead down at his feet like many others. His shoes and the bottom of his cape is stained with crimson blood but it does not matter because the mission is over. Now it's time to return back to his home, and give a report to the king.

He turns to his brother who is repeatingly shaking his hand in the air to try get the blood off it, a huge chunk of it landing on the floor with a big splat. Using his eyes he analyses the man's face, and by the scrunched up expression and his tongue being out, he can tell it is one of complete disgust.

"Come on, let's go already. This place reeks of weakness." His brother says, and he couldn't agree more.

Now that it's over, the two are free to walk away from the bloodshed and the battle they just went through. As per usual and something have grown used to, cheers of constant repetive shouting is thrown at them, just chants of 'GERMA, GERMA, GERMA'. But this not something to be acknowledged, who cares about their joy anyway?? It's their job to do this.

They don't stop walking untl they get to the roof of one of the buildings. From there, their cold and uncaring eyes stare down at the burning remains of the other village they just ruthlessly attacked, he notes the tree's that they had left untouched were catching fire, again, not that they cared all that much.

The familiar sound of the 'purururu' overtakes the sounds of burning flames. He reaches in his suit to bring the transponder snail, a slight noise coming from the creature to let him and the person on the other line know they could be heard. His brother stood next to him with his arms folded, somehow patiently waiting.

For once the redhead is grateful his brother isn't sputtering insults and nonsense he can't be bothered to deal with today, maybe he had finally learned his lesson.

"The wedding isn't for another week or so." A voice speaks first.

"Well, we have plenty of time to get to Whole Cake Island." He responds, clearing his throat and all but asks. "What about Sanji??"

"He's already here. He arrived a few hours ago."

That's all he needed to hear. A smirk appears on his face, thrilled at the information he has been provided with.

"Oh great. I can't wait to see him." The redhead says back.

"Yeah right.." His hot-headed brother mutters, clearly not convinced at his attempt to be excited about something.

"See you in two days." Is all he says, ignoring his younger brother.

"Wonderful. We wouldn't want you both to be late for your own wedding."

With that the call is now over, but those last words is what brings his brother to go back into his irritating mood that the redhead hates so much. His eyes tell him his brother is in a state of confusion and anger, but he instead waits for his brother to say something. He puts away the transponder snail and they both turn to return back to the ship.

Behind them is the soldiers they had brought from the Kingdom, being one of the commanders of such an important thing can come in handy you know. They moved in total silence, but he can't find a way to enjoy it. He can sense his brother wants to say something and he's trying to find the right moment to say it.

The redhead clicks his tongue and glances at the other man, his impatience and usually calm temper starting to break little by little. Why is his hot-headed brother like this?? How is he so good at getting on peoples nerves without even trying to do so??

"Would you spit it out?? I can feel the gears moving in your idiotic brain, it's really beginning to bother me now. So just be out with it already."

At the clear permission to speak, if it could get any clearer, his brother starts on his rant.

"What the f*ck did they mean by our OWN wedding exactly?? From what I remember, father only told us Sanji was the one getting married off to one of the Charlotte children."

"Ah I forget you weren't there when father informed us of the new plan. All five children of Germa are to get married off to a Charlotte." He explains. "Father explained a bit further, said something about it helping form a stronger alliance."

Seems he made a mistake because his brother's anger finally took over properly.

"IM SORRY?? NEW PLAN?? WHAT?!? ALL. OF. US?! WHY ARE WE TO BE WEDDED OFF ALSO?? This was only meant to be for Sanji since father found a use for him after so many f*cking years."

Screaming turned into electricity snapping as they went inside the ship, the redhead went straight inside the ship to take a seat in one of the many chairs. Luckily for them the waves were easy, and he hoped they wouldn't run into anything on the way that could delay their arrival at Whole Cake Island. A servant then brought him some tea.

He took a sip, and gave a quick nod of approval. Next to him however was his blue haired brother, pacing back and forth, ranting about something like a maniac that he didn't care enough about to listen to right about now.

"I can't believe father is also making us get married! This is ridiculous, a complete outrage Ichiji! Why is this-"

Enough was enough.

"Pipe down Niji. We do what father tells us, that's how it always has been."


"...Right.. You're right.."

"I'm always right."

Silence finally came back when his brother shut up like he had been told to. Now that was over, Ichijii went to sipping his tea quietly and respectfully, going on to read a book he had been meaning to for a while. He was a few chapters in before the silence was starting to get a bit uncanny, and so his eyes drifted to his brother.

Turns out it had became more quieter because his brother had fallen asleep. Ichiji smirked to himself, but hid it in the teacup since people were around. It's a popular thing with his younger brother that when he shouts and expresses his rage for too long, he grows very tired and falls asleep. Seems that somethings never change, no matter how much older they get.

Sleep well Niji, you're going to need it for this whole experience with the Big Mom Pirates. Ichiji never doubted his father, his commander, but.. something feels off about this whole alliance, why would Big Mom be so easily convinced to start one with a small Kingdom like Germa?? Is he thinking too into this?? Probably, he probably is.. oh well.

Chapter 2: Changed Events.


Nami, Brook & Chopper tell the rest of the straw hats about what happened, meanwhile Sanji is back in Germa and it may be for good this time.

And everyone is pushing his buttons in that place, starting with Yonji, to Reiju and now Judge also.


I quite enjoyed writing this, there's a few things that has changed, been scrapped or will be put in future chapters.

Apologies but you won't be seeing Ichiji and Niji until the next chapter, but you probably won't have to wait long as I am trying to get where I was before I decided to restart this whole story.

Hope you enjoy <3.

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Staring through a hole in a man that acted as a gate for a castle had to be the weirdest thing Nami had ever done, that could be debatable actually, that's not the point though.

She had seen Sanji in there, smaller, but 100% him. The chains tightly secured around her body was making it difficult for her to do anything, but she pushed that aside and looked at him.

"Sanji, come on out!" She had pleaded. "Why do you wanna stay?" She had asked.

The three of them had begged Sanji to escape while he still could, that refusing this might end up in them being all dead, but they had to get back to Luffy and explain to their captain what the threat was.

No matter what any of them said their cook did not budge, he had a gun aimed at another man's head, but she could tell it was not to kill, just to threaten.

"This is my problem." He started. "I'll be back. Tell everyone else I said "Hi", oh, and tell that marimo not to worry so much, you know how he gets." Sanji had said.

He had said all of that with a smile, a grin so pure and sweet, so angelic. Nami had no idea what else she was supposed to do, she couldn't do anything anyway with these chains. Out of nowhere the castle door closed, and Bege, another that was part of the worst generation title, formed his body so that his legs were wheels.

Nami dropped to her knees in agony, her eyes had filled with tears, as that was her friend and she did not want him to leave, at least not like this. Why did he do that?? They were meant to fight as a crew, why did Sanji go off to fight by himself?? She looked to Brook and Chopper who were also crying their eyes out, she didn't even blame them.

When their binds had been removed and they got back to their captain, Nami had handed him the note Sanji wrote for the crew. They were riding on some giant animals, going to their next location on Zou, and Luffy had the note right up to his face, carefully reading out the words. Luffy piped up at the written words of 'I gotta go see a woman'.

Now a lot of people might think Luffy lacks intelligence, which he doesn't! He just thinks differently which can be mistaken for dumbness, but he isn't! But going back to his main point, this note didn't quite make any sense, as a captain he keeps tabs on every little new thing that his crew does and Sanji already was married to someone.

"Oi Zoro, what do you think of this??" Luffy asks, stretching his hand over to where Zoro is currently laying on the animal's back.

The swordsman one good eye opens and he brings one arm out from under his head to take the note from his captain. He yawns loudly and rubs at his eye before reading the words again and again until it finally registers in his head what's going on. Zoro sits up and grabs the note with more ferocity than he meant to, what was the sh*tty cook thinking??

Reckless as always, that stupid cook of theirs, of HIS, why does he always have to go off and do things on his own like this?? Zoro frowns and hands the paper back to his captain. He's not happy about the situation and he defintely doesn't like the idea of his husband being further away from him than he is meant to be.

"I have a bad feeling that's what I'm thinking." He mumbles.

He could almost hear the insult in Sanji's voice whispering through the wind. "Oh I didn't know my sh*tty husband could think, even with all that moss growing in that head of yours."

Luffy hums, inspecting the note like there was more to it than they were seeing. He looks at each member of his crew and crosses his arms, holding the note tightly.

"So how is that going to work?? Don't they know Sanji is already married to Zoro?? If they try to legally marry then it's just going to get denied, right??"

"I suppose that would be the case, yes." Robin replies, thinking to herself.

"Well we can't just sit here, we need to do something!!" Chopper shouts out, grabbing onto Robin's arm and jumping around.

"Our little doctor is right, Sanji could be in serious danger right now." Robin agrees, petting Chopper in an attempt to calm him down.

For a second their captain was just staring off into space but nobody was concerned as this was a constant occurance that happened a lot. Luffy was currently, well hopefully, thinking of a plan that they can do to get Sanji back. Luffy finally let out a loud sigh and slapped his hands onto his thighs, not bothering to stand up for his 'speech'.

Everyone in the crew knows that as soon as their captain makes up his mind on something, it is very difficult to get him out of it, hence why they have been in so many troubling situations, Luffy has to be one of the most stubborn people out there.

"Alright! Its decided, we're unsure what's happening so we will just go and ask him ourselves! Zoro! Let's go get your husband shall we??"

Zoro smirked. "As you wish, Captain."

".huh...?? WHAT!! ARE YOU BOTH INSANE!?"

"May I remind you both that is a emperor of the sea we are dealing with?? It's not just any normal captain of a crew or a warlord, it is an EMPEROR." Nami shouted out.

"Title's aren't all that important, the only one I care about is the king of the pirates, which I am going to take, so we have nothing to worry about Nami!!" Luffy says, smiling.

The redhead sighs and slides a hand down her face in frustration, shaking her head and looking at the other straw hats who some had the same reaction, others laughed at Luffys confidence, but the only one who seemed the most worried was Zoro.

She was too, as a friend, but in his case it must be a whole lot worse to be told out of nowhere and through a note of all things that your husband is going to meet another woman all because he couldn't bring himself to fight alongside them instead of alone. She glanced at Luffy who had a determined expression, they were too late now, no changing his mind.

"...Alright you heard the captain, we're on our way to get Sanji back."


It's only been a day since he has been in Germa and he's already beginning to lose his mind. Last night he had barely got any sleep, it was hard to, especially when you enter a place where you had been given the most sh*t in. It was a slow night, he felt like the sun was never going to rise, but eventually it did, signaling it was now daytime.

He stood outside on the balcony that was connected to his bedroom, his body shivered when his shoulder met the stone wall of the castle, even with a shirt on the thin layer of material did nothing to protect him from the icy stone. Sanji was watching all the Germa soldiers fight one another, reminding him of certain.. things.. he wishes not to remember.

Sanji had been so focused on his watching that he almost didn't hear the door to his bedroom creak open, if it wasn't for the instincts he had built up in the straw hats he could of been killed right there and then. Someone had entered his bedroom but he didn't know who it was, and that made this whole thing that much more dangerous.

It couldn't be though, could it be..-


A rather soft spoken voice calls out his name, it is not in the harsh and horrible tone that he is grown used to. His head turns and he's now looking at his sister, Reiju, who had not changed in the slighest since they had been seperated as children. Her hair was still the same length, stopping at just her shoulders with a long side fringe covering her left eye completely.

Her smile was so soft and sweet, it gave him a little bit of comfort in this terrible place. As a child it had been one of the things keeping him sane, the other thing.. he doesn't talk about much. Reiju walks further into his room and takes a seat on one of the chairs, his eyes follow every one of her movements as he waits for her to say something.

However she made no obligation to move, instead just stared back at him with that same sweet smile. The silence was nice, again almost comforting, but she must of been here for a reason, why else would that sickingly sweet smile be on her face?? His skin burns from the frozen tiles of stone, but still chooses to lean a bit more on the balcony wall.

"What are you doing here? I told everyone to go away." He says to her.

He spots a slight crack in her smile, bingo. "Now Sanji.. how could you say that to your big sister you haven't seen in thirteen years?" She asks, crossing her leg over the other.

No longer interested in the bloody and violent fights going on outside, Sanji makes the decision to go back inside the room, closing the doors behind him so that more of the cold breeze wouldn't enter the room as he talked to his sister. He walked until he was standing across from her, a cigarette in between his fingers.

"How many times do I have to say it? I cut ties with you lot that day I left!" Sanji yells.

Reiju's smile fades completely, her head tilting to the side. "So what are you doing back here then?"

It's his turn to be silent, because, yes that is a very good question. What is he doing back here? Simply, it's so his friends don't get hurt or worse. He's doing it for them. It's not to get married or be with his family again. It is to make it clear he is not agreeing to this and he never will, even if he has to fight his way through.

"I'm not marrying her." He states.

"Why not? Pudding i s a nice girl. I like her." His sister responds, eyes boring into the glass in her hand before taking a sip of the wine.

Just as Sanji goes to respond and tell her the truth, larger, bolder and more confident footsteps can be heard booming through the hallways and even through his bedroom door. His entire body freezes up at the judgemental and loud voice that dares to even come anywhere in his castle, how dare he think he can just come into here uninvited.

His eyes go straight to the doors that begin to creak loudly than they were before while opening, as if the man that was waiting on the other side of them needed an even more emphasized entrance than neccessary. Sanji blew a piece of his hair out the way and stood, waiting, completely bored out of his mind.

With each second that passes by, a little bit more of the man he hates the most in the world is shown. His raid suit, a specific item made for their family so that the experimentations that went on here wouldn't spiral out of control and make them go mad was what he wore. A golden mask with eyeholes cut for it on his head on top of waves of golden blond hair.

A problem in their family was the heights, Sanji was the smallest male in the entire family, his brothers only being taller probably because of the science experiments performed on them. So because of this issue Sanji had to look up almost to the ceiling, and there was a face he had wished to never see again. He feels incredibly sick, he wants to throw up.

Of what was meant to be his biological father made him sick to his stomach. He was another one in the family who hadn't changed, the only major difference was that he had gotten older, along with Reiju and just like Sanji had too.

"Father? What are you doing here?" Reiju had asked, but was given no response.

The reason for that being because there's a certain someone he hasn't seen in thirteen years. His face was cold as he looked down at Sanji, like he was examining him, disgusting. From an outsiders point of view this probably looked like a wonderful moment, a happy reunion between a father and a son, who had been seperated for so many years.

That was not the case. From Sanji's view, he can see the disgust practically swirling in the man's eyes at seeing Sanji again. He didnt even have to say anything for Sanji to know the words 'failure' and 'disappointment' were hitting off the sides of his head repeatingly. The blond cringed at the fake persona and smile his father had attempted to put on.

"Oh, my son." Was his first words, bad choice of words by the way.

"Don't call me that." He was quick to say, seeing the slight change in the mans face. "Even if I was to call someone 'father', it would absolutely not be you."

That man was never good at keeping up a good attitude, even as a child Sanji had seen many cracks in that man's acting, especially during the fake funeral he had found out about when he finally escaped from that wicked kingdom, but here he is again, in that same place. Instead of a response to his insult, there was a topic change, like always. So typical.

"What did you do to Yonji? He must be quite strong."

So that was he wanted to ask? Sanji had a feeling there was a question lingering in that big head of his, Sanji looks down at the floor, placing the cigarette into his mouth so he has something to chew on. What did he do to Yonji?? Well it wasn't anything major, it was just meant to be something to get him to back off, leave him be to do his own things.

But his youngest brother, Yonji, had never been very bright.


In order to pass time and get the days over and done with, Sanji spent most of his time walking through the hallways of his castle. It's all he could really do lately, because this wasn't his home, even when it was meant to be it never was. He wishes to go back to his real home, with his real family.

This place was nothing like home, everywhere he would turn it would just be stone, stone, stone! Every wall, every part of the floor and the ceilings were made of stone, like he had been thrown inside a cage of stone, denying him from ever escaping from this place again.

The heels of his shoes stopped their clicking as he came to a stop, he couldn't walk any further from here. In the corner of his eye he had spotted something, an extremely bad memory flew into his head, and it made his entire body shiver. He switched his gaze to the stone wall beside him, staring directly at a certain something.

That certain something happened to be a large dent in the center of the wall, where a strange looking design was. It wasn't just a dent though, oh no, there was also millions of tiny and big cracks too, each one different than the last, from short to long, and some going in different directions than others.

He couldn't help but just stare at it, Sanji could not bring himself to look away from the painful memory that was playing on repeat in his head, as it was all beginning to come back to him. What he suffered and went through every single day being here.

On the stone floor where he lay, hands clutched at his stomach in pain. His body would shake in fear of what they would possibly do to him next. The list had to be endless. His face would be stained with tears, his pleads turning into loud shouts and begs, all he wanted was for it all to end, to stop, for him to be free from this constant torture.

Standing and surrounding him, was three boys, each with a different style and colour of hiar. Images of them pointing and laughing, bringing their fists and feet back to give him a deadly punch or kick. Huge chunks of his hair spilling on the floor as they had pulled at his hair until it came out of place.

Constant insults about his looks, his behaviour, each one of his mannerisms that wouldn't count as appropriate for royalty, even the constant reminder of being a failure would echo in his mind, it drove him insane, when would the madness stop?? All he wanted was a family, but this, this was not a family.

The body of him as a child disappeared like smoke as he tried to forget it. His teeth clenched against one another, grinding and squeaking. He had never wanted to come back here, yet here he was, doing exactly what he promised himself on the day thirteen years ago he wouldn't do again.


Sanji flinched at the sudden sound, and he knew exactly who it was without even having to look. You ever get that whole thing where you can tell which member of your family it was by the footsteps?? From how loud, violent and detailed they can get just from something simple as going up stairs or down hallways??

Yeah he had picked that up a long time ago. This footstep wasn't rough, it wasn't filled with egotistical confidence that the other two would of had. No, this one was less rough, less confident, but it was still there. Sanji shook his head, what part of 'leave me alone' do these people not understand??

"Does it bring back memories??" He had been asked. "It's good to finally see you! I was surprised to know that weak old Sanji is still alive, and is a pirate now too!"

Like with most things in life, Sanji did not respond to his piece of sh*t little brother, instead choosing to continue looking at the large dent and cracks in the wall. He was hoping and praying, that maybe, just MAYBE, his brother would take the hint and go away, but of course it couldn't be that easy.

The air was something a little more toxic, not to the point where Sanji felt like he couldn't breathe, but he knew Yonji's biggest problem was that he didn't like to be ignored. As the youngest most of the attention went to him, he had learned to get used to it, so now he just expects it.

And when he doesn't get it, then he gets frustrated and tries to force the attention back onto him as quickly as he can.

"Say something!"

The blond chose not to fight it anymore, fine, if he wanted a f*cking reaction then Sanji would give him one he never would of expected from his 'weak little brother'. He didn't even turn around, still focusing on one crack on the wall.

"Go. Away."

Just as expected a confused 'Huh?' came from behind him. It almost made him want to laugh at how predictable his younger brother could be, they were never very understanding, they had been brought up and made into cruel, mean and heartless monsters.

At least now that he was older and had grown stronger he might actually have a chance if one of them dared to pick a fight with them. Of course none of them knew that he had strength and had a few tricks up his sleeve, but that just made putting them in their place that much more satisifying.

"I cut ties with my family. I have nothing to say to you guys." He deadpans, clear as ever, again, his idiot brother never understood anything even that simple.

"Well we have something to say to you!"

The doinks in the room grew louder as he walks closer, Sanji listens carefully, and it has a bit of power behind it, oh yes his brother is defintely frustrated that he's not getting the attention he had expected from Sanji. He wonders if it had even register in that man's brain that thirteen years had gone by.

Why exactly would he be the same way?? He's not the wimpy, little crybaby that he once was. He's not a pushover, not a failure, he wasn't anything they used to say to him anymore. He had grown, blossomed into something stronger, something new and much more improved.

"I heard you're refusing to marry the daughter of the Charlotte family." Yonji says. "You're a good-for-nothing fool. You have no choice, Sanji." He adds.

You know, as he registers the insult, it actually did not bite as much it should of. If anything, it almost felt.. different?? in some way?? Is that even the right word?? It's hard to explain whatever he is feeling right now, all he knows is that it isn't something negative for once in his life since returning here.

Sanji once again remained silent, not even bothering to give his brother the time of day. To deal with this whole interaction he brought out a cigarette from his pocket and flicked open the top of his lighter to light the end of his cigarette. He was shocked he hadn't brought out one sooner honestly.

He watches as the end of the stick turns to ash and falls to the ground, he breathes it in and out, only turning around so he can blow some smoke in the other man's face. A small laugh escaping at how Yonji coughed and choked, clearly not used to the smell or flavour of something like this.

"Do you mind!? That sh*t is vile!"

"Did you not hear me?? I said 'go away'."

"Yeah??" Yonji's expression changed into one of a wild animal's, a sinister smirk spreading across his face, both eyes wider than usual. "Then why don't you make me go away YOURSELF!!"

Yonji lift's his leg off the floor and goes to kick Sanji directly in the face, but he saw it coming before the man had even moved. He was quicker, and moves out of the way just in time to dodge what would of been a nasty blow that could of sent him flying halfway across the corridor of his castle.

Sanji observes the other man, seeing how his nostrils flare, and the anger that is bubbling in his brother's eyes. He finds this quite funny, especially considering that it's normally his other brother that would of had looked similar to that of a wild animal, he is the more aggressive one after all.

As expected Yonji does not back down from a fight so easily as you would think, as he's already making his way back over to Sanji. He seemed to change tactics as he is now lifting his hand and forming it into a fist, ready for an even deadlier punch. Steam escapes from Yonji's arms, and Sanji knows that is when he's serious about fighting the blond.

Okay, if he wants a fight that badly, then Sanij isn't going to hesitate to give him one. Sanji's leg lifts off from the ground, breathing out some smoke as the familar feeling of burning flames that spiraled around his lower leg like an inferno. His Diable Jambe powers up completely, the heat like molten lava.

His brother's fist shoots forward but Sanji meets him halfway and their limbs collide in a massive blast of energy. Shock is the only word to describe what Yonji is feeling right now, Sanji knows he wasn't expecting his 'weak brother' to start fighting back.

Sanji refuses to allow them to push him around any longer, he is NOT weak, and he is NOT a failure. Not anymore.

"What the f*ck!? How dare you touch me!" Yonji screeches in rage.

Due to their mismatched energy and also Yonji's confusion which is probably his biggest weakness, it makes it all that much easier for Sanji to catch the other man off guard. His kick so strong that it sends his brother flying into one of the walls on the other side of the corridor.

His feet meet the floor again and he doesn't even spare the man another look, he inhales and exhales some smoke, beginning to walk away silently. Not another word was exchanged between them, not that Sanji wanted to talk to that piece of sh*t any longer anyway.

After Sanji had left when the fight was over, it had taken about 10 minutes before anyone had found Yonji knocked out on the floor. It was by a bunch of maids who were late for a shift, as soon as one noticed the prince she had began shouting for the doctors who came to his aid immediately.

Yonji was brought back to his own castle and to one of the many labs stored inside said castle. Once he had woken up he was seated on top of a metal surgery table, a doctor by his side, attempting to fix the dent on the side of Yonji's face with a hammer.

One would say Yonji was quite childish, not that he would agree to such a thing. But with the way he was sitting all squished up with his arms folded and his lips in a pout, then yeah he was incredibly childish compared to the other members of his family. Who cares anyway.

"I heard he was still saying no to the marriage, so I tried to teach him a lesson on father's behalf just like I would of in the old days. But instead THIS f*cking happened to me!!" He rants to the doctor, who raises an eyebrow at him.

"I see. Well the hammer doesn't seem to be working, he really did a number on you." The doctor had said in response.

On the opposite side of the room was a bunch of different controls for machines in the room, and it appeared one of them was going to have to be used for an injury such as this one. The doctor flicked a few of the switches up, and hovered his finger over one of the bigger buttons on the controls.

A slight warning was given to Yonji, but he wasn't even paying attention, as the shock on his face was quite sincere when the two pillars of steel pressed down on both sides of his face, squishing it into something small until it popped right back into it's normal place again.

Yonji feels at his face and is happy to know he's back to normal, but he can't express proper positivity since the memory of his failure brother being able to put a scratch on him was pissing him the f*ck off. He shakes his head and clenches his teeth, thinking deeply to himself before letting out another rant.

"That damn failure! I'll make him pay for this!" Yonji declares, the doctor just mumbling half assed agreements with a loud sigh.

He's given permission to leave by the doctor, after being demanded he be a bit more careful since his father had asked of it. He gets its direct orders, but nothing is sweeter than revenge on the ones who wronged you, he had learned that kind of thing from his two eldest brothers, Ichiji and Niji.

The prince stands in the middle of the corridor, first he has to leave his castle and find his idiot brother so he can satsify that need for revenge. He only manages to take a few steps until he is being stopped by a hand that has a strong grip on his shoulder, pulling him onto his ass on the floor.



Sweet and kind tone of voice. Yonji looked up and was met with the sight of his elder sister, he smiled at her random presence. Of course he did have a bunch of questions as to why she was in his castle, but they were thrown out the window and he scrambled back to his feet, standing infront of her.

"Reiju! My dear sister, what are you doing here??"

"Where do you think you are going exactly??"

Yonji squints his eyes. "You can't answer my question with another question, that's not how conversations like this work you know."

"I suppose you are right." Reiju says, smiling. "I'm running some errands on behalf of father, is that a good enough answer for you?"

"Hm.. for now. That sounds pretty boring, mines is much more exciting. I'm gonna go teach that failure a lesson for f*cking up my face!"

"Tut tut.. I don't think that's a good idea. You wouldn't want to be busted up for your wedding now would you?"

He's not even given a chance to process what she just asked him as she's already walking away and leaving him in the hallway. He brings a hand up to scratch at his head in confusion. What the f*ck does she mean by his wedding?? Yonji laughed at her comment, maybe she forgot the plans.

For goodness sake, He's not the one getting married off to one of the Charlotte's, it's that failure! He scoffs and thinks over her words, part of him wants to go and deal with Sanji, but maybe some other day, maybe when his other brother's have returned from their mission.

It'll be more fun that way if they are here with him.


"I guess I'm just stronger than him now." Sanji deadpans once more, no sign of mockery or confidence, just straight up factual.

Judge's eyes narrow at that and Sanji can feel the threat radiating off him. But he does not move from where he is, does not shake in fear or back off like he would of before. He stands on his own two feet and looks the other man straight in the eyes. His back is straight, standing tall with both his hands securely in his pockets.

Sanji's lip curls up in challenge, daring that man to even say anything further to him. Judge slams the bottom of his spear off the ground, and Sanji knows that he's going to try and get his 'son' to fight him outside. He's been preparing himself for years, he's f*cking ready for this.

"Step outsi-"


The doors to Sanji's bedroom burst open again. What is with everyone and invading his space today!? Why can't they all just f*ck off?? Do they even know what it means?? Judge is cut off from what he was going to say, a sigh of frustration and confusion coming out of his mouth.

His attention is no longer on Sanji and is now on the random soldier that had entered the room so quickly he almost fell straight through the doors. Sanji snickers quietly at that, that would of been funny, and it probably would of eased some of the tension he is feeling in his body.


"I am deeply sorry to interrupt your business Sir!" The soldier huffs out, managing to catch his breath and standing straight to salute. "But we have just received word that Sir Ichiji and Sir Niji have arrived in the kingdom."

Three different reactions happened, two the same, one not.

f*ck. Sanji's confidence he was feeling a moment ago drops along with his face, he is now starting to realise more and more that coming back here may of been the worst mistake he has ever made. Now he can deal with Yonji, don't get him wrong, he's honestly all bark and no bite, he's not that much to deal with.

But if we're talking about his other two brothers?? Or maybe specifically ONE of them?? Then they're on a completely different subject, this is something different. They're both cruel and heartless as each other, but where one is harsh the other is nothing but aggressive.

He can't see her but he can feel Reiju's eyes staring at the back of his head, she probably knows what he is thinking, she's also thinking the same thing. As soon as those two enter the castle and the doors shut, Sanji's biggest nightmare, his past, it will crawl out of the grave he buried it in and come back to haunt him for a second time.

Judge's irritation was gone quickly, instead replaced with joy. "Oh! Well why didn't you say that sooner!! Good! You two come with me. and YOU! Call Yonji and bring him downstairs this instant for the reunion."


Sanji's gaze follows the way the soldier trips but is quick to go back to running in the other direction of the corridor, which would be the exit of the castle that was closest to Yonji's. He tenses when Reiju's hand meets his shoulder, she gives him a small smile, a small attempt at some quick and rushed comfort.

He deeply appreciates that she is trying to help and no offence to her, but she never went through the whole 'failure' thing, so she will never understand no matter how hard she tries. He tries to put up a front to hide his fear by forcing out a smile, but he knows she of all people can see right through him.

Reiju had to of been one of the only people willing to help him during his childhood, she was the only good one, apart from.. her. She willingly helped him with his wounds, cleaning up the blood and patching him up with bandages and plasters, talking to him, being there, but at the same time she still laughed and watched him suffer.

But at the same time, she is a Vinsmoke, he never was.


Whoever the f*ck is up in those skies, give him some form of strength because he has a feeling this is going to get f*cking messy at some point.

Chapter 3: Attitude Problem.


Sanji's days keep getting worse as he deals with his brothers, or tries to anyway, but Niji seems to have gotten worse as he got older.


Trying my hardest to motivate myself into writing new chapters, also this one has art involved!

Warning for Niji being Niji, and also Judge because he's a walking warning LMAO.

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Chapter Text

It had been quite some time since Sanji had stepped foot in the main castle of Germa, this is where they would have their meals, be told their schedules and what kind of training they would be doing for the day. It was a painful memory, because it reminded Sanji of how he thought he'd been the failure, all for some suoerhuman modifications??

When him and Reiju enter the room Judge is already seated on his throne, a giant chair made purely of the strongest metal that was only worthy of such a strong king as himself. A soldier walks past the two of them and stands at the bottom of the stairs leading to the throne. He raises his hand to his head in a salute, his expression neutral.

"According to the princes there was a slight delay, but they fixed it and are now here. They're getting off the ship as we speak, just as planned." The soldier says.

A genuine laugh came from the king."Wonderful! My dearest sons have returned home safely!"

Sanji rolled his eyes and looked off to the side of the room, which made him realise that Yonji had already been standing there this whole time. Yonji's lips were twisted in a smirk, one could say was sinister and extremely devilish. He was looking at his father, but turned his attention to where Sanji was walking to the other side of the room.

"I'm sure they can't wait to see you again Sanji." Yonji says, chuckling to himself.

Is he for real?? Sanji stares at his younger brother, raising his eyebrow and changing his expression into one of a scowl. When the blond faced away from him, that angered Yonji and he stopped laughing at the man.Who does he think he is!? What happened to Sanji through those thirteen years they were apart?? He's changed far too much, its... ANNOYING.

Outside loud cheers from the soldiers could be heard, they all had stopped their daily training to gather on the sidelines of the path that led to the doorway of the main castle. They enjoyed supporting their commanders, each one of them always liked expressing their gratitude and how they felt towards the other men, but they didn't get much of a reaction.

In the distance two small figures appeared at the gates leading into the kingdom. The two brothers began walking, the sounds of DOINK, DOINK, DOINK, filling the air. Ichiji looks up to the skies, watching the fluffy clouds passing by for a few seconds. Waking up Niji had been a bit of a bitch, he's a very deep sleeper like Yonji, and it was a complete nightmare.

He had tried grabbing him by the shoulders, banging his head off the wall, shouting in his ear,, but none of these things had worked. The only thing that managed to wake up Niji was throwing water at him. It hadn't been the idea he wanted to do, especially because it triggered his electricity into eletrocuting him, but it was the only option left.

And since he had thrown water, his brother wasn't happy with him. Niji had looked everywhere but at him, he was extremely pissed off, but Ichiji couldn't care less. It wasn't his fault Niji slept like a log, he had left him to sleep, he should be happy he allowed that much. The redhead glanced behind him where Niji had his arms crossed, eyes at the rose bushes.

Emotions - Adrien_06 - One Piece (Anime & Manga) [Archive of Our Own] (1)

When they were children this Kingdom used to be full of flowers, whether that be bushes or fields of complete colour in rows. Unfortunately when his mother had died, the flowers had died along with her, since she was the one that had planted them. He had a feeling they were connected somehow, as the flowers atop her grave were still breathing and alive.

Ichiji furrowed his brothers and threw those thoughts away, now wasn't the time to be thinking about that.. woman. She was a memory now, he wouldn't get sad over a memory. As the two begin to walk past the soldiers, immediate shouts of "Welcome back!" "We're glad to see you are safe!" "Sir Niji!" "Sir Ichiji!" are thrown at them along with some praises.

The landscape of Germa wasn't something to appreciate, they had been here for twenty-one years after all. When you live somewhere for your entire life, you grow out of the joy you felt as a child and start to find it boring. The only thing they looked forward to now was going out of the Kingdom and going on missions that involved finding out information or being violent.

Making their way to the main castle, the doors open wide, allowing access to the two men. All their life they had been told they were similiar and different at the same time, which should of been ovbious, they were twins, identical twins. Anybody who said something as stupid as 'you guys are the same!' makes them both pissed off.

One has the red hair, one has blue.

One has scarlet red eyes, another has an aqua blue.

One has a white cape with a massive red one, the other has a black cape with a massive blue two.

One has the power of volcanic explosions, the other has volts of electricity.

"Why isn't he coming out to greet us?!" Niji says to his brother, completely ignoring the praise that was being screamed at him.

Ichiji was going to be honest, he didn't think that Niji would bother opening his mouth again after what the redhead had done to wake him up. But he can also be quite predictable, and Ichiji knew that a man such as Niji couldn't keep quiet for long. As the elder brother he had grown used to their behaviour, mannerisms and unique ways of doing things.

He sighs. "Stop it Niji, he's probably waiting for us inside."

Finally after so much walking the two enter the castle, the shouts of the soldiers growing silent as the doors shut behind them. They both enter into the main room, where their father was sitting on his throne waiting for their return. He stared at his father sitting on that chair, a chair that will one day belong to him. Not now, but maybe sometime soon.

"Father, we're back." Ichiji says, crossing his arms.

Their father looked pleased. Good.

"Thank you for your work, Ichiji, Niji."

Niji once again, as expected, ignores the praise, instead looking towards Ichiji. "Where is he?"

"He's right here." Reiju points out, looking over to Sanji.

Turning his body around and following his sister's gaze, his eyes finally settle on the man he hasn't seen in a long time, a mocking smirk appearing. Sanji felt a shiver, which had been happening a lot lately, as soon as his eyes met the other man's.. he knew what was about to go down. Niji would make some insults, try and be controlling like usual.

Sanji knew Ichiji had learned the way their brothers did things, but he wasn't alone in that. He also knew about his brother's patterns, and he bets that nothing has changed since they were kids. They were mindless and heartless soldiers after all. He bit on the cigarette that was in his mouth, just wanting Niji to hurry up and get on with his bullying.

"Sanji! Wow! They weren't lying, you really are alive!" Niji shouts, going away from Ichiji and going towards Sanji instead, having to look down since he was slightly taller. "Congrats on your engagement-" But that's when Niji stops, and goes completely silent.

For a moment Sanji couldn't believe his eyes, here Niji was, standing infront of him, but he wasn't spewing insults like he normally would be. The amount of emotion on his brother's face was.. terrifying to look at. For once, there was no mocking smirk, not even a small tug at his lips to show off a smile. In fact, he almost looked similiar to Ichiji a whole lot.

He knows that they all have the same face, but when he says Niji looks like Ichiji, he means when Ichiji is angry, cold, uncaring, heartless, it frightens Sanji so much that he takes a whole step back in confusion. What is wrong with his brother? Why does he look so angry?? Now don't get him wrong, Sanji knows all about Niji, every single, little thing.

The man has two moods, on which is the mocking side and the other which is the aggressive. But for once in thirteen years, since that day where he left to now they are reunited, standing across from each other. Niji doesn't look angry at Sanji, but in fact something else. Sanji watches as Niji tears his gaze away from him, and instead goes back to standing next to Ichiji.

Niji's eyes look at the man in the throne. "I have a question, father."

Everyone's eyes are on Niji, because this has never happened before. He would never waste a point to make Sanji feel miserable for living, or even to remind him that he was the failure and disappointment of their family, that he never belonged here. Ichiji doesn't look shocked but when he does he ever look like he's feeling anything but being neutral.

Yonji on the other hand defintely is stunned by the lack of insults and cruelity coming from his elder brother, Reiju is on the same page as him. But nobody is more shocked than Sanji, he's more shocked than any of them, because what the f*ck happened in Niji's brain that he ended up changing his mind?? He never did that before, maybe he had changed since then.

Judge's smile is wiped from his face, replaced with a frown. "What, Niji?"

Slowly Niji raises his arm until his finger is pointing back at Sanji, his face scrunches up into a look of complete disgust and that's how Sanji knows that emotion is aimed directly at him.

"Why are we also getting married along with this good-for-nothing failure?? From what I remember you just said that it was Sanji, not the rest of us." Niji asks, rudely.

The man in the throne blinks, processing the words his son had said to him. But it isn't long before he realises he forgot to tell the other three of his children about the change, he had only called the two eldest, you know he had kinda been hoping one of them would of told the others so that a misunderstanding like this wouldn't of happened.

"What the f*ck are you talking about, Niji? Did you hit your head on that mission or something?" Yonji says, laughing to himself.

Niji glares at him. "I wouldn't be laughing, you f*cker. A soldier from here had called us on our mission, saying we were all to get married, and that includes YOU."

At those words the baby of the family stops his laughter, his signature 'Huh?' coming out of his mouth. He goes straight to Niji, standing next to him. Where had all of this come from?? It just appeared out of thin air?? Because he too remembers the last meeting they had, the conversation was about Sanji getting married, none of their names had been included.

A flashback from yesterday flashes into his mind and his mouth drops, looking over to Reiju, now realising what she must of been talking about. Is that what Reiju meant.. that he wouldn't want to be injured for a wedding because it's HIM that is also getting married? What a bunch of bullsh*t! Yonji's hands form into fists, what the f*ck kinda change is this!?

"There has been a change of plans." Judge starts. "You will all be now marrying one of the Charlotte's. It will help build a stronger alliance between us and the Big Mom Pirates. That's all there is to it, nothing more." He explains.

"WHAT?!" Yonji and Niji shout in sync, their blood boiling more than before.





"ENOUGH!" Ichiji yells at his two brothers, his shades coming off for a second to show off his glowing red eyes which shut up the two other men. "You heard father, we will go along with what he says, whether you like it or not. Now shut up! Niji come with me, we shall get out of our raid suits so we can sit down for dinner and Yonji, don't you dare start."

Both Niji and Yonji looked at one another, then back at their brother. They could tell he wasn't in the mood for attitude tonight, and so they simultaneously decided they'd be quiet. Ichiji pointed to the door and waited for Niji to go first before he walked behind him. The doors shut behind them once more, and everyone in the room was completely silent.

Judge clears his throat to get everyones attention. "As Ichiji said, go and get ready for dinner, don't be late as there is some things I wish to discuss with you."

"Yes father."




Once everyone had regrouped back in the throne room it was finally time for dinner to start. The doors opened and in rushed servants that began setting up the table for them. Cutlery was placed down at the sides, a fork, a knife, and a spoon for whatever one chooses soup or to have dessert after their meal.

Sanji had been excited all day for dinner, to mostly see what they would be eating tonight. A smile appears on his face at the thought, but when he looks at the table that fades away in an instant. Nothing has really changed since they were younger it appears, the exterior and now the interior.

The table had been moved in the main castle instead of their own ones. It was a large round metal table that was surrounded by five chairs of the same material, the only differecnes was that their signature colours and numbers were imprinted on the back in a bold onyx black.

He walked over to the chair with the number three and took a seat in the chair, pulling it forward until he was as close to the table as he could without restricting his breathing. Sanji chose not to look at his siblings, and instead looked at the door, a huge smile appearing when the servants came in with their food.

It reminded him of the baratie and what it was like working as a waiter bringing out food in the shiny, fancy metal lids. It made him miss everyone there, no matter how annoying they could be, they were apart of his family too, and he missed them every damn day. He wishes he could go back, just to make sure they're doing okay.

What is he thinking? Of course they're okay, they have Zeff there. Plus the Baratie isn't your average kind of restaurant, if you dare to pick a fight with them, they aren't going to stand back and allow it, they're gonna bite back.

Sanji picked up his fork and knife, moving his arms out of the way so the lovely woman could put down the plate and lift off the lid. He gave her a nod of gratitude and instantly dug into the food. It was some mashed potatoes, with a sauce on the top, some freshly cooked steak and boiled vegetables.

The taste was just.. magnificent. Everything about it was wonderful, each item on his plate was cooked to perfection, he had to give the chef props because this had to be one of the best things he has ever tasted. Judge had also joined them for dinner it appears, something he never used to do, there's a change that wasn't surprising.

He was ranting on about something to do with wars and things involving Germa that Sanji did not care enough to listen to. That man never said anything worth listening to anyway, it's all about starting or ending wars, making heartless soldiers or the topic on his science and experiments.

Individual conversations run through the room, everyone entertaining Judge's excitment that Ichiji and Niji's mission went through so smoothly. Sanji chooses not to engage in it, because frankly, it didn't really have anything to do with him in the first place. But he notices the attention is on him, and of course It's Niji that had done it.

"Things that make father this happy rarely ever happen! I really can't believe you came in handy after all." Niji starts. "Sanji! We were surprised the day you left. No- really! It's the truth! We used to talk about you from time to time"

Sanji raises a brow at that last statement. What is he even going on about right now?? You know the blond thought that out of his entire family, Niji would be the one to actively avoid him. He is always talking about how much he hates him and doesn't want him here, so why is he always the first to want Sanji's attention??

His blue eyes look anywhere but his elder brother, trying to show he has no interest in entertaining his brother's stupid little antics. But the main problem, or a problem that runs in the family is that Niji likes to hear himself talk.

"We wondered where you ended up! What the funniest place for you to die would be and how too!" Niji continues, his comment making Yonji choke on his food as he explodes out into laughter.

His insult never really registered in Sanji's brain, as his eyes had went downwards to stare at Niji's untouched plate. He narrowed his eyes, and places one hand on top of the other to make it easier for him to point at the plate with his finger.

"You still have food on your plate, Niji. Eat everything would you?" Sanji says instead, ignoring whatever his brother said.

On his left Yonji punches at his chest and swallows his food when he stops laughing, his confusion settling back onto his face. Sanji found it funny. Niji's smirk falters and he looks down at his plate puzzled from Sanji's words before beginning to speak properly again, this time a bit more polite, surpisingly.

"This? I'll just leave it. I really don't want to eat it. I ate tons of chocolate earlier, plus, whatever sauce had been put on this looks gooey, disgusting and just straight up sh*t. This looks like food for dogs to eat." Niji remarks.

"I said. EAT. IT. NIJI!" Sanji snaps.

At his sudden outburst everyone at the table looks shocked that someone like Sanji had raised his voice at NIJI of all people. Niji leans forward, a loud 'HUH!?' leaving his mouth. It is clear that he isn't used to Sanji yelling back at him just yet, and honestly Sanji doubts he ever will, since control is his biggest personality trait.

Sanji however was not finished.

"You do not know how valuable food is, nor how much work goes into cooking now do you?! YOU STUPID PRINCE!" He says.

He could see a vein pulse on Niji's forehead, his teeth grinding against one another as it was now time for Niji's temper to shine. His chair almost falls over when he stands up, both his hands slamming down onto the table infront of him. Ichiji stops sipping his tea, a loud sigh escaping, seriously? AGAIN?

"STUPID!? You are nothing but a weakling Sanji! You have no right to insult me or tell me what to do!" He turns to the servants still standing in the room. "Where is the head chef! Bring her to me! COSETTE! GET YOUR ASS IN HERE, NOW!"

Quick as ever, clacks of heels can be heard from the hallways and in rushes a woman. Her hair was a caramel brown that was tucked into a low ponytail going down past her shoulders, stopping just below her hips. Her eyes were brown, big and extremely terrifed as they went straight to looking at Niji.

Her outfit consisted of a burgundy chef's jacket that was buttoned to the very top, makng her look incredibly smart, that she had to be if she was going to be the HEAD CHEF of a royal kingdom. Her apron was clean and white, over an also white skirt, she gripped onto the apron, so hard it was forming creases.

Niji turned to look at her, giving the woman a look of disgust. His hands raised and slammed back onto the table again loudly, making the head chef flinch and look down at the ground, her entire body shaking from fear.

"Because you served this disgusting sh*t, my brother has offended me!"

Cosette leans forward into a bow, her eyes to the floor. "Yes sir! I am so sorry! You deserve so much better, I will never serve anything like that to you again!"

"Okay." Niji responds, lifting a hand to stop her from talking.

What is this weird feeling he's getting?? It almost is like goosebumps, but also.. not quite like that at all. Sanji watches as Niji moves his hand underneath the plate and lifting it from the table where it once sat. What is he doing?? He's not seriously going to return it and ask for something else.

"Stay right there Cosette." Niji orders.

There's no way he's going to just walk over there and give it to her so she doesn't have to come near the table. Niji hides his act well, that's for sure, his arm lifts until he has his target set in place. Cosette raises her head and gasps as she realises what is going to happen.

From the reaction she gives, Sanji feels like this isn't the first time this has happened and probably isn't going to be the last. So when Niji throws the plate, the wonderful and delicious food that she worked so hard on heading straight for Cosette, Sanji's hand grips his trousers and he is fuming with anger.

Cosette's bright brown eyes shut, preparing for her food and the plate to hit her in the face.


It never did..

Actually she could feel Niji's rage from here, but what could of caused the prince to get more angrier than he already had been?? When her eyes reopen, she finds the reason right there infront of her.

A hand had caught it right before it slammed into her face. Her eyes catch her saviour, and it is none other than Sanji Vinsmoke. She gasps loudly and her hand finds her shirt, clutching at her chest in subtle relief, or what she hopes is subtle. She doesn't want Niji thinking anything bad..

The food slowly falls from the plate and onto the ground with a splat, and she can't help but admit she feels a little upset at that. Sure cooking takes time to get perfect, years of nothing but non stop cooking got her to this stage, but with Niji Vinsmoke, the prince of lightning, it felt like it took even longer.

Second son of Judge Vinsmoke, was such a picky eater.

He only eats certain things at the right temperature, a certain way, or with specific ingredients from specific places. It had became a routine that she was used to. She had watched him countless times, observe her food, poke it with his fork and then look at her with disgust, clear signs that he doesn't like it.

That's his thing, if he doesn't like what he sees or what he is eating, he does what he always does. He stands up from his seat, picks up the plate and throws it at her, embarrassing her infront of the entire Vinsmoke family, and in one of the main rooms too, that being the throne room belonging to the King.

Yonji would laugh.

Ichiji's lips would go into a smirk.

Niji would point and laugh along with his brother.

Judge would quite literally judge her.

But the one person that wouldn't would be the only remaining woman of the family, Reiju, the princess. She would give Cosette a flash of pity sometimes, but then she'll look around, realise what everyone else in her family was doing and start laughing too, but Cosette would notice it never reaches her eyes.

Sanji couldn't believe this f*cking guy. How could he treat a woman like this?! He couldn't help but want to get his feelings out, this, he never would of done back then, but things were different now and he was going to make it clear that they were, even if Niji liked it or f*cking not, he couldn't care less.

"You bastard! How much lower can you go honestly?! What is the matter with you!? Are you trying to leave a scar on a woman's face?! If this is how you plan to treat your wife once you settle down with her, then you don't deserve to have such a wonderful and loving woman! I hope that lady puts you in your place, you arrogant, good for nothing, piece of sh*t!" Sanji screams out.

Reiju silently chuckles, resting her face on the palm of her hand as she observes the situation. "What a gentleman! Maybe you should start taking some notes for when you meet your wife, Niji."

"HA!" Niji barked out a long laugh. "You're f*cking hilarious Reiju. But as if! My woman is going to bow down to me, listen to my orders and do what I say like the bitch she is, Sanji! And because she's MY wife, there is nothing your weak little ass can do about it!" Niji reminds him, his and Yonji's laughter echoing in the room.

Sanji scoffs in annoyance, but, he knows the other man is right. There is not anything he could do if Niji chooses to treat his wife like sh*t, because he has his own problems to deal with right now away from Niji. That includes his own soon to be wife and wedding. What is with all these problems piling on top of each other like books???

This is starting to get a lot more crazier than he had wanted.

"Alright!" Judge's voice enters the conversation. "That's enough. You all should go get some sleep for the night, you have to be up and early to get ready for your meetings with the Big Mom Pirates in a few days." Judge continues, cutting Niji off from whatever he was going to say next.

The blond scowls. "I already told you asshole, I am not getting married." Sanji spits out, leaning down to the floor to pick up the food that had fallen earlier. He stares at it in silence, but quickly stuffs it into his mouth.

Now his meal was wonderful, but everything about this was just.. perfection. His eyes widen, light up with sparkles from the taste.


Niji was starting to think his brother had went insane being out of Germa. He stuck his tongue out, making a loud 'BLEH' sound. "That is so gross! You are disgusting, truly disgusting Sanji! I can't believe we are even related by blood! The poor has started corrupting your mind!"

Cosette comes back from her mind and squeals when she notices what Sanji is doing, she drops to her knees in an instant and goes to grab him but refrains from doing so. "Ah wait no! Sir Sanji! Royals shouldn't eat from the floor! Let me clean it up-"

Sanji stops her. "This is delicious. Everything about it is perfect." He repeats his same thoughts from a few seconds ago.

The woman's reaction to his praise is nice to see, there are tears forming in her eyes as her expression is now happy. She smiles at the man, a burst of happiness rushing through her body. "Thank you so much, Sanji.."

A loud bang comes from somewhere in the room, which turns out to be Niji knocking over his chair. "Tut, tut. Now look what you are doing! You are corrupting her mind too! Hey, HEY, Cosette! You're forgetting the SIR part remember??" Niji says to her, scowling.

Gosh he's had enough of this! Ever since that failure stepped foot back in Germa everything has went so wrong! He has to remind that man of his place! He jumps over his fallen chair, and starts running towards Sanji. Sounds of electricity are loud in the room, and he's prepared for a unpleasant kick.

It's the perfect opportunity. Niji smirks. Sanji is distracted by the taste of the food, he's completely caught off guard, and this is going to work. Once he gets a kick, it'll trigger his fear, and Niji will be satisified. He'll feed off that fear, it'll be the perfect reminder of who's in charge, this kick WILL HIT-

"NIJI. STOP! THINK ABOUT THE WEDDING!" His father had cut in.

Now isn't that just disappointing?? How dare his father stop him from smacking some sense into his failure of a brother! Niji does listen though, and he stops his leg, his foot just a few inches away from Sanji's face. The energy was too intense for Cosette though, she was thrown right back into the door.

His aqua eyes watch Sanji's movements, scowling even more as Sanji helps Cosette off from the floor and allowing her to leave the room. Niji hadn't told her she could! Oh they were both going to pay for this. Niji drops his foot back onto the floor with a scoff, and puts his hands into his pockets.

"You are scum." Sanji says to Niji, practically spitting it out.

"And you are nothing but a failure." Niji says back, also spitting it out.

Judge cuts in again. "Sanji. You will go along with this wedding."

"I already told you no, do you think 'no' means 'yes' or are you just an idiot?" Sanji says, not breaking the eye contact with Niji.

"Your mind has been corrupted, well, it's quite simple then. If you don't do as you are told then we will send ships over to your little friend, and we will kill him. Since he seems to be the only explaination for your unroyal behaviour."

What?? What man?? Just as Sanji is about to ask what the f*ck he is on about, he breaks his eye contact with Niji only to look at... oh, my god. That is a picture of a person he knows well, f*ck, it's Zeff. The only man in the world he would ever give the title 'father' to, the only one counted as worthy of it.

The colour from Sanij's face drains completely, making him look a pasty white, exactly like one of those stereotypical ghosts would be like. Niji always notices his fear, and he is feeding off it just as he did as a child. Like Sanji said, he never wastes an opportunity to make Sanji feel smaller than he already was.

"Oh no.. What's the matter Sanji?? You look terrible.." Niji teases mockingly, shoving Sanji out of the way so he can leave, his siblings soon getting out of their seats to follow after him.

"You do this and everything will be fine. You don't, this man dies. Pretty simple right?? Understand me??"

Sanji was silent.



There's nothing he could do anymore. Earlier on today he had cuffs put around his wrist by Reiju and was told that if he dares try and escape from Totto Land that they would explode, and his hands, his prized possession. The one thing that helps him do what makes him happy, would disappear forever.

As if that wasn't enough, now he's being threatened with his father Zeff. That if he doesn't do what has been asked of him, that man is going to die quicker than he could count to five. Sanji bites at his lip in frustration, the metallic taste of blood entering his mouth. He looked down at the floor, wiping at his eyes to get rid of the tears.

Finally after a few seconds, sanji replies. "Yes. I understand."

Judge smirks at this. "Good. Now get the hell out of my sight."

And Sanji did just that.


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Chapter 4: Childish Memories


Sanji finds himself in a bad situation and fight with one of his brothers, and he's forced to remember his awful past he thought he'd escaped from thirteen years ago.



This involves Violence, Niji beating up Sanji and implied physical abuse.

Chapter Text




When you work somewhere like Germa for years, it feels like you've been here longer than you actually have. This place is full of cruel and vile people, something you just have to grow used to unfortunately. That's what the head chef of Germa had to do, Cosette practically was raised here.

Growing up she had a lot of conflicts happen with her and the other children. She had always tried to warn them of the wrath that is the Vinsmoke family, but nobody would bother listening to her and it just got them seriously wounded, then she would be the one to have to get them into better condition.

As a child she was picked on a lot by one specific person, which just happened to be one of the royal children, one of the Vinsmokes she would be working for in the near future. If she's honest, that boy had to be one of the nastiest and most horrible people she's ever met in her entire life, and that hadn't been very long.

His hair was like a waterfall, or like waves swaying back and forth. The blue shade of his hair was very bright, it was trippy to look at and sometimes could cause irritation in her eyes. Everyday he wore the same thing, a blue short sleeved shirt, white jeans, brown boots and a light blue bandana around his neck.

A major part of his look that she always noticed without even trying was the massive black two imprinted on the front of his shirt. Being a child you would be curious about those kind of things, but Cosette had to grow up quicker than anyone else, so she refrained from asking the boy any questions about it.

Eventually Cosette had her 10th birthday with the rest of the children her age, excluding the Vinsmokes of course, apart from one.. one of them wasn't like the rest. He was a boy with blond hair that covered half of his face, his eyes would sparkle in delight, they were not like the cold, uncaring eyes of the Vinsmokes.

This boy was different to the rest of his family, he seemed to be able to feel literal joy and happiness during situations. Whenever Cosette would get hurt, he'd never point and laugh or insult her, he would run up to her, ask her if she was okay and immediately get a doctor or someone with medical knowledge to aid her.

They had become good friends at one point, until that day where the king had announced that life had failed him and he died. Cosette was extremely upset when she had been told about this, as she believed the blond boy would of done good things for the Kingdom had he grown up as he should of done.

Thirteen years then past before she got the chance to look at her best friend again, and a lot had changed throughout the years. He was so much taller than her, unlike when they were children when she was the taller one. His hair was messier, more blond, along with the facial hair that he had grown.

Sanji. Sanji Vinsmoke. He looked so tired and fed up with being here, and she couldn't blame him for such a thing, not when she was feeling the same way. Cosette had been put in Niji's castle for working, and it's horrible having to deal with him all day, every day. He's just.. not a nice person, he's so mean.

The heels of her shoes clacked on the tiled floor of the long corridors in Niji's castle, she had just returned from the kitchen and was making her way to her own room after a long shift of trying to please the second prince of Germa. She felt constant pressure from it everyday and it was.. exhausting.

From the corner of her eye Cosette picked up on a flaw in her appearance, and she halted to look at the window of the corridors. A few strands of her hair were sticking up and made her look very messy, which she did not like in the slightest. As a member of Germa's staff she always had to look her best.

Cosette licked the tips of her fingers and used that to push the strands down back into their original place, there, now she looked a lot better. As she placed her hands down the memory of Sanji saving her yesterday popped into her mind, how he stood his ground, holding the plate, and yelling back at Niji like that.

He was such a kind soul, one of the nicest people this world probably had to offer, and she was super grateful. When he had ate her food off the ground, it had shocked her, but her words died as soon as he complimented her food and said it was nothing short of perfection, she had ended up crying.

At the thought of her being saved by a prince of Germa, well she couldn't help but get flustered at it. Her entire face was completely red, she had to admit that she's had a crush on Sanji even when they were children and it seemed him returning to his home had made it crawl back to the surface again.

She scoffed out a laugh, but her face was bright and embarassed. "As if!" She says to herself, both her hands going to hold her face awkwardly.

"Hey, you."

Cosette winced at the voice who spoke from behind her. Of course he would be here, this was his castle after all, but running into him after such a dramatic afternoon of dinner is not what she wanted to happen. The chef slowly turned her head to look at the man walking down the other hallway.

"Why aren't you working??" He asked her. "Got a big head now do we??"

The chef shook her head immediately, denying his accusations that she was full of confidence. How could she have that in such a place like this?? When she had a job that sometimes felt like babysitting?? When her passion for cooking had slowly gone down all because of a prince who's a picky eater??

"Cooking Wench. I think you've forgotten where you stand in this Kingdom, you've been here for so long I thought you would know." Niji says, sighing. "No matter, guess I'll just have to beat it back into you, what'd you say??"

What does she say?? More like what is she supposed to say??? How does one get out of a situation like this? She's not got the most confidence, her tone is shaky, she's a very silent and quiet person, and she's so awkward that it's uncomfortable sometimes.

Slowly the second prince lurked towards her, and with every passing second Cosette could feel her little heart beating out of control from fear. Goosebumps littered her pale skin, nobody can feel the kind of fear like this until you're standing infront of Niji completely defenseless and unable to do anything.

Niji slammed his fist against the palm of his hand, cracking his fingers as he smirked wickedly. This was going to be fun reminding such a commoner that she had no right to walk around so confidently like this. She's nothing, a low-life, Cosette's only purpose in life is to serve, and serve him she shall do.



The night went by quickly, the dark canvas mixed with millions of different stars was replaced by a rich kind of blue spreading across the sky. There was not a single cloud that could be seen, making it easier for those who would be awake to see the beautiful and bright sun make its way higher in the sky.

Light covered the land below until it found its way through the balcony window's curtains, drawing close enough that it made the man's pale skin glow like a burning flame. It felt like a stab when it hit his eyes, making him stir awake and blink repeatingly until his eyes opened fully.

Gosh what time was it?? He glanced at the bedside table where the clock was and it clicked in his brain that it was morning now, and so it was time to deal with yet again another ay of this hellhole. Sanji sat himself upright against the bedframe and ran his fingers through his blond locks to straighten them.

He grabbed the covers throwing them off him and swinging his legs around so he is sitting on the edge of the bed. As he goes to put his foot down, he spots something different about his room and raises his foot to get a closer look. Sanji looks around at his room, and he was very... confused.. on whats going on.

The floor of his room was no longer clean or shiny, infact it was quite the opposite. Instead of it's wonderful shine it was now covered in spray paint. what?? This cause Sanji to jump out of bed completely shocked, because who the f*ck did this to his room?? in HIS castle, if he may so boldly add.

Across the floor was a whole bunch of arrows and they were directing him somewhere, which just so happened to be his closet door. What the f*ck?? Talk about immature, this was beyond that at this point. He dropped to his knees and sat himself on the floor, staring directly at the paint.

He swiped a finger over it and brought it to his face, flipping it around to take a look. But there was no colour on his finger anywhere, which means that the paint was a very good and expensive one. Sanji felt a spark of pity for the poor women who had to come in and attempt to clean all of this up.

A soft knock came from the other side of his door, snapping him out of his thoughts. The knocking stopped and the door opened, revealing one of the soldiers, who quickly stepped inside the room to join Sanji. He saw the mans eyes drift to the floor, staring at it for a moment before looking back at the blond.

"..Uh, what happened in here??" He asked, politely.

Sanji shrugs. "I don't know, it's nothing. It wasn't me who did this, but I'll deal with it later. Anyway, what did you come here for?" He asks, shutting down the question instantly.

Luckily the man did not question him further.

"Your presence is required downstairs for breakfast. Kings orders."

"Alright." Sanji says, nodding. "Thank you, I'll be right there."

The soldier bowed to him and left his room, closing the door behind him. Sanji stood up, taking this as a sign that he should start getting ready for the day so he doesn't annoy Judge even further. He went over to his bed and grabbed at the sheets to properly fix them back into top condition again.

Since he's been back here, he's been doing his daily routine, the same one he had for years while being on the going merry and now, thousand sunny. Which meant he'd been making his own bed, going to make his own meals, even accidentally cooking things that his crew would eat on a daily basis.

It's just muscle memory, he's been so used to it for so many years and now he's away from them to deal with this f*cked up situation. He likes to do things for himself, he's not a spoiled little prince like the rest of his brothers that's for sure. Sanji goes onto grab the clothes hanging over his chair.

He inspected them up close and found himself looking at the usual attire of a royal Germa prince. Is this the kind of outfit he's going to wear for meeting his 'fiance'? He places them back down and begins to take off his sleepwear. With each new time he takes off, he'll fold it and place it into a neat pile on the end of his bed for when he'll need it again.

Sanji stares at himself in the mirror, now he's wearing a white frilly shirt with all the buttons buttoned up to make him look more appropriate. Black trousers that are very tight and suffocating around his thighs, but they do shape his legs quite well.. He still prefers his own ones though.

His eyes look down, and he's wearing black shoes that have been shined to the point that it was just hard to look at them without squinting his eyes. He pulled at the collar of his shirt with his fingers, finding it very uncomfortable the more it continues to rub against the sensitive skin of his neck.

Well he has his outfit on, he should hurry it up a little. Next thing is to deal with the mess he calls his hair. He picks up the brush laying on his table and takes a chunk of his chair, beginning to brush it. He proceeds to do this with every strand of hair, until it looks somewhat presentable enough.

In Vinsmoke and royalty 'standards' anyway.

Putting it back down on the table, he takes a loud and long sigh, then forces out a smile. Okay now he was- wait no not yet. Sanji reached into his drawer and pulled out a box of cigarettes, he takes one out of the pack and places it in his mouth, however he left it unlit for now, he is defintely going to need it later.

His mind goes back to the spray paint on the floor, both eyes trailing back to the ruined stone tiles. Noting things down, there was one giant blue arrow guiding him towards the closet, another one in green right beside it. Sprayed across the door was the words 'SURPRISE FOR OUR DEAR BROTHER'.

Wow, It was SOO hard to figure out who could of done this. He scoffed to himself and grabbed at the handle of the closet door, rattling it until it unlocked. He opened up the door slowly and moved himself out of the way incase it was his brothers planning to ambush him.

What he thought was an ambush, was infact not. A body came tumbling out of his closet at a fast speed, once it hit the floor with a thud it didn't move at all. The familiar light brown hair sprawled out across his floor, and Sanji's cigarette dropped out of his mouth, landing straight onto the painted ground.

A woman he knew far too well was currently laying on his floor, blood dripping out of her wounds and coming out her mouth. It was the head chef Cosette, one of Sanji's closest childhood friends. He let out an exaggerated gasp and dropped to his knees, grabbing her as gently as he could to look over her wounds.

She had broken teeth, some where chipped on the bottom but some were actually missing from her mouth. Her nose was crooked, bent completely out of it's original shape meaning that it was broken. Her skin was no longer blank, it was like a canvas of spilled black and blue paint, just bruises everywhere.

Battered and bruised she was, like she wasn't human.

"Cosette- oh f*ck, It's okay! You're going to be okay!" Sanji whispers into her hair, then turns to open his bedroom door. "HEY SOMEONE! HELP! GET THE DOCTOR!" He shouts, moving her hair away from her face so she could breathe properly.

As he had ordered it didn't take long for doctors to come rushing into the room as fast as they could and sit across from Sanji so they could check her properly. Sanji didn't have any medical knowledge, not anything beyond the basics anyway, so he couldn't do anything and it made him feel helpless.

This situation made him feel like he was eight years old again, stuck and pinned to the stone wall of the Germa castles. Two boys beating him and insulting him, while the other one watched with a wide smirk and a loud cackle. He didn't want to feel worthless again, but how could he not right now??

While they checked her over, he had his hand under her head to keep it up and off the floor so she couldn't choke or anything worse. This was way too much- how could he do this to her? She didn't deserve this, she was just doing her job as a chef. It isn't her fault that motherf*cker is such a picky eater!

How could someone be so cruel.. be so horrible. His eyes shut for a second as he tried to keep calm and regain his normal breathing, but this was just.. too far. And so the atmosphere shifted into something different, something a lot more than just some plain old well known anger.

"It is your own fault, Sanji." A voice spoke from the doorway.

Sanji's head snaps in the direction of his bedroom door, annoyed blue ones meeting amused orange ones. Leaning on the pillar that keeps the walls together was his younger brother, Yonji, who looked far too relaxed and satisifed with something a bit too much for his liking.

He's such an asshole. How dare he look so smug when there is a lady that's been beaten black and blue, and to almost death as well!

"What did you just say?" Sanji says, daring his brother to repeat.

Yonji sighs, and puts his arms out in a shrug as if to say 'oh well'. "You gave a commoner a taste of self confidence, and you know what happens when he gets his hands on them. You probably already know this, cause you think you know everything, but it was Niji. He's the one that did this."

Of f*cking course he knew. f*cking Niji. Now listen, Ichiji and Yonji can be bad, but Niji? Oh my god, Niji was much, much worse. Can BE much worse if you give him the opportunity to do so.

Ichiji was more vocally cruel, he likes to use his intelligent and sharp observation skills along with the modifications in his eyes to find out what makes you feel like sh*t, and then he'll use every source of information no matter how big or small against you.

Yonji can be labelled as more of a looker, he'll purposely look at your schedule just so he can go and stare at you the entire time you're working. Or at least until you buck under his intense gaze and mess up whatever you are doing in that moment. He will then laugh at your embarrassment and humiliate you infront of everyone else.

Niji however? He's very aggressive. One could say he resembles a ticking time bomb. If you don't give him what he wants WHEN he wants it, he will explode on sight. He's probably the one who has done the most physical training apart from Yonji.

He'll push you around, grab you by the hair and pull at it until it's out of place or will ragdoll you around the castle. He knows how to kick, how to punch, how to throw you against walls and abuse you until you are way beyond repair. He knows how to bring pain, and he'll make that clear with his actions.

That man is ruthless, and a monster.

"I don't know how we are going to eat breakfast with her in this state though.." Yonji pouts, sounding annoyed now. "It was funny before, but that I'm extremely hungry, yeah- it's not so funny anymore."

Is he serious right now? Sanji thinks to himself.

"Anyhoo- father called for you, telling you to hurry it up because theres something he needs to talk to us about or something. You know the usual, I have training today so I'd also like you to move your ass a little faster." Yonji adds.

Sanji flinches when he feels something grab at his shirt in a rather tight grip, at first he thought it was Yonji, but it was not. Cosette was holding on him, moving her mouth to try and say something, but because of the damage her jaw had taken she can't say what she wants to.

His mind has memorised this morning, this is something he couldn't just forget or let slide so easily. He refuses to let Niji walk around this Kingdom freely thinking he can go around abusing women whenever he wants to. Sanji has three rules, don't hurt women, don't waste food and don't touch his crew.

And Niji just managed to break two of those rules in the same f*cking day. Sanji turned his attention back to Cosette, giving her a small but weak smile.

"It's okay, the doctors have you. You can rest now." Sanji tells her, grabbing her hand and placing it back down by her side.

"What's wrong? Are you not coming?" Yonji asks, clearly being impatient and not giving Sanji a chance to do anything but what he wants.

"Shut it! I am!" The blond snaps, leaving the doctors to their job.

He gently rested Cosette on the carpet in his room and followed behind Yonji, the two of them walking down the hallways of Sanji's castle. His eyes pick up on the many cracks and dents on the walls, reminding him of the torment he had been put through when he was only eight years old.

Sanji likes to think about what life would of been life he hadn't been born here in Germa, as a royal prince and commander of a military and science involved country. What if he had been born as someone else?? Something else?? What would of life been like then? Anything is better than facing a life full of abuse and hate from your own family.

No! If it wasn't for him escaping here thirteen years ago then he never would of met Zeff and helped him make the baratie what it is today. He'd never of learned how to cook and pursue his dream as a chef. He'd never meet Luffy and become an official member of the straw hats.

He'd never of learned how to love and care for others while being apart of the straw hats. He'd never understand what it's like to be loved in return or have a husband who's willing to die for him if he were to be in danger. Sanji wouldn't of had a wonderful and bright future set for him.

But look where that future got him.

Leaving Sanji's castle he keeps a bit of distance away from Yonji in case he tries to pull anything, but even if he did he could handle his younger brother easily, for goodness sake he already did it on the second day since he arrived back here. Yonji's arrogance was annoying, and he got humbled quickly.

Passing by the training grounds there were louds war cries coming from the soldiers who were practicing and doing their usual routine. Some were doing swords training or some were doing hand to hand combat. Sanji had actually found out from Cosette that Niji continued his training as a swordsman, and that he was better than anyone here, even Ichiji.

Niji had never been better at anything than Ichiji, they hadn't either, Ichji had been Judge's perfect little experiment. He was good at everything, intelligence was through the roof and because of the modifications in his eyes he knew everything quicker than anyone else. It got really annoying at some point.

As expected Judge never lets any of them slack off, it made him sick to his stomach just to think about the things that man has done to Sanji's siblings.

Sanji and Yonji enter the main castle like pure routine and Sanji walks right past his brother, ignoring the confused look on his face. Why. Why did Niji have to be such an ass! He was completely out of control, he's so spoiled, such a stupid spoiled prince. Why did they have to be brought up like this??

If it hadn't been for the way their father was, if Niji hadn't of been nothing more than a toy for Judge to use for his experiments, then maybe he would of been different. Without the modifications, maybe he would of had a kind heart like their mother. Instead he's as infuriating as Judge is!

Just the man he had been wanting to see is in the throne room. Judge is sitting on his big chair eating at his breakfast but Sanji pays this no mind as he has his eyes set on the blue haired prince. The three other Germa children notice him, his footsteps weren't exactly subtle, they were very loudly clicking because of the chunky heels.

"Ah Sanji. You're here." Judge begins but Sanji is NOT listening.

His finger lifts accusingly at Niji "You!"

"Me?" Niji says, folding his arms.

"How dare you hurt a lady so bad she can barely speak. You are such an asshole do you know that!?" Sanji screeches so loud his voice cracks.

Niji seems to stop to think, and Sanji can't believe he's standing there acting like he doesn't know what he did, it's ridiculous! When Sanji sees that well known mocking smirk appear on his face, that's when he knows that his elder brother has remembered just exactly what he has done.

"Oh I get it now! Did you find our little present?? I hope it wasn't too difficult to find, we didn't exactly make it hard for you." Niji mocks.

Im SORRY. PRESENT?? Sanji is truly pissed off now, how dare he refer to a woman, a HUMAN being, who has feelings and a heart of her own, as a PRESENT. Like she was something to be used and thrown around! Sanji did not like this at all, and his hands go into fists, drawing closer to Niji.

Until he can't go forward anymore, because a hand against his chest has stopped him. His eyes drift to see who has done such a thing and of course, it's Reiju. The one who has always been trying to keep him out of trouble with his brothers since they were just small children.

Reiju shakes her head. "Not today. We have to prepare for our weddings, do you wish to do that with a busted up face?" She asks.

Taking in her words, he really thought about it for a second. It doesn't really matter if his fiance was to see him the way he was since he is already married to someone who has seen him that way before. Ah f*ck it. He lightly shoves his sister out of the way and gave her an apologetic smile.

But that faded as soon as he is face to face with his brother again and immediately without a single doubt in his body, goes straight into attack mode.

"NIJI HOW COULD YOU DO THAT-" He starts, twirling his body in a handstand and kicking his feet up to have one of them collide with his brother's jaw at a quick speed. "-TO COSETTE'S FACE! YOU f*ckING SCUM!"

His kick was strong enough to send Niji flying across the room and straight into the wall on the opposite side. He did not make a single sound since he couldn't feel pain, but the impact of his collison had made a massive dent in the wall. Sanji breathed heavily, relieved that he got a hit in.

But this satisfaction did not last, because Niji was back on his feet faster than Sanji could blink. Niji grabbed at his unhinged and broken jaw, snapping it right back into place as if Sanji had never caused any damage at all. If anything Sanji caused more damage to Yonji a few days ago than he did to Niji.

Which was funny when you think about how Sanji used the same attack on both of them, but one's 'injuries' were worse than the other. Just proves Niji and Yonji's gap when it comes to indurance in a fight.

The room was silent as Sanji scowled at Niji, who did not seem to have a single ounce of emotion on his usual angry face. The blond felt very uneasy when Niji's lips upturned into a wide, unsettling and playful smirk. One that that is similar to Yonji whenever he is feeling like fighting someone else.

"Father?" Was all Niji said.

Judge sighs. "One. No more than that."

What the f*ck?? Sanji looked at Judge extremely confused, just what exactly does he mean by one?? One usually equals or is directed at Ichiji since it's apart of his name and he's the firstborn son. But- no more than that?? What does that part even mean?? Sanji felt very frustrated at the lack of context.

Yonji's loud cackling radiates throughout the room and Sanji flips to look at him. Just like Niji, Yonji has that playful and wide smirk on his face too, but because his eyes are visible where Niji's are not, it makes him look more intense and like a psychotic maniac.

"Oh you've done it now." Yonji snickers, going to sit at the table.

"I tried to warn you, Sanji." Reiju mumbles, following her two brothers.

"Try not to be too extra Niji." Ichiji warns.

Like time itself had slowed down just for Sanji and body else, Niji was gone, disappeared into thin air from where he had just been standing a few seconds ago. But he appeared again, this time directly behind Sanji and wrapped an arm around his throat, bringing him backwards towards Niji.

It startled the Blond prince and now he was standing there looking like an idiot infront of his family. He couldn't help it though! His entire body had freezed and was refusing to move. The only line of defense he had left was that his lower leg instinctly started flaming up, activating Diable Jambe.

"Ah ah- Don't fight back." Niji tsks, "You know what will happen if you do." The man reminds him.

Pictures and memories of Zeff infriltrated his mind and if he possible, his body had freezed up even more, he shivered, he felt so cold, like he was back on drum Island from when they first met Chopper. He couldn't let them hurt that man, he did so much for him, he practically raised him when his biological father didn't care to do so.

Sanji couldn't allow such a thing to happen, and so this was him stopping himself from slamming Niji's body through the wall again like he damn well deserved. The flames of his Diable Jambe spat at the air but completely dissolved, Sanji giving in and not doing anything at all to defend himself.

Behind him Niji's smirk widened. "Good. Now stand still." He demands.

Just as Sanji is about to speak again, Niji had interrupted him with a "HENRY-" and Sanji knows then what is about to happen. As he predicted Niji's knee goes straight into the center of his back, hitting his spine and making him choke on his saliva. "-BLAZER" Niji finished off with the name of his attack.

Getting kicked by Niji wasn't enough for him though apparently. And that is when it got much worse, Niji had decided to torture him further by activating his electrical power, and Sanji's entire body shook due to the amount of energy coming from the other man's body.

Fun fact about Niji, his entire body has electricity rushing through it 24/7, he's like a literal electric eel, which is something he was referred to by their mother, but Sanji wouldn't be surprised if he had forgotten about that memory too along with the rest of the sh*t he made himself forget about their mother.

Blood spat out of his mouth and landed on the floor next to him, a small and chunky pile forming a bit away from Niji's feet. Niji then removed his knee and threw him to the floor, his body sliding across weakly. The prince sighed happily and went to sit down at the table, seating himself next to Ichiji.

Yonji's cackles returned at seeing his brother so defenseless, so weak, just like he always had been since they were children.

"Niji you went overboard." Reiju mumbles, realising Sanji was knocked out on the floor. "Ichiji had told you to not do that."

"Oh well- He'll be fine! Well maybe in a few weeks!" Niji responded to his sister, joining in on Yonji's thunderous laughter.

Reiju does not doubt his words at all, from the medical knowledge she had picked up it will take a few weeks for him to recover from such a powerful electric shock as Niji's. She takes a sip from the teacup she had been given and watches the doctors and nurses come in to deal with Sanji's wounds.

Her eyes go to her father, who had been watching the whole thing with cold and uncaring eyes, not caring in the slightest that his biological, flesh and blood son had been beaten to the point of unconciousness. Typical.

"Alright, now that's over. We have a lot to go over. Is everyone ready to begin?" Judge asks.

"Yes father." they all respond like robots, which they basically were.

"Good. Now finish up breakfast quickly, this is very important business we have to deal with today."

Reiju scoffs, wondering just how her brothers will react to the people they had to be with. Would it be nice?? Would it be somewhat peaceful?? The only one she can see following the orders as expected is Ichiji. Maybe Yonji too. But Niji, oh she prays for the poor woman who has to deal with Niji as a husband.

She can see her ending up just like Cosette did this moring. Although Reiju hopes that won't happen and that she'll be able to stand up for herself instead of falling straight into line and doing as Niji asks her to do.

They knew nothing about their spouses, not even what they looked like. The only information they had been given was their names, that was it. Not a single picture was given to them, apparently one could not be shown because the wanted poster wasn't how they actually looked, which she found interesting.

Just why did one of their wanted posters have a fake identity? Why did one have such a higher bounty than any of them?? Why was one nicknamed such interesting things??? She couldn't wait to find out about these.. pirates.

Chapter 5: - Shocking Discovery -


A man such as Cracker is used to a daily routine. He starts on his morning patrol, only to find something truly shocking and when he goes to the family meeting on Whole Cake Island. His suspicions are true.

His routine had never been broken, until now and he's not quite happy about it.


I apologise for taking forever to add a new chapter to this, me and my friends have been working on a whole load of things for a new story, and it's just been all OVER the place.

But hopefully I can get back to uploading for this one as well, cause I would at least like to catch up to where I was in the last one for the story.

There is implied sexual content in this, not graphic, but just mere mentions, and yeah- Cracker is one flirty guy in our AU, so yeah LMAO. Enjoy !!

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Totto Land, was massive, would not be an exaggeration.

The main Island was called Whole Cake, and a woman by the name of Linlin Charlotte was the one who could be labelled as both the founder and the Queen of this land. It didn't stop there though for her.

With the help of her trusty companion and chef, they combined their devil fruits together to make a whole other 34 Islands that surrounded Whole Cake, turning it into an archipelago. Linlin's empire started to grow, as the big Mom pirates were formed.

You see the difference between most of the other pirate crews out there was that they consisted of just friends, or strangers that learned to trust one another enough to becoming a crew.

Linlin's crew was nothing like that.

yeah, some of them might of been her trustworthy friends. The rest? Nothing of the sort. What role's were left had been taken by her children.

Yup, you heard right. Linlin's crew was entirely made from her children, and she had around 85. Or to cut it into simple terms, she had 39 daughters and 46 sons. When they grew old and strong enough, they might be lucky to be given an Island and Citizens to take care of.

Candy Island, 100% Island, Komugi Island.

Every one of them had a name that could be inspired by the devil fruit that was given to the child when Linlin saw them as ready. Oh, did I forget to mention? The main reason these children were so strong was because of the power they had been gifted by their mother.

And that's how we find ourselves at Biscuits Island, who is governed by a very interesting man. He's co*cky, can be quite arrogant, but despite his intimidating appearance. The man can be a real sweetheart to his citizens, and he's quite the charmer, so I've heard.


You'd think waking up would be quite a pain for someone as old as himself, but that's not quite the truth. Yes he's over 40, but he's never felt more in his prime until now. His muscle mass is huge, his height is abnormal, and he himself has never felt healthier. It could be the intense extra training he's been putting himself through, or the sudden diet change?

He's unsure about how all of this came to be, but should he be sitting here complaining about some nonsense like that? Absolutely not. Only losers do that anyway, and he's far from what you'd call a loser. A man such as himself is powerful, strong, has high standards and his motivation to keep fighting and pushing forward is his wonderful family.

As he's passing the mirror he looks at himself, like really looks, and a grimace comes onto his face when he notices the large scar going across the left side. It's not exactly hard to miss, it didn't even heal properly and now it's a weird unnatural colour that he doesn't like very much. A hand covers it, and he now looks at the right side, which looks significantly more normal.

The man scoffs under his breath. Why is he even worrying about stupid sh*t like this anyway? Of course it was horrible getting this, but he can't dwell on the past, not when he has a bright future ahead of him. He goes to his window, looking outside and seeing all his lovely citizens doing their part in order to keep his Island going and going for years to come.


"General Cracker??" A voice says from outside the door.

"Enter." His voice, smooth as ever, orders.

Both doors to his room open wide, revealing one of his female staff, dressed in the usual long black dress with a white apron tied around her hips stands in his doorway with a bright smile. He reaches above his bed and grabs the handle of his sword, taking it off the wall and resting it on his shoulders where it belongs, and turns to grin at the woman.

Like always, his staff are very dependable, but also so very fun to tease. He can see the way her face changes, how her eyes light up and the red that rushes onto her face in a second. Her hands are messing around with her apron, fists clenching and unclenching. It's not a lie that he's a charmer, it's part of his whole personality after all.

The woman remained silent but he could practically hear the gears in her head turning and as much as he is flattered he has deemed one of his staff completely speechless before him, there is work to be done and he won't stop for even a second. He clears his throat and comes towards her, leaning his other arm on the doorframe and staring down at the woman.

"State your purpose please my dear." He says, voice still smooth as ever.

Finally the lady realises that she's just been standing there staring at him in his room. A squeal falls from her lips, along with an apology. He finds this morning rather amusing, what else does he have in store for him today?? It suddenly hits him that he has morning patrol to do and it wouldn't be good for his reputation if he was to be late to that.

"Sir- I apologise again for my silence." She repeats, he raises an eyebrow, a small gesture for her to continue, and also that she's forgiven. "..Would you like breakfast before you leave?" Is what she asks him.

He takes a good long think about it. If he goes down and eats breakfast now, he might be late, terribly late, and as he said that just won't do. The man squats down so he's eye level with the woman, and she flinches back, clearly not expecting him to do that. He hates being tall sometimes, it can be good for intimidation, but not when he's trying to talk to his staff.

"Not today. I have patrol to do, don't want to be late. You do understand, yes?" He asks, tilting his head, his grin spreading charmingly.

"..O-Of course sir! Would you like anything to be ready for your return?" She asks, trying her hardest to keep eye contact. He notices how her hands are still fidgeting with her apron.

Cracker balances his sword on the wall nearby and takes her hands in his own, bringing them to his chest and smiling wide enough apparently for her face to go entirely red.

Moments like this is when he finds his job most amusing, people bow before him, he can do whatever he wants, he can fight enemies, slaughter those who hurt his cared ones and can flirt with his staff if he damn well pleases.

Nobodys going to stop him anyway, the only one who can is the staff themselves. Half the time he doesn't know if they're not saying anything because they're flustered or intimidated, or even both.

Both sounds good in his opinion.

Cracker snaps out of his thoughts once he realises he's still holding this woman's hands, and by the look of it she's about to pass out just from his touch alone.

"..I think I'd like a tart of some kind for my return, surprise me with the flavour. I know my staff are always the best when it comes to surprising me." Cracker finally replies.

"Yes S-sir! I'll let the kitchen know!"

"..Thank you my dear." He says.

Taking a moment to pinch her cheek just cause he find's it funny when they get more flustered, he finally stands up and grabs his sword, putting it back onto it's rightful place on his shoulders as he exits the room and goes down the hallway. His castle is always kept tidy and clean, it smells of fresh flowers as well, just the way he likes it.

It had taken a while for his staff to get used to his likes and dislikes, his favourite habits and things that he despises more than anything in this world. But after everyone figured it out, it all started going perfectly, and now he has nothing to complain about really. Cracker wouldn't consider himself someone that complains a lot really anyway, he finds it pointless and tiring.

Walking down some more of the hallways, everything goes by routine. He will wave, greet and compliment each one of his staff that passes him or that he notices first. His staff are both men and female, since he believes in equality and all that stuff. Females can be just as tough as males can, and he has felt it firsthand from his mother and also his sisters too.

Cracker does not give a sh*t about gender, it's your spirit, strength and motivation to get better is what he cares about. As long as you're a tough motherf*cker, and you aren't a liar, user, or a cheat, then why should he care about what someone's genitalia is? People tend to overthink these things and Cracker doesn't quite think.. a lot. Only in desperate and serious situations will he really think about things properly.

Leaving his castle, he's immediately welcomed by the fresh air and presence of his citizens running around doing all their different jobs. Again, as routine, he'll be greeted by the ones he takes care of and protects everyday. Each show their gratitude by speaking to him, giving him compliments or even providing small gifts.

He's loved by everyone on his Island, and it took him a long time to perfectly sculpture this little persona everybody knows here. If it were to fall suddenly and people saw what he really was, he'd have to kill just about everyone here, including his staff. But he knows mama would be angry at him, and he can't lose another part of his gorgeous face.

The idea of breakfast comes back into his mind and now that he's actually thinking about it, he can't deny but be quite hungry. Maybe he should of taken the offer of breakfast back at his castle.. No- He unfortunately couldn't. Maybe there's some cafe around here he can get something from super quickly??

Each shop on his Island are all perfect and are very serious about the quality of their food, which he can admire, especially since he has his own factory and kitchen where he teaches others how to make his one of a kind special batch of biscuits. When he says everything about his Island is perfect, well he really means it with all of his heart.

Citizens move out of his way rather fast, and it's not a shocker. For goodness sake, he's a 10'1 man and his footsteps aren't exactly the most subtle. Cracker forms his signature charming grin at everyone, giving small nods of acknowledgement and greeting. Then he finds the shop he has been looking for and stops infront of it.

While doing so there's an elderly woman who is having trouble opening the door from the inside, by her expression she seems to be confused and in pain. Well that just won't do. Like the gentleman he is, he opens the door for her and moves to the side. She notices and walks through, giving him a small pat on the arm, a smile too.

"Thank you General Cracker." She says.

"Of course my lady. It wouldn't be good if I let you look so troubled, not when you have such a wonderful smile." He compliments.

And just like everyone else, his effect never changes no matter the person. The woman's face flares up, going red as she rests a hand on the side of her face. Cracker takes pride in being able to make people so flustered, it's one of his favourite parts of himself. Who would he be without his lovely charm? Probably a complete loser that's who.

"My, well aren't you so sweet." She comments, laughing to herself as she walks away.

Cracker waits until shes further away and also safe before entering through the doors of his favourite cafe. He's immediately in heaven from the smell of coffee and something new, knowing there is a difference here makes him excited again like he's 8 years old and on his elder brother's Island that is made entirely out of candy.

A room that was once constant chatters went silent as they took in who entered the cafe, he's quite tall so most of the buildings had to be smashed to pieces and refurbished. How else is he supposed to compliment his lovely citizens progress and work if he can not see it for himself? It is his Island after all, it's all part of the job.

"General!" A squeaky voice yells.

"Morning my dear. I hope I'm not intruding business." Cracker replies, smiling.

"If I recall, general, you're in charge, you can go wherever you want, and also whenever. But maybe I've mistaked you for someone else." The girl teases.

"Oh? Watch it now. Nobody can be quite like me."

The girl chuckles. "Right once again. Nobody is quite like you. You're for sure one of a kind. Now-" Marie, he remembers now, brings out her small notepad and pen. Clicking the end so that the pen has ink flowing through it. "What can I get for the wonderful general today?"

He hums as he looks up at the menu attached to the ceiling, which he finds rather hilarious since he memorised the entire thing from how much he's been here. He likes messing around with Marie, and he can tell by the look on her face that she knows he's only f*cking with her, mostly just because he can, and wants to.

"..I think I'll just have a simple coffee.. been up quite late working on paperwork. Gosh, If I knew being one of the sweet generals would be such a difficult job, I'd never have taken it." He complains, sighing.

"Liar." Marie counters.

A grin makes its way back onto his face, why? Well because it's true. Of course he's lying, being a General is such an honour, and it means everybody looks up to him to be one of the main protectors of not just this Island, but every single other one that is out there governed by another sibling in his family. Of course he's the first part of defense for his Island, but the backup for the other Islands.

In his opinion if you can not handle the pressure of defending your own Island, maybe you shouldn't have one. There's been a couple of his siblings that weren't up to the task and they met unfortunate fates. Whether that came from the attackers themselves or the disappointing gaze of mama, well-

It didn't quite matter much anymore, now did it?

Cracker takes a seat on one of the stools infront of the serving counter, watching as Marie and another one of her co-workers move from side to side, grabbing things and finishing orders at a very fast pace. It must of been quicker than he thought, cause before he knows it, there's a large cup of coffee infront of him.

And just the way he likes it too. Hot and sweet. Cracker picks it up, raising it to Marie as if he's making a toast and takes a giant gulp of it. The scorching hot liquid rushes down his throat, and he can feel the way it's burning his skin, but he doesn't mind much. It's a familiar feeling and he'd rather stick to that right now, all about routine.

"So, anything new?" He asks, looking up at the small TV in the corner of the room.

Marie nods. "Yes actually, and you're not going to believe this. But it turns out you and some of your other siblings are getting married off to some other royal family."

Cracker stares at the woman in complete silence before he bursts out laughing, getting a few stares from some of the other customers. But since he's the commander they look away as quick as they looked at him, completely minding their business as they should of been doing in the first place.

The woman does not back down from the eye contact he is giving her, and in fact she pulls something out from under the counter, slamming it infront of him. He continues to cackle right in her face, her expression does not look annoyed or like she's about to laugh along with him. Doesn't look neutral either, actually, she looks rather smug for someone who's joking.

"You're f*cking with me, I told you to stop that." He comments, his laughter finally dying down after a couple of minutes.

Marie's expression now changes into a glare. "I sure wish I was f*cking with you, General."

Cracker leans forward, giving her total f*ck-eyes. "That can be arranged."

Her hand clenches into a fist and smacks him on the chest, her face burning furiously from how flustered she is. "That's not what I meant and you know it you smooth bastard!" She takes a deep breath as Cracker begins to laugh again.

"I'm serious though! I really wish I was joking, but I'm telling the truth." Marie says, frowning, and pointing to the newspaper she just put down infront of him.

There's no way he'd be the one chosen to get married, he's been on good behaviour and had been doing his job so well he got a promotion lately. Cracker gives her the benefit of the doubt though, and does as she says. He picks up the newspaper and looks, just as he's taking a large sip of his coffee, which he spits out instantly.




The longer he looks at it, the quicker he realises that Marie wasn't lying to him. The proof is right there infront of him and he simply, can't believe that this is real. There's a headline, and a whole bunch of words, and most of it he can't see because there's coffee all over it. But he doesn't need to see it all in order to figure out what's happening.

Marie had in fact, not been f*cking with him. It says it right there. That he, and some of his other siblings were getting married to some VINSMOKES?? He slams it down, and downs the rest of his coffee, tossing it into the nearby bin and staring right at Marie in disbelief. Had he not been on good behaviour as he originally thought to be??

"Don't look at me like that, it's your fault for not believing me in the first place General." Marie comments, shrugging it off.

"I'm getting MARRIED, Marie. Like mama is making an arranged marriage for ME of all people? I've been good, followed all her rules like a little puppet and this is the thanks I get for being a good son and defender of the Islands?" He complains, fuming.

"Who knows what that woman is thinking half the time." Marie replies, sighing, giving him another fresh cup of coffee cause she has the feeling he's going to need it. "Just try and get through it, I'm sure it can't be all bad right? You'll find out more information soon enough, so just try not to lose control of yourself, okay?"

She's right. He hates that she's right, but goddammit he has to admit this woman is anything but wrong. Cracker hates being in situations he has no control over, it makes him feel weak and helpless, why else do you think he's been on his best behaviour for his mother? Not so he can get a promotion just to be WEDDED off to some stranger that's for sure.

Cracker sighs and goes onto sipping the other cup of coffee, staring right at the TV, but suddenly something starts vibrating in his pocket. He takes it out, and it's his den den mushi. Great. Who could be calling him at a time like this? Hopefully it's none of his siblings that are getting married alongside him, that would be an annoying conversation.

"Hello?" He says, quickly sighing, wanting this to be over despite it barely even starting.

"Hey Big bro Cracker."

Mont'dor. His younger brother. Has just called him. Out of NOWHERE.

"Oh hey, hey. How's it going?? Everything okay??" Cracker says, asking too many questions too fast and he can tell he did by the look on Marie's face.

"Yeah everything's good. Just calling to say we rescheduled the meeting for tonight, and it's for both officers and generals, so we need you to attend."

"Alright, no problem. I'll start making my way there as soon as I'm done with the stuff on my Island. Apologies if I'm a bit late, busy day." Cracker says.

"Of course. I think we're all used to you being late by now. Just try not to be too late." Mont'dor says, sighing loudly.

"Got it. See you later then, bye bye." He mumbles.

"Bye big brother."

And the call is over, he puts his den den mushi back into his pocket and runs his hands through his soft purple hair. Speaking of that, he couldn't be bothered putting it in it's usual strange hairstyle and so he had just put it up in a long ponytail. It's something he does out of habit, just to get it out of his way for the moment.

"So what are you going to do?" Marie asks, leaning towards him.

"Don't know. Is there even anything I can do? If mama agreed to this, she's going to want something out of it. Whether that be power, wealth or to be a total glutton for a wedding cake, who honestly knows at this point." Cracker says to the woman.

"Like I said before, it won't be all bad. Nobody said you had to love the girl. Just respect her, and be your usual charming self. I'm sure you'll get along just fine." Marie comments, poking his forehead and laughing at his attempt at a glare.

Maybe the girl is right, maybe it won't be all bad. But he doesn't even know anything about what his future wife is like, hopefully his mother won't be a total mystery about this whole thing and will at least be kind enough to giving his future wife's name to him. That's all he asks at this point, but he knows his mother better than anyone.

She's not going to just let this go. There will be a wedding. Whether Cracker, the rest of the big mom pirates or any of his other siblings like it or not.




As requested by Mont'dor, each child of Linlin's appeared for the rescheduled meeting. He was glad that everyone had managed to make it, but as he was counting down the numbers, he quickly realised that there was still one person missing. Of course he knew who it was, as they had a private conversation just a few hours ago.

He nervously looked around the room, waiting for someone, ANYONE, to speak up about where their arrogant and hot-headed brother could be. But he highly doubts that anybody knows where that man is, he's mostly on his Island, but where? Who knows. He's always moving from one place to the next, never been one to just stand still.

"Should we just start without him?" One of his siblings say.

"We can't do that, that's highly unfair." Another says.

Mont'dor gulps anxiously. "I'm sure he'll be here any second, just give him-"

The book devil fruit user doesn't get a chance to finish his sentence, as the doors that were made of chocolate that led into the room were suddenly slammed open so hard that they hit off the walls. Luckily a certain woman was not in here and so this gave the man who entered the luxury of yelling as loud as he wants.

Cracker Charlotte, his elder brother, stood in the doorframe and his massive sword lying across his shoulders. His grip was tight, his breathing was abnormal and he looked very furious, actually more than furious, he looked lethal. As if someone had just offended his entire family, and he was about to start a war because of it.

"Cracker- So glad you could join us-" Mont'dor was once again, cut off by the man.

"What the f*ck is this I'm hearing about me getting married to one of the Vinsmokes?" He yells, coming towards the other sweet generals and grabbing a seat.

For a second Mont'dor thinks he is going to actually sit down for once, but he got his hopes too high, because Cracker chooses to sit on top of it, rather than on it. He's squatting, like he usally does when provoking or trying to intimidate someone. Both his arms hang off his thighs, his sword forgotten, now leaning on the wall nearby.

Cracker looks around at everyone in the room, all 85 of them, waiting for someone, anyone, to give him an answer of any kind. At this point he'll take anything.

"This is what you are hearing." Cracker recognises as Smoothie says to him, passing a pretty looking leaflet towards him which he snatches out of her hands to look a long, LOOK look at.

He started reading it, and there was ten different names. Five belonging to the Vinsmokes, and the other five belonging to his family, the Charlottes.

Sanji Vinsmoke

Pudding Charlotte

Yonji Vinsmoke

Cracker Charlotte

Ichiji Vinsmoke

Katakuri Charlotte

Reiju Vinsmoke

Smoothie Charlotte

Niji Vinsmoke

Galette Charlotte

Cracker actually can't believe this is happening to him. This is insane, completely insane, this can't be real, but unfortunately more proof is yet again presented to him that none of this is a dream, and it is in fact going to be a main event.

"SO IT'S NOT JUST ME THEN?? IT'S FIVE, FIVE OF HER STRONGEST IN THE FAMILY?? WHAT IS MAMA THINKING?? EVEN BIG BROTHER KATAKURI IS HERE TOO??" Cracker yells, ripping the sheet of paper in half and throwing it onto the floor, even going as far as to spit on it too.

His sister leans her face further into her hand. "I am also rather confused. Mama says we were all to get married. What is with this sudden change of events? Was it not just pudding? What do you think happened?" She asks.

Smoothie lifts one of her legs, crossing it over the bottom one. "I don't quite know what she is thinking, but what can we do? It is not like we have a choice."

The atmosphere in the room changes drastically, and it all it took was around five seconds. In the corner, an intimidating aura is spreading throughout the meeting, and everyone feels it in an instant. Each one of their heads turn to look at their second eldest brother, who is quite the warrior, especially being the second strongest in their entire family.

"I hate to admit it, but she is right. There is nothing we can do." A deep voice says, making everyone in the room shiver.

"Oh big brother Katakuri! I had no idea you were in here." Cracker observes with a laugh, rubbing at the back of his neck when Katakuri's eyes narrow.

"This was a meeting for everyone but mama, Cracker. Has your brain started eating itself to the point where you are having memory loss??" One of his siblings say, unimpressed.

"He was actually the first one here. On time, perfectly as always, unlike you Cracker who was extremely late, as usual." Smoothie adds.

The laughter was gone. "HEY! f*ck OFF!" He screams, deeply offended.

It then hits Cracker like a ton of bricks, that from the name itself on the sheet of paper he just destroyed. "Yonji" is a man's name. Which means he will not be having a future wife, he has a future husband. The shock that comes onto his face makes a few of his siblings laugh at his stupid expression, meanwhile others aren't paying attention enough to notice.

"WAIT. I'M GETTING A HUSBAND?!" Cracker yells out loud, sitting up and slamming both his hands onto the candy table.

"Could you be quiet?!" Galette snaps.

"How can I be quiet!? I'm going to get stuck with some immature brat for the rest of my life!" He snaps back, his head turning to Katakuri. "What do you think of this Katakuri!? From what I saw, you have a husband too!"

"I thought you liked all genders. What did you say again? 'Any hole is a goal for me', so why does it matter if you have a husband?" His sibling says, mocking his voice and attitude.

"Shut up, I wasn't talking to you. I was asking Katakuri something." Cracker snaps, clenching his teeth in an attempt to keep himself at bay.

Finally. Katakuri says something, but the cold glare that was sent his way was enough to make his entire body flinch from his seat and almost fall off.

"A man, or a woman, who cares. You are making this into a big deal, Cracker. Also. Be quiet. Mama is a few floors up and I'm pretty sure she won't be happy to wake up to your annoying and extremely inappropriate volume of a voice." He threatens.

That's all it took for the other man in the room to lower his voice.

"Listen. I know it's not exactly ideal." Katakuri sighs. "But we don't have a say in this as we have said numerous times before. We all know better than anyone that once mama makes a decision, it is not going to be changed. She will still want a wedding along with a cake AND a happy day on top of that. Now none of you are going to ruin this for her, otherwise it will be taken as treason, understand?"

"Yes big brother, we understand." The chosen kids replied.

A small nod came from the man. "Great. Now that's dealt with and out the way. Mont'dor you may continue with what you were going to say."Katakuri says, pointing to the man he mentioned.

Mont'dor flinches. "Of course! This won't take long, so listen closely."

Despite each child understanding that whatever their mother said goes, they still couldn't help the fuming anger that was rushing through their veins in that moment.


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Chapter 6: - Betrayal or Shock? -


It's not just Cracker, Katakuri is having issues of his own, along with the kind and caring nature of his sister. He just wants to get his work done, deal with this later, but later comes sooner than he thought.

At least he has his sister's kindess to distract him for now.



Another chapter- sigh, I'm not going to lie, i rewrote this like six times just cause I wasn't quite happy with it. But I quite like it now, so I hope you do too!

Have some Katakuri and Brulee sibling bonding time, because they are the cutest siblings ever.

Chapter Text

Remember when it was said that there was 34 Islands that surrounded Whole Cake?? One of those mentioned was Komugi Island. Now the man who governs over someplace like this is different to Cracker who's co*cky and arrogant.

This Isle, Komugi Island, is governed by a man who is the strongest child that Linlin created, one could say he was the perfect soldier. He's perfectly sculpted into a man that any woman would want, according to his mother anyway.

He's very serious, and his motivation to getting stronger everyday is because he devotes himself to protecting his family and getting whatever it is that his mother needs. He'd do anything to make her happy, because that's hows it supposed to be.

Despite his stern exterior, his interior is much different. He's sweet, kind, truly caring of others and puts everybodys needs infront of his own. When he was younger, an incident happened, one that traumatised him for life.

His main question was always the same. Why do people hurt others for no reason?? He looks different, he knows, he's always known. With a mouth that extends abnormally and sharp teeth that give him an over and underbite.

When his sister was brutally attacked, that's when he stopped showing his mouth to everyone, he hid it behind a scarf and slaughtered those who dared to lay a finger on his precious younger sister. They deserved it after all.

Each week his sibling would get hurt, and when his younger brother Cracker had got hurt, there was nothing he could do but watch. Why? Because the culprit this time was their own mother, he didn't quite understand it at the time, and he still doesn't. Wasn't she supposed to love them? Why did she do that.

Having to watch his brother apologise again and again, on his knees, and covering the left side of his face as his blood dripped on the ground was painful. For a boy who had devoted himself to doing nothing but protecting the weak part of his family, well it did hurt, because he couldn't oppose his mother.

Not now, and not ever. Not if he wants to continue being a protector for his family, even if he has to go through life or death situations, his mothers orders are absolute, and that's how it's going to be for a very long time.



Never one to lose his cool, it's just not who he is. He's calm, collected and keeps himself stable under any circ*mstances. But he just can't help himself from punching through his wall, leaving a massive hole in it. How can he stay calm? He's starting to understand how Cracker was feeling during the meeting.

To say Katakuri was happy about the whole situation would be a huge lie. Why should he be happy? If anything he was shocked and very irritated. It is known he can see into the future, but he almost wishes he didn't possess such an ability if this is where he knew it was going to lead.

He's been around for a long time, so he's very much used to his mother's crazy antics. From the hunger pangs, to destroying the Islands and even disciplining her own children in ways others probably wouldn't understand. Even wedding off her kids to random strangers, yeah he was used to that one too.

But never for a second, in his 48 years of living, did Katakuri think he'd be thrown into the fire pit too. Katakuri is what you would call a genius, complete perfection from head to toe. He's tall, sturdy, built like a rock. Is both an immovable object and unstoppable force.

Always on his best behaviour, he's considered the perfect son, perfect man, the ideal man. The man everybody wants to grow up to be. He keeps himself out of things that aren't his business and is one of the main reasons that his family is so well protected from the enemies.

Or as they call them, outsiders.

He removes his fist from the wall, eyeing the mess he's made of his office. Had he perhaps done something to upset Mama? He wishes she'd communicate with him rather than giving a punishment instad. Is this to teach him a lesson of some kind? What happened to his title of perfect son, that she gave him.

Whatever. He huffs out a breath and goes to sit down before realising that he threw his chair out of the window. He's never lost it like that before- he calls one of his staff to bring another chair through the den den mushi. He is not questiond by anyone in his castle, mostly because they're all too intimidated and fear they might say something out of line.

Thanking the member of staff, he drops his den den mushi back onto the table. Honestly though, what is done is done and like they said at the meeting yesterday there's nothing they can really do about it. All he has to do is sit, nod his head, agree and do whatever is asked of him like he was made for.

At this point there's no way he can understand what is going through that woman's head, he's tried his best but still doesn't quite get it even to this day where he's at his peak performance. What does he do to get his mind off it for now?? Hopefully it isn't happening too soon, he can't go through a wedding anytime soon, too much work to do.

A gentle knock comes from his office door and he opens it up, there two of his male staff is holding a new chair for him. It is clear they are struggling, Katakuri isn't exactly an average height for a man. He's much bigger than everyone else, which can be insufferable, but it's suitable for his job of intimidation.

Katakuri mutters a small 'thank you' to the staff, grabbing the chair with one hand and watching the way the two males are breathing heavily like they just ran a marathon. This is what he was talking about, the promise he made when he was younger, the weak need protected, and he's the one to do it for them.

He shall be their wall, their shield, whatever they may need he shall be even if it kills him and his life ends in the process. Katakuri values his life, of course he does, but if it comes down to it, then he'll lay his life down for his family and his citizens. He watches them bow, then walk back down the hallway slowly.

"Get some rest for the night." He orders softly.

A thumbs up is what he gets in return, and a- "Thank you sir."

Now that he has his chair back he can distract himself from the terrible situation at hand. He places his chair back in it's rightful place and takes a seat, letting out a deep breath now that he can relax properly. His table infront of him is completely covered in piles of unfinished paperwork he's had for ages.

It's not like him to be behind everybody else in the work department, he's even behind Cracker and that never happens. Knowing himself he'll probably stay up all night, drinking coffee and getting all this done so he's not feeling more stressed than he already is.

Fingers wrap securely around the pen to bring it out of the small cup where the rest of his pens are and he immediately starts on the first sheet, reading it over and over before writing what he has to do. He continues to do this for a while, grabbing sheet after sheet, wanting this done as quick as possible.

His mind travels back to the fact he's getting married, because it's too big of an event in his life to forget. So much for distracting himself with work, he should of realised that wasn't going to work that easily. From what he remembers in the meeting, his soon to be husband is named 'Ichiji', and that he's also the eldest son of the Vinsmokes.

In all honesty Katakuri is glad to have gotten the eldest son. At least he's not dealing with some ill mannered brat. With the job he has and also the schedule, he really does not have the time for something like that.

Wait. There's something much worse than him getting married. One thing he's never shown except for a few trusted people. His hand instinctly goes to the scarf covering his mouth and pulls it up a bit more, his anxiety beginning to eat him alive second by second.

What exactly will happen when he is told to kiss the groom?? The bride?? Whatever Ichiji would be considered in this situation. And knowing his mother she'll probably label him as the groom and Ichiji the bride. Cause her perfect son could never be a bride. Although there's something he doesn't quite understand, which seems to be happening a lot lately.

They're both men, correct? So why can't they both be grooms?? Why does one need to be be the bride, when neither are females?? That's not the point- seriously, what will happen when he sees?? Katakuri grunts in discomfort and tries to go back to what he was doing beforehand to get his mind off the whole thing.

Although if it didn't work the first time then what makes the second time so different? Exactly. It doesn't.

Katakuri has been good with everything he does. Incredibly fast. Indurance. Battle experience. Intimidation. Training, fighting, using his devil fruit, learning all three haki's to an exceptional level, shooting jellybeans with incredible accuracy and with only two of his fingers, and so much more.

Because of that he's already a quarter in through his paperwork, which is good, because he has a lot more to do apart from this. A loud chiming sound appears when his eyes turn red for a second. He glances to the side, only to make eye contact with his younger sister who's currently pushing herself out of the mirror in his office.

The silence that fills the room is deadly, intoxicating is a better word actually. His sister stands infront of his desk as the two stare at one another, and by his excellent observation skills he can tell that she's curious about the situation and also deeply concerned. She's frowning, and her eye is slightly twitching.

From what he recalls she wasn't at the meeting with the rest of the family, so she must be feeling left out, but also late to hearing the news of him and some of the other's getting married. He clears his throat, realising how she is itching to say something to him, he gestures for her to speak.

This should be an interesting conversation, and a rather serious one too.

"Is what I hear true brother?" She starts. "Mama is marrying you off to one of those vulgar and disgusting Vinsmokes??" Brulee asks him.

She looks so sad and it breaks his hear to see her this way, it almost reminds him of that day.. when she looked at him with the most saddest puppy eyes, keeping up a brave smile as she confidently told him there was nothing wrong with him, that he was perfect. He does not change his expression in the slighest, even at the reminder of this terrible memory.

Luckily he doesn't have to, not when Brulee has observation skills that could rival his own. She can tell he's putting up a front, a mask, more walls so he doesn't have to deal with the situation until it truly comes. Brulee wishes he would stop doing that, she can tell he's hurt and more annoyed than he lets on.

"Yes." Katakuri finally admits.

"Are you happy about this decision?" She is quick to ask.

Katakuri looks down at the dent in his desk from his earlier.. issue.. and taps his fingers on his thigh impatiently. Is he happy? What a funny question. You know out of his entire family the only people who have ever dared to ask him such a foolish question has been Brulee, his triplet brothers Oven and Daif*cku, Mont'dor and his eldest brother Perospero.

Why does it matter anyway? He'll always do what mama asks. Just like he's said before, even if it is a life threatening situation, if it means killing an entire village, getting someone who owes money, protecting his family or getting married to some complete stranger for his mothers gain, he'd do it in a heartbeat.

"It doesn't matter whether I am happy or not." He says without thinking it over, making Brulee angrily stare at him. "This is up to Mama. If she chooses to wed me off to the eldest sn of the Vinsmokes, then what exactly can I do Brulee? Nothing. I can do nothing, but sit, nod my head and agree. You know that." He states, folding his arms. "I couldn't stop her from hurting Cracker, do you think I could deny her of this happy day after the reputation I've built?"

Brulee's angry stare does not falter, in fact it is more solid now. "I know. But have you thought about how he might come live with you here on Komugi Island? How is your reputation going to stay if he might be around to ruin it?!"

He didn't really think of that, but decides to shrug in response. "I don't know a lot about the details myself. I know I'm getting married to a man and that his name is Ichiji Vinsmoke. Also that he's the eldest son. I bet Mama will announce something soon though, I'm sure of it."

"Okay. Let's say that does happen then. Is it really a good idea?" Brulee continues. "What about the others? Such as Biscuits Island? 100% Island?? Margarine Island?? Here too! And also Cacao Island!? Is it really such a good idea for the Vinsmokes to be allowed freedom on our Islands?? What if they try and snoop around or something??" She pushes on.

Katakuri sighs. This conversation really is not far from over. He knows his younger sister is just worried for him and the rest of her siblings that are getting married. But this is getting a bit ridiculous? He feels rather underestimated, does she remember what pirate crew she is apart of??

"There is no need to worry so much. Cracker has biscuit warriors everywhere on his Island, Galette's Island is full of sticky traps, Pudding will be fine on her own since that Sanji boy doesn't seem to be a threat and Smoothie's Island has acid lakes. My Island has my supervision, and nothing will get past us, not even the Vinsmokes. If they happen to be a threat, then I, along with the others, will do our job as the Big Mom pirates and eliminate them."

His sister still does not look convinced enough. He sighs once more and stands up, going towards her and planting both hands on her shoulders in a tight grip, but not so tight that it would harm her. Katakuri would rather die right here and now than hurt his precious younger sister.

"Without a doubt we will be perfectly fine Brulee. Plus you can watch us from the mirrors if you ever feel nervous about what is happening. But do try to give us some space, and don't let your anxiety get to you. Remember who you are talking to Brulee, I am not just some average soldier, and neither is Smoothie or Cracker. We're the sweet generals for a reason remember."

Brulee's solid frown now drops and it turns into a smile as she nods. Phew.

"You are right, I don't know what I am worrying so much about. Because my big brothers and sister are so strong and perfect!" She rants, a small laugh coming from her.

His hands travel back to his scarf, it's became a habit at this point. It's where he hides the terrifying monster, something that has made countless people run from him faster than you could blink. This is something only a few have seen, and he plans to keep it that way, even if he has to hide it until he's on his death bed.

"Alright. Now that we are more relaxed. How about we go to the mirror world and have something to eat? I have finished most of the paperwork, so I'll do the rest later tonight." Katakuri says, gesturing to the mirror.

"Yes! Sounds like a plan!" Brulee shouts in an excited manner. "OH! Should I invite Oven and Daif*cku too? They keep bothering me, and saying how they miss their serious and perfect big brother." Brulee adds, smiling.

Does he really want to spend time with his reckless and rather irritating brothers?? Ever since they were young they have been quite the handful and it's only gotten worse the further time has went and the older they got too.

Oven, he's.. a bit of a hot-head, both figuratively and literally. That's probably the best way to word it. Katakuri has always had a feeling it may have something to do with the devil fruit he had consumed and he wouldn't be the slightest bit shocked it if was.

Daif*cku on the other hands.. he can be tame, but when he's with Oven, he can be quite infuriating too.. he's arrogant, very, but who isn't arrogant on this crew? He supposes it wouldn't hurt to spend time with his family for a while. Another knock to the door brings him out of his thoughts.

"Hold that thought." He says to his sister, going to the door.

He opens it up and a member of staff is shivering before him. This is where he is confused, didn't he not tell them to take the rest of the day off?? So why is one of his staff standing infront of him right now, and seems to be holding a letter of some kind in his hand.

"Yes? Something I can help you with, I'm sure I told everyone to spend the day with their families, and take the day off." He says, finding it ironic because that's also what he planned to do today, unexpectingly.

"I apologise for intruding sir Katakuri, but I was informed to bring this to you. It's from Mama." The man says, putting the letter in his hand.

"Ah I see. Thank you very much. Have a good rest of your day." Katakuri comments, closing the door and coming back into the room.

Brulee is looking over his shoulder in a second, grabbing his shoulders for balance. "What's this all about?" She asks.

"A letter from Mama." He replies.

Katakuri pulls at the ribbon securly tied around the paper,trying his best not to rip it with his abnormal strength. He throws the ribbon onto his desk and opens up the letter. He quickly reads the words, and sighs. Of course, it was only a matter of time before something like this appeared at his door.

Brulee seems to be having the same feeling, but she does not let it show as much. She takes the letter and jumps off him to place it down safely in his open drawer. She grabs his hand and leads him towards the mirror, giving him a smile. He grabs at his scarf, pulling it off and returning her soft smile.

"Come on! Come on! I still have to find Oven and Daif*cku. Shall we play a game big brother?? Of who can find them first with the help of the mirrors??" She asks, laughing out loud.

"..Oh you're on." Katakuri grins, following his sister through the mirror, feeling like they were children all over again.

The only people he allows to see him in such a child-like state is Brulee and Perospero. They understand him, and know he isn't what he seems. To everyone else he's this perfect, strong and impossible to beat, 'sweet general' Katakuri of the Big Mom pirates.

But to those two? He's just Katakuri. Sweet, loving, caring, and a total sweetheart, who can be rather chilidish and has a hidden secret that they never cared about for a second. Which he's grateful for. Brulee counts down, and they're back to playing childish games, and he can't help but enjoy it.

Left and forgotten in the open drawer was the letter. He remembers the words clearly, but doesn't want to ruin the game Brulee asked of him and so he clears his mind, thinking only of the perfect dinner he'll have with his family. He still can't help but grit his teeth, because who the f*ck wrote that letter??

If he finds out, he'll pull their tongue out their mouth so they can never talk again.

"BIG BROTHER!" He hears.

And he returns. "I'M HERE."

Sweet General Katakuri Charlotte.

Mama invites you to Whole Cake Island tomorrow morning for a very important meeting, but do not fret, you will not be alone in this situation.

As some of your other siblings will be attending, but through individual meetings with her.

We hope you are excited for your wedding with Ichiji Vinsmoke, so please try to dress as appropiately as possible, Mama doesn't want any disappointments and we think you of all people would know this.

Don't be late. But we know you won't be, after all you are Mama's perfect son and soldier, now aren't you?

See you tomorrow, Katakuri.

Chapter 7: - Powerless Children -


After receiving letters, each of the chosen children go to have their meeting with Big Mom. However it's not going to go the way they thought, as negativity and poor self-esteem claw at their minds and bodies.

One word, or one full sentence is all it takes for Big Mom to insult them and bring them back down to the ground when they thought they were high above, right in the sky.


Just a bit of a warning for everyone-

This chapter is just complete angst, there's nothing really happy about this, so just read with caution-

Mentions of past child abuse and Trauma, also acts of straight up manipulation and emotional abuse is here too.

Chapter Text

Purple eyes stare in the corner, watching the arrows of a clock go around slowly. Seated down on his chair, infront of the table with paperwork that wouldn't be weird to see, well that's if it wasn't unfinished. After last night, his mind has been a bit too occupied to do work.

Questions flash into his mind. What is his new fiance like? Who wrote that letter? Who dares to threaten him by bringing up his perfect and well-balanced reputation? His giant hands crush the pencil in two, his wrath starting to unfold. He's going to find out who wrote that, and this pencil shall be replaced with their HEAD.

Finally the clock rings, letting him know it's time to leave. He throws the broken pencil into the bin and leaves his office. Some of his staff turn the corner, chatting to one another until they spot him coming their way. That's when they stop and look straight to the floor.

"Mama's little monster."

Katakuri frowns, not knowing if it was the memory he's just remembered or the staffs reactions towards him simply just walking. He tries not to let it get to him and continues on his journey. Getting onto the ship he doesn't say much, he's not much of a talker anyway.

Well it's more like everybody takes him too seriously, anytime he tries to joke around they just think he's having an 'off' day and that he'll be better tomorrow. It makes him very annoyed, is he not allowed to step out of his reputation just a little and try to have fun?

The last time he tried was with his brothers, and they thought he was sick. It fueled his anger to the point he pushed both of them out the way and refused to speak for ages. What's the point in trying to make people less afraid if they're just always going to be that way no matter what he does? Katakuri thinks it's pointless to try anymore.

And so he gave up a long time ago.

When he arrives at Whole Cake Island, it's the exact same reactions everytime. Warm skin turns cold and pale, their eyes are wide, fearful expressions turn from him to the ground, not daring to move even an inch. He's supposed to protect them, but from an outsiders point of view that would not seem like the case.

As per usual he's the first one to reach the correct floor, right outside of his mothers room. Sometimes he wonders if he's the only one that takes this seriously, their mother is known for her anger problems, cravings and very bad patience. He'd hate to see that wrath be unleashed on one of his siblings again.

His mind goes to purple hair, red splashed on the ground and dripping from the pale skin of his brother's face. Small hands grasping at his shirt, tears running down his siblings face. It still kills him inside, everytime he thinks about it, he wants to rip it out of his brain.

Next to join them is his younger sister Smoothie, her hair is up in a ponytail for once and she looks rather tired. His brother instincts rush through and he's at her side, leaning down to get a better look at her face. Is she ill? It kinda looks like it from this angle.

Smoothie stares back at him. "What?"

"..Are you sick?" He's right out with it.

"..A little yeah, but It's nothing life threatening. Chill out would you?" Smoothie says, smacking him on the back of his head softly.

"..Sorry. Older brother instincts." Is all he says, and she hums in response.

A short while later, well only about 5 minutes exactly, Galette is the first to appear with Pudding trailing behind her. Galette looks the same as always, just a bit more pissed off, meanwhile the youngest here looks a bit distraught, lost, and very confused.

It's not like he can blame them, after all they have been invited to their mothers room out of nowhere, the only thing they all know is that it's about their upcoming wedding.

Katakuri nods his head in greeting to his two sisters, receiving a smile from Pudding and a blank stare from Galette. This confuses him, is there something wrong with her? He wants to ask about it, because his instincts are telling him to, he's worried about his sister.

"..I know what you want to ask me." Galette speaks up first. "I'm fine, just had a bad day at therapy today.. the guy told me something that just ticked me off.. okay?"

"..And what was this thing?" He can't help but ask.

"..." Galette stares at the ground, refusing to answer him.

He doesn't get a chance to ask about it any further anyway, because the last person they were waiting for finally arrives. Rushing down the halls is Cracker, and he looks exhausted. Katakuri feels that he isn't alone in this situation, everyone currently here is on edge.

"..Hey! I wasn't late for once." Cracker comments, smiling.

Katakuri isn't stupid and he can see right through this little act of his, Cracker has been overworking himself again with his devil fruit and combat abilities. How many times has he been told now to take it easy? Katakuri can't even say how many, it's getting a bit too much.

As an older brother and kind of teacher(?) he can acknowledge his brother's combat and strategic skills as a fighter, but anything beyond that then he's just a complete idiot. Of course it's good to train, they kinda have to as they have an Island to protect.

But how is he going to do that if he's just breaking himself in the process? Katakuri narrows his eyes at his brother, but says nothing and turns to the giant doors infront of them when they open to reveal someone holding a checklist and a cup of coffee.

"..Morning Charlotte's." He says, a bit too casually. "..First to speak with Mama, is...-" His eyes look down at the paper. "..-Mama's perfect son, Katakuri."

All eyes turn to him, but he's not looking back. He is way more focused on the fact that this random stranger he's never met before called him the same thing that it said in the letter. Purple eyes meet silver ones. His narrow, sharply, but he says nothing once more.

He gets a bunch of 'good lucks' here and there, but he's not listening. Katakuri goes through the doors after sending a death glare the man's way, and there in all her glory, is his mother, sitting on her usual throne eating a few of the cakes he heard were baked just today.

Eyes find his, and he doesn't even flinch. With confidence he stands infront of his mother, staring up at her, waiting for her to say anything at this point really. Even a hello would do it. His mother finishes off the cake and leans forward, towering over him.

"..Katakuri.. my favourite little man." She says, her tone sickingly sweet.

"..Mama. You called." He says, monotone as always.

"..That I did. You heard about your wedding?" She asks, getting straight to the point.

"..I did, yes."

His mother's eyes turn cold, goosebumps litter his skin. "..You know that I'm not marrying you for love, Katakuri. I'm doing it for the sake of our family, we need their technology, and once we have it, they either surrender or die. You- are in charge of the eldest of the children."

He knows this already, it happened with the rest of his siblings. You get chosen and married, if you don't prove your worth and get what mama wants, then you're called useless, a traitor and thrown into the trash like you never were born as a Charlotte in the first place.

"..Yes mama. I understand." He replies.

"..Oh- and Katakuri."

"..Yes mama?"

Two fingers hook under his fluffy scarf and pull it down, immediately his anxiety spikes up to the highest it can go. He watches his mother's eyes, her cold, judgemental and hateful eyes, staring right at the one thing wrong with him. What he would do to get rid of this..

On display are his sharp teeth, that are far too big for his mouth and so they rest on his upper and bottom lip. His stitched up scars that run from the corners up to the middle of his ears. It's because of his fast-eating habits and stupid expandable mouth that this happened in the first place.

Judgemental as ever, she laughs, it's a small one, but it's there and it's all it takes. Because now Katakuri feels more shame, and all he wants to do is go home and lock himself in his office and never have to look at himself in the mirror ever again.

"..Don't let your husband see this.. we wouldn't any.. complications. After all who could love a face as terrifying as this?" Is what his mother says, her mocking smile never leaving.

Who could love a face as terrifying as this.

He doesn't move, not until he's told to leave. His hand finds his scarf and pushes it back up, trying to avoid the fact he wants to lose his cool and have another moment of breaking things to contain the wrath swirling inside him. If anyone else were to see- he'd have no choice but to kill them on the spot.

Katakuri leaves the room, calling for the next person to go in. Which so happened to be Cracker, and for a moment he doesn't want to leave his brother alone with their mother. But what is he supposed to do? He can't defy her orders, he's never done that before, not ever. It's scary, if he did do that, he'd be hunted for life.

And his biggest fear is having his mother hate him, call him worthless, trash, nothing but a burden. She can call him scary, terrifying, horrifying to look at, a monster, but he doesn't think his heart could take it if she started calling him a 'traitor' or a 'fake Charlotte'.

"..Kat-Nii.. are you okay?" His youngest sister asks, worry clear in her eyes.

All he can do is nod, and stare shamefully at the ground.

Back inside the room, Cracker is not so subtle with his fear of their mother. It's not something he can just hide like Katakuri. If you've ever been struck so hard in the face that half of your face was missing then you'd be shaking like a leaf too.

Taking a deep breath he moves further into the room, stopping just a few steps away from where his mother is seated. When her eyes find him he physically flinches, but does not avoid her gaze, as such a thing could bring trouble.

"Cracker." She says, her tone is cold.

"..Yes Mama." He immediately responds.

"..What's wrong with you?"

At the out of character question, Cracker looks up a little more, there she is leaning over him, staring at him like she's actually worried. He bites back a smile and keeps his injured hands behind his back so she can't see them.

"..Whatever do you mean, Mama?"

"..Do you take me for a fool, Cracker? What is the matter with your hands?"

He was naive, of course his mother would focus on his wounds more than him. She's not worried, she's mocking him, because she's never been injured once in her life. Now knowing this, Cracker's lopsided smile fades, and is replaced with a frown.

"..I overworked myself yesterday and came into some complications with my sword, but it's fine, it's nothing, I'm perfectly fine!" He insists.

"..I don't care if you're fine or not, what worth are you if a couple of nicks on the fingers are going to slow you down?" She asks.

Cracker's shattered heart wants to escape from his body, and he finds himself staring at the ground despite reminding himself not to. He looks at his hands and there, his fingers are bleeding again. What!? He was sure that he fixed it, maybe he should of asked his staff instead.

"..Mama- This will not slow me down, I'll keep going and fighting, just as I'm supposed to as a Charlotte!" He insists once more.

His world tumbles down, as she's not even going to look at him anymore. Like he's worthless, not good enough for this family, and Cracker hates that the most. He really hates how much this gets under his skin, is he really that weak after all?

"..If you're so sure about that, how come you're considered number three on the list when it comes to the generals? How come you're not like Katakuri, hm?"


No Mama, please don't compare me to Katakuri.. I hate it when you do that.

"..Is your husband really going to like you? Or maybe he might laugh at how weak you are.. Don't dare show weakness infront of our enemies, or you're not a Charlotte, Cracker. You're just a nobody, who is not welcome in this family."

How cruel Mama.. How can you be so cruel to your own son? Cracker bites at his bottom lip, hard enough to draw out some blood, and it tastes horrible. It doesn't taste as bad as being called weak or even a fake Charlotte.

"..I understand. I'll never show weakness to our enemies. I'm not weak, I'm strong and I'll defend our family even if it kills me Mama!" He shouts, but the confidence is not there anymore, it's been broken, just like his heart.

No more words are spoken, and Cracker is kinda glad for the silence, but at the same time it makes him want the ground to swallow him whole so he doesn't have to be here anymore. With permission given, he leaves the room, avoiding eye contact with everyone else outside.

But he knows, that Katakuri knows, that nothing good happened in that room and it's clear on both of their faces that it's the same for his older brother.

One thing in this family is that there's no encouragement or support provided, there's only cruel insults, manipulation and constant reminders that if you don't keep up with the rest of the big mom pirates then you're a weakling, an outcast, practically a stranger despite being brought up in this part of the New World.

It doesn't stop there, as Big Mom keeps up with her insults.

"..What a disgusting eye. Make sure to cover that up. I'm sure your husband wouldn't want to be seen with such a freak for a wife, now would he?" She had said to Pudding, not even noticing the already broken self-esteem of her daughter break just a little bit more at the corners.

"..Don't you know anything? Men don't like it when their wife argues back. Do you really think anybody will be able to handle that attitude of yours? They'll leave you in a heartbeat, because you'll be too difficult to handle in their eyes." She'd said to Galette, laughing when she saw how her daughter was trying to keep the rage kept inside her, although it was ovbious with her clenched fists and watering eyes.

"..Your wife is going to think you're rather disgusting, after all who drinks juice that is squeezed from people? Who wants to be with a person who does that? At least you're pretty, but that ugly personality isn't going to keep a wedding." She says to Smoothie, staring down at her like she's a pest. Although how can she speak when she also cannibalised people in her past? Smoothie keeps that to herself.

Something flashes through each of their minds at the same time, ignoring how it eats at their minds and makes them sick to their stomachs. It's easy to forgive what she says, but it's not as easy to forget, and it makes them all feel ashamed.

"I can't protect anyone.."

Katakuri whispers into his room, that has been once again trashed from losing his cool more than just a little.

"I'm so weak, never going to be strong enough."

Cracker screams, staring at his numb pale hands that are covered in his own blood that came from a simple, but clearly not good enough mistake.

"I'm not beautiful, just disgusting."

Pudding cries as tears run down her face, all it does is remind her of the torment and the bullying from the children.

"I'm too difficult to handle.."

Galette says, staring around at the cracks, dents and broken pieces of the walls, floors, ceilings and different rooms in her castle.

"..She's going to think I'm a freak for what I do."

Smoothie stutters out, she almost wants to cry. Well, she'd be lying if she hadn't, after all wasn't it her fault for the devil fruit she had chosen?

Chapter 8: - Annoying & Annoyed -


The time has come for them to finally meet the ones they will be spending the rest of their lives with.

First up is Yonji, and his expectations of who he was marrying are broken in the first 5 second, after all who want's such a FLIRTY guy as a husband?


OKAYYY So in our AU, or in my eyes anyway, Cracker is a huge flirt, and uses it to his advantage a lot.

I like their dynamic, mostly cause it doesn't matter how much Cracker tries, his tactics don't work on Yonji. (Or at least not yet, we're in the denial stages), and it frustrates him to keep going and trying.

Mentions of sex are the only warning I guess?

Chapter Text

Up ahead was the Whole Cake Chateau, and to say it was big would be quite the understatement. It's a massive castle, the kind of place you'd find yourself getting lost in a bit too easily. Like it's name suggests, it resembles a castle in the shape of a cake. If you were to look from bottom to the top, it's size would only decrease.

Exterior wise, it was a four-layered cake stacked on top of the other. The colours consisted of a darker and lighter pink that had stripes changing direction depending on what piece you looked at. White frosting was on top and around some of the layers also, small windows could be seen on one and the last thing remaining was the door, it resembled a keyhole.

The Vinsmokes walked until they were standing infront of the door. Even when you were at the beginning of the village you could still see the cake, which should of be no surprise to anyone since it belonged to the Queen and it was also the biggest building in Sweet City.

"Holy sh*t- This place looks AWESOME!" Yonji had shouted, his excitment evident in his voice.

Out of pure instinct Niji had shot out his arm to grab his younger brother's collar so that he wouldn't try to eat the bottom layer of the cake, well, if that was even possible from how solid it looked. Of course Niji knew he stood no choice if it came to a battle of physical strength, but indurance and speed he's confident he'd win in.

Next to him Ichiji looked around, pointing his finger at each one of his siblings as he counted them to make sure each one was nearby and weren't trying to get away. Luckily, they all seemed to be taking this somewhat seriously, it actually made him feel a little relaxed knowing this.

Two chess soldiers were having a conversation, clearly very into whatever they're talking about. Ichiji cleared his throat, both of the soldiers flinching when he noticd him and shouted 'OPEN THE GATES' to what looked like nothing but air. Ichiji was sure that wasn't the case, hopefully. He's learned that this place is full of weird.. surprises.

A few seconds went by and he was growing impatient, but eventully the doors opened slower than he's ever seen a pair of double doors open. The creaks were also super unnecessarily loud. All that was up ahead was complete pitch black darkness.

"The Charlotte's are waiting for you at the assigned locations. We hope everything goes well and you enjoy your stay." One of the chess soldiers spoke, both then bowing.

Ichiji nodded. "Of course. We thank you for having us." He replied, speaking with that 'perfect' tone of his that he always used whenever they were out on business.

For once they didn't have to walk in a single file line, because this corridor's length was as big as it's height, and there was enough space for everyone. Ichiji and Niji remained infront, Yonji and Reiju next, then Sanji trailed behind as per usual.

While walking through the hall Ichiji's eyes began picking on multiple things, such as that the walls and floors had the exact same pink/white combo from outside. There was also a bunch of unique lanterns hanging from the ceiling, seems like Big Mom has a certain taste for specific things, just like their father does.

The eldest prince raised a hand, getting himself and his siblings to stop once they entered the entrance hall. He dropped his hand to reach into his pocket and brought out a map that had perfectly drawn layout of the castle.

As he spoke, Ichiji pointed to each location that a specific Charlotte would be waiting for them, some were on top floors, where as most were on the middle.

"Yonji, Kitchen, 8th floor. Reiju, Treasure room, 4th floor. Niji, Down the hall and to the left is a room, 2nd floor. Sanji, Pudding's room on the 3rd floor, and It appears I'm going to be on the 5th floor in the library." Ichij explained. "Once we are all finished with the first meetings we meet back here, do not go anywhere or attempt to leave yourself without the others, do you understand?" He added, looking specifically to Yonji and Niji.

"..Yes Ichiji." The three said together, Niji sounded annoyed, Yonji as excited as ever and Reiju sounding like her own robotic self.

"That also includes you too Sanji. If I see you are not back here when expected, I will get one of these two-" He points to Niji and Yonji behind him. "-to track you down. If you play dirty-" Ichiji poked at his brother's chest. "-Well, two can play that game, understand?"

Sanji smacks his hand away and covers his chest with both arms, regardless he gave a small nod of understanding. "Yeah, I got it Ichiji."

What's this? He's actually listening? A smirk came onto his face at this different attitude coming from his younger brother. From the information appearing in his mind he can see the subtle shivering, but also the fact that he's willingly listening to Ichiji?

He's not putting up a fight for once? Well, this is how it was always meant to be after all. Sanji would be and IS nothing without them, and it will further continue to be that way as long as each and every single one of the Vinsmoke children are alive.

"..Good. Now all of you go, we wouldn't want our reputation to be ruined all because they think we are going to be late." He says, turning the opposite way.

One after another, each Vinsmoke went their seperate ways and to the assigned floors to meet their soon to be spouses.


For some reason- and this is honestly beyond Yonji's comprehension, he had been told by his eldest brother that he was meet his future husband in a KITCHEN. For what purpose? He has no idea, but why should he sit here and complain? It is a kitchen after all, who knows, maybe if the guy is nice enough he may get some free food. That's nothing to nag about.

Nagging is pointless anyway, especially if it's over something dumb, and food is anything but dumb. Yonji scratches at his head in confusion, you know he's starting to think he may of underestimated this place maybe just a little.

Never has he ever seen so many stairs that's connected to ONE building in his life. The castles back in Germa could be considered big too, but none of them compared to this. If he was any ordinary person he would of been exhausted, but thanks to his modifications he wasn't going to get tired anytime soon that easily.

There was so many floors that it got to the point he'd have to count just so he could know which floor he was currently on. Okay- so here's the 7th, so just a few more sets of stairs and he'd be there. His feet continued moving, one, two, one two, left, right, left and right.

His speed may not be as high as his brother but that doesn't mean he is slow either, he got to the top of the last stair and looked at the giant number on the wall, which so happened to be the number eight. Finally! He's here. After that, he'll admit, he's a bit exhausted.

None of that is important right now though- now that he's on the 8th floor of the Whole Cake Chateau, then that means- Yonji stopped in his tracks and his eyes widened at seeing a longer hallway than the one downstairs. You have to be f*cking joking around right now.

As much as he wanted to sigh, he didn't have the time and just decided to get this over with already. The quicker he gets there, the quicker this whole meeting thing will fly past right? Although meeting one-on-one seems a bit much just for a small heart to heart or whatever will be happening here.

His bored orange eyes find interest in the walls, they were kinda pretty to be honest. Looking at them made him hungry, especially with the fact they were made out of a specific type of chocolate. Being in a city made of sweets had made him want to eat everything, but apparently that wasn't allowed and actually against the law.

Green eyebrows knit in frustration and confusion, what did you make a city made of sweets for then if you can't even eat it? Yonji clicked his tongue and proceeded down the hall. Out of nowhere his stomach rumbled, dammit- now he's really hoping his soon to be husband is a nice guy and will give him food if he asks.

His eyes look around, trying to find something that will distract him from his hunger. Pillars of the doors were made out of candy canes- nah that's kinda boring, he saw stuff like that earlier, what else? There's faces on the doors and it was kinda freaky actually.

Wait a second. He halted his steps and looked at each of the doors in the hall, and a muffled scream came out of him. Oh yeah that'll do as a distraction, because WHY DO THEY HAVE FACES?! WHY ARE THEY- HUH!? Yonji backed off into the wall, staring at one of them as they opened their eyes.

Now it was just full on eye contact, and it seemed like a competition, a staring contest of some kind, but it was nothing like that! He just didn't want to run away, because then he'd seem like a coward and also he'd probably get himself lost along the way.

"..Ohh! Now who are you?? And why do you look so familiar.." The door said to him, a frown appearing on it's face as it eyed Yonji.

It started humming a low tune, it's beady eyes looking Yonji up and down as it tried to refresh it's memory of where he has seen him before. The green haired prince was completely frozen, what do you expect him to do? No seriously- what else are you supposed to do when a door has a life of it's own and starts to try and have a conversation with you.

DID IT JUST BLINK?! This was far too much for him to handle- and he's supposed to start living on his soon to be husband's Island too? There better not be talking doors there- or he swears, he's jumping out the window and coming back home to Germa.

The door whistles, gaining Yonji's attention once more.

"Now I know who you are! Yonji Vinsmoke, fourth AND last prince of Germa, here to meet his fiance along with the rest of his siblings." The door finally responds.

If he wasn't freaked out before then he defintely was now. HOW DOES IT JUST KNOW- HIS NAME?? Yonji coughed and pounded his fist into his chest, trying to calm himself down, he's not scared, that isn't something he can feel, this was just shock, absolutely just shock.

Not so confidently he replies. "Yes, that is who I am."

"Oh I'm sure you'll enjoy meeting Sir Cracker, he's a truly loyal and joyful man! Watch out though he's a bit of a flirt." The door smiled then laughed, making him feel a bit confused, how can it be so expressive- ITS A DOOR!

"..Sure, sure." He says, sounding disinterested. "..Where is this fiance of mine? What room is he in, tell me and don't waste my time with stupid things!"

This is crazy, why is he standing in the middle of this hallway talking to a door of all things. Why couldn't it have been ANYTHING else?? Actually- why would he want to talk to anything that wasn't a person, that's a horrifying thing to imagine..

"..It's the third down door there, he'll be in the kitchen waiting. Also just a word of warning, he's.. a bit much for some people, especially with his advances, so just be wary."

Yonji stares at the door and laughs, no way he's getting a warning from a DOOR, he's starting to hallucinate and go crazy. However he wastes no time in listening and walking away to go to the exact location it was talking about. Something flashed in the light, and he noticed it was metal, but something was ingraved into it.

No f*cking way- oh my god, it's NUMBERS that were imprinted on the metal of the doors. He wouldn't of even needed to start a conversation with a door to find his way around if he had seen that first- now that's just incredibly embarrassing on his part.

As Yonji is about to open the door, something stops him from moving.

"f*ck- GET OFF ME ALREADY- TOO TIGHT!" It had shouted.

"General Cracker!" Another voice yelled back.

Is he- IS HE ABOUT TO WALK INTO SOMETHING HE SHOULDN'T?? Yonji isn't usually one to kick his feet on the floor and wait, but from the choice of words- shouldn't he at least be a little worried? No wait- this can't be the case, he's getting married to this man, surely he wouldn't-

Well there's only one way to find out, after all a part of him had been excited to meet this man and there's nothing stopping him from going inside! Plus who f*cks inside a kitchen anyway?? That's just unhygenic.. and gross, and the poor food would get wasted!

Now Yonji doesn't normally flinch at things, but this was the one and only time he ever will, because another pair of eyes are staring at him that belong to a DOOR, may he add. It even smiled at him, but it said nothing and opened without him having to do anything at all. Well that's actually kinda helpful, he labels this door as his favourite so far.

When he entered the room he had no choice but to shield his eyes from the light coming inside, it was blinding him and he didn't really feel like losing his sight and pride on the same day. Yonji narrowed his eyes, but they adjusted to the light rather quickly and he took this opportunity to look around, there was no more talking objects. It's just kitchen equipment and the familiar pink/white colours of the walls and floors.

So he was freaked out for nothing? Yonji is very embarrassed for himself. His palm lays flat on his face as he shakes his head, but more shouting gets his eyes to stop ahead, settling on something in the room that looked like they were trying to rip their own skin apart.

Wait- it's not something, it's actually SOMEONE. A man, to be specific, stood in the middle of the kitchen, his hands grabbing at something that was on his upper body while the men the same size or just slightly smaller than Yonji surrounded him, shouting for him to be 'careful'.

Thank god he didn't walk on someone f*cking, that would of been.. horrible.

"General Cracker please.. We need you to remain decent for your fiance!"


Everything else that the man said drowned out as Yonji focuses only on the name that had been mentioned.. Cracker... C-R-A-C-K-E-R? Where has he heard that name before.. he tapped his finger on his bottom lip as he thought to himself. A flashback of been given something by his father comes to his mind.

Yonji Vinsmoke

Cracker Charlotte

Cracker Charlotte




It clicked in Yonji's head just who the man was talking about. CRACKER, was the name of his soon to be husband, which means the door was right about the location. Whatever- he had to get a closer look of this man! He had no idea what he looked like and he badly wanted to know.

The doors closed behind him at a fast pace, the loud bang making him flinch for the second time today, which was so unlike him by the way! He silently cursed out the door for doing that, but it turns out it wasn't just him who reacted. Everyone in the same room was staring at him.

Yonji stood there quietly, and very awkwardly, unsure of what to say. This situation feels the same as when he was talking to that door. God- if his siblings saw him react like this, it would not end well for him at all.

In the room people who were once shadows were now silhouettes of people with colours starting to show too. Some of them had tanned skin, others had paler, but each of them looked different and similiar at the same time, god that's freaky.

He took a few steps forward, and now he realised it wasn't skin he was trying to tear off, it was the collar of his shirt. What was he trying to do? Fix it? Or maybe he was feeling- what was it? Nervous to meet Yonji? God, a sign of weakness already, how annoyi-


It was like time stopped right there and then, because, WHAT. THE. f*ck. Yonji could simply not believe his eyes when the nice shirt was torn in half by the man's own hands. Yonji rubbed at his eyes, even pinched his own arm, but there's no denying it, he just watched a man rip his own shirt off.

The shirt dropped to the ground and was kicked under a table, but Yonji was too focused on the other's dark smirk to notice all that. Yonji was so in his own head about what just happened that he never saw the man notice him standing there.

"..Oh- Uhm-" The man looked around awkwardly, but was quick on his feet and leaned down towards Yonji. "..Hi there, you must be my cute new fiance."



Now he was practically speechless, which was surprising for someone like him who loves to talk a lot. He was just trying to process if he really saw what he saw and that this wasn't a weird ass random dream he had been put in.

Coming back to his senses, Yonji despised the long.. horrible silence. Just as he was about to respond, his mouth clamped shut. Hold on- there's something a bit more odd going on here. Orange eyes trailed upwards until they met with the other's. He widened his eyes at how small he seemed to be from how close he was.


Yonji's jaw literally dropped at the man as he looked him up and down in confusion, but finally their eyes met again and he couldn't keep his voice in anymore. Not after what he's just witnessed.


His ranting went on and on, it's not like he could really help himself. Who just walks up to someone and calls them 'cute' on their first meeting?! Also the fact that the man was almost the same height as the ceiling, kind of- these ceilings were a bit higher than the one's he has seen before.

Again he's freaked out by something abnormal, this guy's weird ass height, but- HOLY sh*t- HIS MUSCLES TOO? HIS MUSCLE MASS IS INSANE, AND MUCH BIGGER THAN YONJI'S! He could squish Yonji like a grape if he wanted to!

Don't get him wrong, Yonji himself was big, especially when it came to height and strength. He was both the tallest and physically strongest of his siblings, but this was on a whole different kind of level!

He noticed another thing, and like usual, he couldn't help but feel the need to express it out loud and not keep anything from anyone in the room.

"..WHY IS YOUR HAIR ON FIRE?? HOW IS IT NOT TURNING TO DUST?? IS THAT EVEN SAFE!?" Yonji asked, more demanding than he meant to be.

Another million questions popped into his head, but he never got to ask any of them because a loud, irritated sigh stopped him from doing so. It came from the taller man in the room, who was pinching at the bridge of his nose, clearly annoyed by Yonji's constant chattering and questions of his appearance.

"f*ck sake- You sure do love to talk, don't you?"

In the blink of an eye all of the chefs came up to him, shaking their heads disapprovingly. Had he done something wrong already?

"..You can't speak to General Cracker like that! Don't you know who he is?" They shouted, poking at his legs, arms and sides.

"..Hey! Stop that!" Yonji says, smacking each of their hands away from his body. Just who do they think THEY are?! Doing that to him! "To answer your question, I'm pretty sure he's my husband so-"

Why- He'd responded to that without thinking of his words! His eyes widened and he looked down at the floor tiles. Why did he have to go on and say that!! They weren't even dating, nevermind MARRIED.

There's no way he can stand here and say such a bold statement, he wasn't allowed to say they were husbands yet because it wasn't the truth. Did he just say a big lie now or what? Ah sh*t- Ichiji and his father won't be happy about this.

His worries are cut in half when loud laughter fills his mind instead and interrupts his thoughts. Yonji looked back up and eyed the tall man who was covering his mouth to muffle his giggles. His head suddenly snapped towards the prince, so fast that he thought it would break.

Squatting infront of him so they could be eye level, the man stares into his eyes, a (non-existent) eyebrow raising at him.

"..My, my. You're quite a bold one, aren't you? Knowing we aren't even dating, or close to the wedding and you are still saying such a thing? You have some nerve, I like that about you cutie." Cracker said, smirking.

Taking this opportunity of small time, he began to look at the man's face now that they were closer. His skin was sickly pale, almost greyish, a few small scars could be seen on his lips- wait why was he looking there! His eyes were narrowed and curious, as if they were also exploring Yonji's face now that they were close enough to do so.

The most prominent feature of the man was the giant scar that went from the top side of his face down to the bottom, covering almost the entire left side. His eyes were intense, almost threatening, but Yonji did not back off. For more less important features, his hair was purple and long, so long that it went to his thighs, and half was in a bun with the rest remaining down.

"..I was right! You're even cuter up close." Cracker said, grabbing Yonji's cheek and laughing at the angry expression the prince gave him. "Anyway." Cracker stood to his full height and crossed his arms, Yonji tried his darn hardest not to look at the man's chest- is he doing this on purpose or something??

"..I'm Cracker Charlotte by the way. I'll be your husband in a month or so, unfortunately it had to be delayed due to the extra planning for the other weddings. However because of this, you will move to my Island and stay with me, even after too, get it?"

Blinking again, Yonji took in the information told to him and slowly started nodding, signalling he understood somewhat.

"Glad to hear it, that's just perfect. Now for our first meeting, I have to do some work, but that doesn't mean you can't talk to me, alright cutie?"

Yonji just scowls at the nickname, seriously- this guy is starting to get on his nerves. Just who does he think he is?! Yonji does not like this in the slightest, even if the guy is built like a tank and is kind of sweet towards him doesn't mean he has to like the guy! He's annoying, and what's with that gentle tone?!

Cracker quickly clicks his fingers and the chefs all got straight back to what they were doing beforehand. One grabs Yonji and brings him to a corner where a chair is and sits him right down on it. Wow! Way to make him feel like a child in time out! He mumbled curses to himself and sat back, just watching.

Why does he have to sit here anyway?? He doesn't really know what they're doing and he's never been taught to cook- but how hard can it be?! He's meant to be useful and apart of this marriage(Although he still doesn't want to be). Yonji almost flinches at how fast Cracker is back at his side, smirking at him lazily.

He doesn't like this attention one bit.

"..I apologise for the intrusion you walked in on while getting here, I really didn't expect you so early. Although I didn't think you'd complain with a show like that." Cracker speaks, his smirk widening.

Yonji stares at the guy with a look that clearly says 'is this guy for real?'. "It's whatever man, what were you trying to do anyway? I get you're pulling off your shirt, but like what was the point in that anyway?"

"..And here I thought it would impress you, seemed it had the opposite effect." Cracker pouted.

It DID impress him, but Yonji's not going to say that out loud infront of everyone or even infront of this annoying bastard. After all how could you not be impressed by such defined and sharp features??

Cracker sighs. "It's just very restricting, I don't like shirts, I refuse to wear them anywhere, even in formal events I find it annoying." He responds, smoothly.

Is Yonji the only person here who finds his presence rather.. infuriating?? Not only is he taller than him, but he's talking to Yonji like a girl, and he last time he checked he's defintely not a girl. He's confident too, with his words, his walk, everything he does oozes arrogance.. and it's ovbious in the way he holds his head higher than everybody else.

"..So, Yonji was it?"

"..Yeah. What's it to you, asshole?"

Two hands are raised in surrender. "Woah! Now that wasn't needed. I'm just trying to be nice to you, what is with your cruel words cutie?"

Yonji's scowl deepens. "..That. THAT is my issue. I'm not a little playtoy, or a girl, so stop treating me like I'm one. I ain't cute and if you call me it again, I'm gonna kick your f*cking ass right here and right now, get it?" He mocks Cracker's words from before.

"..Okay, okay. I understand. Yo-n-ji-chan~" Cracker says, spelling out his name.

His head whips around to stare at the man in shock, now he's not even calling him a flirty nickname- it's just THIS now? Yonji can't believe what's happening. He places a hand on the man's face and pushes him away roughly.

"..Wow your hands are tiny- Can I compare them with mine?" Cracker asks, actually politely and curiously.

Orange eyes roll. "Do what you want."

"..Eh?? Do what I want?" Yonji yelps when Cracker gets in his personal space, maybe a bit too close for comfort. "..So I can kiss you then?"

"WHAT?!" Yonji pushes the man backwards, his face flaming red. "..Absolutely not! I don't even know you and we aren't even dating!"

Cracker shrugs. "So what? We're gonna get married, what's the point in dating? Plus couples kiss all the time, Yonji-Chan."

"..Shut up! Stop calling me that! And I'd never kiss you, not even if you were the last man on earth, because I don't like guys. I'm only doing this because my father gave me an order, I'm following it as I'm supposed to." Yonji shouts.

A hand goes onto Cracker's chest, directly where his heart would be. "Ouch! You wound me Yonji-Chan, I'm just trying to be really nice now!"

"I don't care what you're trying to do, cause it's not working." Yonji deadpans.

"Not yet, you mean. Anyway, what's your role in Germa? Are you just a prince or anything else?"

So he can actually ask questions and not say stupid sh*t? Yonji has to say he's impressed. They're going to get to know one another, it might make this marriage less awkward so Yonji will comply, for now.

"I'm not just a prince no, I'm also a commander for a specific unit of our military." He answers, looking around at the chefs in the kitchen.

Cracker's pink eyes light up in interest and Yonji once again yelps at his personal space being invaded by his fiance. Is this how it's going to be all the time? Yonji has never wanted to go home so quickly in his entire life.

"..Commander? Are you the main commander out of your siblings?" He presses on, hands finding their way to rest beside Yonji's hips.

"..Back off would you!?" Yonji snaps, pushing Cracker away. "No I'm not the main commander, that would belong to my father since he's the supreme commander. I fall under a specific part, but my brother Ichiji would be the second main commander because he's older."

His smile fades. "..How disappointing. Does that mean you are weak?" He suddenly asked, causing Yonji's smile to also drop.

"WEAK?!" Yonji stands out of his chair, used to using his height as an intimidation tactic but it appears it's not going to work in this situation, he still doesn't sit down though. "I AM ANYTHING BUT WEAK! Have you seen my body? I am the strongest of my siblings physically!" He defends.

Cracker's sly smirk does nothing but make him more furious. "Oh my.. seems I've touched a nerve, my deepest apologies." Cracker says, in a very mocking tone.

"..What gives you the right to act so high and mighty?! What's so impressive about you then HUH!?" The prince shouts.

Either loud gasps or complete silence come from the chefs as they all stop their work to stare at Yonji like he's grown a second head. Yonji looked back at each one of them in utter confusion, what's with the sudden silence?

That very same silence was replaced with Cracker's loud and obnoxious cackling that had began filling the room like some sort of toxic gas.

"..What's impressive about me you say? Well Prince, you happen to be looking at one of the three sweet generals of the Big Mom pirates."





Yonji had to repeat it about a million many times in his mind what the man just said to him. Forgive him if he's wrong, but did Cracker just say he was ONE of the sweet generals? From his knowledge that his father beat into him as a child, a general is higher than a commander by miles!

"..A.. General?" Yonji mutters out.

Cracker slowly nods. "..Yu...p." He pops the 'p' loudly.

So he is of higher status than him when it came to the military? Well whatever- nobody is higher than a prince, well excluding a king and queen of course, but he is a prince and no sh*tty general is going to push him around like that.

"Well that doesn't matter considering I'm a prince, which is higher than general OR commander!"

"..Oh you're stupid, so stupid it's actually really cute. In case you didn't figure it out in your pretty little head-" Cracker taps at the side of Yonji's head. "-My mother is a Queen, so what exactly would that make me besides a general?"

Yonji has never felt so stupid before, and he hates feeling this way more than anything in the world. Is his father was a king, making Yonji a prince. Then Big Mom is a queen, making Cracker also a...


"..ARRGHH WHATEVER!" Yonji shouts, smacking the man's hand away from him and looking off to the side, a childish pout appearing.

Cracker's head tilted to the side, curiously observing the man. He is quite childish- He doesn't know if he can work with that. The general scoffs and stands up, going back to his job of watching over the chefs. Just as he thought, his fiance is quite dumb and also extremely immature. What a brat.

Can't help but find him cute though, is what he thinks to himself.

"..Chop chop! Mama will be waking up soon and I do NOT want to have to deal with hunger pangs today, this is the worst possible day for it to happen." Cracker shouts, using his authority as it should be used.

Yonji's head turns at that. "Hunger pangs?"

Honestly the general had not expected for the prince to speak again so soon, but he seems like such a curious person and wants to know what is going on all the time otherwise he'll explode. Cracker, can't really fault him for that one.

"Yup. Mama has something called hunger pangs. She gets hungry for a certain food item and we have to make it before she destroys the cities and Islands she had worked so hard to create." He explains.

The prince nods, but the silence was once again interrupted by the sound of Yonji's stomach, to which he covered it in a bit of humiliation. It gets worse when Cracker turns to look at him, clearly laughing, which Yonji scowls at him for.

"..Someone hungry? Did you not have breakfast before you came to meet me? Or were you just so excited to see me, you just couldn't wait and rushed out to the sea.." Cracker teases, grabbing a bowl from one of the chefs to bring over to Yonji.

"Oh you wish that now don't you, bastard? I did have breakfast ACTUALLY. I just have a bigger appetite than all of my siblings." Yonji says, his humiliation fading as he peeked inside the bowl, which had some small biscuits in them.

His tongue immediately pokes out of his mouth in disgust.

Now Cracker is the one confused. "..What's the issue?"

"..I hate biscuits! They're so salty and horrible!"

Cracker's jaw drops, the bowl following shortly after as it falls from his hand and crashes onto the floor, sending shards of glass flying across the tiles of the kitchen floor. He stared at the man in a bit of disbelief, his eye slightly twitching. So not only do his flirting tactics not work- but he doesn't like biscuits EITHER?

"..You.. You really don't like biscuits..??" Cracker was almost scared to ask again.

"I have a deep burning hatred for them. The chefs at Germa keep making them and I always tell them to stop, when they don't listen I just pour water inside it and dump it over their heads, that's when they start listening to me."

From the display of hatred to something that Cracker makes on a daily basis, you can't blame him for being slightly offended that the prince is hating on biscuits so much. He forces out a chuckle and brings a chair to sit down next to Yonji, facing his body towards him.

"..Hey don't be saying that when you haven't tried my biscuits. They are of the highest quality, made by yours truly, and very popular if I do say so myself."

"Just because someone different makes them doesn't mean I'm going to like them you know. Nothing you say or do will EVER make me like them."

Wow! This prince sure is a stubborn one! Cracker's smile is forced and almost misses grabbing the bowl that a chef is trying to give him. He lifts his hands, clapping, one, twice, three times and a table made entirely out of biscuits appears infront of Yonji.

Yonji backs straight up into the rear of the chair, his face twisting into confusion. How did this table just- SPAWN!? This place is so weird! Another bowl as placed down, his intrest increased but it decreased and he scowled at Cracker when he sees it is just more biscuits.

"..Can someone get me some water? I'm gonna dunk this sh*t on another piece of sh*t." Yonji comments, his scowl becoming more threatening.

"..Just trust me and try them." Cracker says, pushing the bowl forward and getting up off the seat. "You are gonna have to get used to it anyway, mostly everything on my island is made out of biscuits."

"..UGHHH! FINE! Just go away and leave me at peace!" Yonji groans, irritated.

Once Cracker is a safe distance away from him, he grabs a few of the biscuits from the bowl and plops them into his mouth. He's only doing it though because it seems sh*tty general over here isn't going to let any of this go.

A burst of unknown flavour spreads throughout his entire body, making his eyes widen and stare in shock. These- these were, AMAZING! His mouth forms into a wide grin and he digs in, very happing at the food presented to him, he should of expected it from the Charlotte family, he's just kind of stubborn.

Pink eyes glance behind him, staring through the corner of his eye at Yonji and he smirks at the fact he got another person who hates biscuits to successfully like them. He will not take any slander on his precious food, even if it is coming from his cute soon to be husband.

"..Hey! Tell me about your Island, I want to be prepared for what is to come." Yonji says suddenly, seemingly now ready to co-operate with this whole marriage thing.

"..Oh? As you wish."

And Cracker goes on to rant about his Island all while doing his job, Yonji rests a hand on the side of his face, balancing his arm on the table as he stares at the other man. Yonji can feel the excitment throughout the other man in his own body as he's allowed to talk about his island.

Maybe this won't be so bad after all, sure he's a bit of a flirt and is trying a bit too hard that it seems almost desperate, but Yonji is capable of handling himself it it gets too far, and he won't hesitate to fight if it means getting away if he feels it is neccessary.

After all the man, Cracker, his fiance, is kinda.. interesting.

Cracker on the other hand wasn't expecting such an immature guy to actually be quite logical, but when he insulted his food, Cracker wasn't having that. Unbelievable to think all it took was for him to show off his amazing biscuits that he's so proud of to have Yonji switch up and actually be interested.

Well they do say, the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Chapter 9: - Break me, Tear me, Make me bleed -


Sanji tells Pudding the truth about everything, and she actually takes it better than he expected.

Niji on the other hand had not expected to meet such a ferocious woman who did not bow down to him so easily, honestly, he kinda likes it, only a little though.


This chapter is a ROLLERCOASTER tbh.

Going with Galette's whole fear of being in a relationship and giving full commitment because she's got a bad attitude and nobody can handle her.

How to solve that??

Throw someone in who's got just as a bad or even worser attitude than her.

I like their changed dynamic, and if Niji is a bit OOC in this, it's just because he's a f*cking horny ass mf who's just found out that he wants to spar with a woman because it makes him feel excitment.

ANYWAY- without further ado, enjoy the chapter and do give feedback, I do read it and I do appreciate it ^^

Chapter Text

"I'm really sorry, but I just can't marry you.

Kind and gentle, eyes like the blue ocean on a warm summer day, stared back into ones that resembled shock and brown like the chocolate of a sugary treat. It's not a lie that he's telling her just to get out of this arranged marriage, for him to lie to a woman would be the biggest crime in his book. That's not what his mother taught him, and neither did Zeff.

Soft hands held softer hands near his chest for a second, only to drop them back down to her sides. His skin burned where their skin had touched for mere seconds. His fiance, or what had meant to be his fiance was stunned. Her eyes switching between looking at his and anywhere else in the room.

"..What do you mean you can't marry me??"

Voice as sweet as honey, beautifully angelic, but the shakiness could not be mistaken, it was obvious when she asked the question. A sigh leaves him, Zeff would for sure kick him about the place if he heard that Sanji was making a lady worried and confused. He laughed at the idea of it, but he quickly looked back to the princess.

Focused on the girl's warm and wide eyes, he could see how patient she was as she awaited his answer. Sanji smiled sweetly at her and took a few steps back.

"..I can't marry you because I already am someone else's."

Gleaming in the faintly lit room was a small shine of light, he points to the fourth finger on his hand, where a ring is wrapped tightly around it. A gasp comes from the princess and she subtly tries to cover it with a hand over her mouth, the other soon joining too. She looks at the ground, unable to bring herself to look at the blonde.

How her mother was going to force him into a marriage he couldn't even do in the first place, and nobody but her on this land was aware of it.

Sanji's kind eyes watched her closely, noticing how tense her movements were. This was no good, but he would of felt more guilty if he had kept such a thing from a lady, and he's confident his idiot of a husband wouldn't be so happy about it either if he found out.

He wonders if Zoro will come and save him. Will he go with Luffy and the other's to retrieve their distressed cook from this sh*tty nightmare?? He scoffs out a laugh, what is he even thinking? Of course he would, Sanji knows he would do anything to get his cook back. That also includes Luffy, Nami, Usopp and the rest of the straw hats.

"..I see."

Bringing his attention back to focus on the wonderful lady, a strange turn of events happen and now it is his turn to be the one who is shocked. Pudding's chocolate eyes are filled with tears, but this time they are not sad, instead it is for a happy reason.

She's expressing her joy for how happy she is for him. He sighs in relief, glad this situation did not go downhill, that is the last thing he would of wanted.

"..I understand completely Sanji."

"Thank you. Pudding."


Here's the thing, it shouldn't come as a massive surprise to anyone that the second eldest son of Germa had managed to get to his location quickly. He probably could of done it with or without his elder brother's help and his sh*tty crumpled disgusting looking map. He's got superhuman memorisation, he'd remember every little detail for everything.

Although despite him managing to find the right floor and also the right part of the hallway, there's a whole bunch of different doors and now he's annoyed. Which room is he supposed to go?? His frustration results in him starting to feel his electricty linger under his skin, just about ready to release and go on a rampage, and he's really close to letting it.

Way to make him feel helpess, which is one of the things he hates feeling most. This has to be the most f*cking stupidest thing ever. Why does he have to get married off to so dumb Charlotte bitch just like the failure is?? He remembers the conversation like the back of his hand, that they'd get Sanji back, he'd get married, they'd get power and that would be the end of it.

His father never bothered to mention anything to the others in the family that Sanji hadn't been alone in the 'getting married' department. What had exactly made him change his mind? What did he say?? That it was for a stronger alliance? What a bunch of bullsh*t.

Everything nowadays was about gaining power, gaining an advantage, it always has been and Niji hates to admit it, but he's starting to see through his father's eyes and what all of this is really about. It's the way of the world, just power, and nothing more.

Anger swirls in his stomach, stabbing at his veins, it's all he canfeel in this moment. His body turns to face a table, and at the thought of his "special" day, his leg is pulled back and is booting one of them until they are sent through a door and into the next room. Little by little, his electricity is pushing out his body like his soul is trying to escape.

One thing he hopes is that when he lives with his wife(The one he didn't even want in the first place), is that her castle won't have this many stairs or floors. He gets it, it's a Queen and Emperor's castle, he does understand that as he's not an idiot like Yonji. But even his father who is a KING doesn't have all of this.

Luck must of been on his side though, he's meeting his fiance on the 2nd floor, imagine being his younger brother Yonji and having to go all the way up to the 8th floor.

The idea of his idiot brother getting lost and frustrated makes him smirk menacingly, finally some form of entertainment in this sh*tty place. But that's not enough- the scenery looks nice, his nose picks up a distinctive smell and it turns out the walls of the corridor is made out of some form of chocolate.

Living in a chocolate house sounds like a dream come true, he could just eat it all if he wanted to! One of his favourite things in the world to eat is chocolate. His mind goes to his room where he has box full of it and he frowns. Dammit. He kinda wished he had brought some of it with him this morning.

Although his doubts are high as he defintely doubts that Ichiji would of let him do such a thing, because it's not 'appropriate' for when they're meeting their fiances or whatever the f*ck he's on about.

How does even make any sense?? Ichiji can be smart but he sure has his moments. Is he forgetting that they are on an island made entirely out of different kinds of sweets, it is called 'SWEET CITY' for a reason you know. It would make much more sense for him to eat it here and now! God Ichiji can be a real pain.

A sudden yelp comes from a few floors up and it catches Niji off guard, so much that he ends up tripping over his own feet and stumbling backwards. Both his hands cover his ears, sh*t that was so loud- it really hurt too! Niji freezes when he bumps into something sturdy.

It couldn't of been a wall, he wasn't anywhere close enough for it to be that. What was it then? Survival instincts hit Niji and his guard went up, his speed allows him the advantage and so when he turns around, his electricity is shooting through his body and into his leg, he's just preparing himself to kick if it is required.

However, said electricity had died down as he finds himself looking at a leg..? Two legs actually. He has to squint his eyes to be able t see anything, damn his eyes and his f*cked up sight. Niji taps a button on the side of his goggles, and turns something, the blurs turn into something clearer, much better, now he can see a lot better than before.


Had someone bumped into him while he was distracted by the noises!? His teeth clamp down together in a fit of rage and trails his eyes up the body of whoever this bastard! The electricity comes back in full force, going back to his leg as he prepares himself once again to give the asshole a nasty kick through the stomach.

One thing he had not been expecting.

Was to be looking at a woman.

A very tall woman, if he may so add.

"..Hey you, would you watch it? I'm trying to get in there." The womans says, her tone rather bittersweet as she looks down at him.

Did she- Did SHE just really tell him to watch it?! And who does she think she is speaking to him like that?! How dare she even speak to him! The volts were spiraling out of control and it ends up shooting out of his body, knocking something over in the process. He couldn't give a sh*t what it was right now, he's just trying to figure this bitch out!

"..Hey! That's really expensive you know, could you try and control your electricity?" She spoke again, the same bittersweet tone coming through.

Niji looked her in the eyes. "Me? I should what now?! How about you control that f*cking mouth of yours and shut the f*ck up! Weren't you the one who bumped into me stupid whor*!"

In the space of 5 seconds the atmosphere had changd into something completely different than before, it was intoxicating, and not the good kind. An example of good would be his alcohol, but this was nothing like that anymore, especially after the nicknames he had used on her.

This woman's golden eyes became wide, her pupils decreasing in size, and because she had no upper lashes and only bottom ones she looked like more intense. Like some sort of f*cking psycho animal.

"What. Did. You. Just. Call. Me?" Was all she said, eyes narrowing dangerously.

"Don't tell me you've got hearing issues too? I said f*cking move out of my way whor*! Before I have to-" Blue and white crackled in his hand. "-Move you out of the way myself, and that won't be pretty. Well- neither will you after I'm finished with you."

Niji's lips lift in a satisifed smirk at the idea of having a fight with someone again. It had been far too long since he'd been able to spar with anybody. His father had demanded them not to fight anyone so that they would look their best for the first meetings of their fiances. He gags internally and outwardly, if the woman didn't like his looks, how was that his problem?

It had been as fast as lightning, one moment he was standing infront of her, the next minute he was flying through the air and into a wall. It gave him flashbacks of when that weakling had managed to strike him as well. Niji fell to the ground, not feeling a single amount of pain when he cracked his bones back into their usual place.

Something sharp presses down onto his chest, stopping him from making another move. Niji's eyes slowly focus again, and he's looking back at the face of the giant woman.

"..I don't know who you think you are, you ignorant piece of sh*t, but I will not tolerate a MAN, talking to me like that." She tells him.

"..Oh you don't like that do you?" Niji says, his smirk returning. "W-ho-re~."


"I'm so glad you found each other!"

Whatever was about to be said was completely cut off, actually their entire moment of bickering ends and both of their heads turn exaggeratingly slow towards the left side of the corridor. Both of them lock eyes with a door that's currently smiling a bit too wide at them for Niji's liking.

Is a door really.. showing actual emotion right now..??

"..And what do you mean by that?" The woman asks, no longer concentrating on trying to keep Niji down with her foot.

The door pouted in confusion. "Are you not each other's fiance's?"

Niji feels like his arteries just disconnected from his heart and let it drop into his stomach, because what the f*ck does this door mean that they are each other's fiance's?? The two glance at one another, and the woman scoffs. Just as Niji is about to get up, she adds pressure to her foot, giving him a look of warning.

"..And so-"

"..Hey. Bitch." Niji snaps, grabbing her ankle and bringing the voltage of his electricity up. "You better take your disgusting foot off me, or I swear-"

"Or you swear what, asshole?" She interrupts him again, her eyes narrowing, making him go silent for only a second.

"..I'll f*cking fry you until you are unrecognisable that's WHAT."

"..Wow I can tell you guys really don't like each other-" The door coughed(somehow), and looked between them. "You guys should really try to get along a bit better, since you are going to get married in about a month."

The woman scoffs. "You must be mistaken, this arrogant, ignorant piece of sh*t can't be my fiance."

Niji scowls at her. "Like I want you to be my future wife, you look like sh*t. I'd never get it up if you were going to be the thing I look at every morning for the rest of my life."

"..Uhm forgive me if I'm wrong.. but you-" The door's eyes glance at Niji. "-Are prince NIji Vinsmoke, second son of Germa.. right?"

At the mention of his name, he nods. "Damn right."

"And you-" It's eyes now look at the woman. "-are princess Galette Charlotte, one of the main officers of the Big Mom Pirates.. correct?"

"..That would be right."




It finally hits the both of them at the same time, their eyes meet and there's nothing but silence. Did he really just say that to his future wife his dad is going to kill him! Still- he couldn't contain the loud gag that erupted out of his throat, and finally she took his foot off him..

"..So I'm not wrong! You are going to be wedded in a month!" The door confirms, smiling before slowly opening to reveal the interior of the room.

Galette fixes the bottom of her dress, her face forcefully softened. "I apologise, I did not mean to be so..- uh... aggressive with you."

Niji looks at her in a bit of shock. What's with the change, he would of believed it if it wasn't so obvious how fake it was. What's she doing all of a sudden? Galette lets out her hand and Niji slaps it away, what is he some sort of damsel? He can get up himself.

The two enter the room chosen for them, and for f*ck sake it smells horrible. There's dry stains and splats of blood on the floors and the walls, there's mold, and a sh*t ton of cracks. What room is this? By the crazy sharp tools and experimental machines it looks like some form of storage for executions.

What an interesting room for him to meet his fiance in, it's just his taste, defintely his style.

In the corner there's a seat made of stone and he skips over to it, he makes sure there's no blood first before sitting down and propping his feet up one of the tables. Niji clears his throat and brings out a sheet of paper from his pocket, clicking his fingers to get Galette's attention.

Finally he looks at her and he gets a first proper look at her. She's not bad, actually she's quite hot. Her hair is extremely curly and frames her face well, it's also a weird shade of pink. Her body is shaped beautifully, and the dress really hugs the right places. Her eyelashes on the bottom and her abnormal height are probably the most predominant features.

"..Is there something you need?" Galette asks, Niji sticks his finger in the direction of the table. "..Oh what is this?"

Niji wants to punch a wall, what's with this sickly sweet tone?? It's much too unfamiliar. He'd honestly had preferred it if she kept back chatting him and throwing him around the room.

"..The things you would be required to do as my wife, obviously." Niji answers, as if that should of been clear from the start.

Galette bites at her bottom lip in frustration, trying to stop herself from lashing out. She closes her eyes, seeing the man cower in the corner of the room, pointing at her as he shouts 'No man would want you, nobody can handle your bitchy attitude!' and it does nothing but make her more guarded next to this prince.

"Must cook for me."

"Must listen to my orders."

"Must clean from top to bottom."

"If kids happen, you take care of them."

What the f*ck is this that she's reading?! Galette tried her damn hardest, and she's so sorry to her family and the siblings she's sharing this AWFUL experience with. But there's no way she's going to be in a marriage with a man who doesn't understand the meaning of being 'equal' in a relationship, even if it IS fake!

"Why was I left stuck with a misogynistic prick for a husband!" Galette whines.

Niji's head snaps up in alert. "A what?! I have it worse! I'm stuck with a whiny bitch for a wife!" He shouts back, gritting his teeth in anger.

Galette's laugh is nothing short of mocking, a hand resting on her hip. "I'm the whiny bitch? Oh hush, dog. All you do is bark, bark, bark, there really is no bite to you after all."

"Keep talking and you might just find out how much of a bite I've got, you dumb woman!"

"I see what kind of guy you are now, and I'm really not impressed." She says, making sure he is looking and smirking as she rips the paper into tiny pieces.

The prince stands up from the seat in shock, she's really starting to push her luck! His electricity rushes down into his leg, and he slowly lifts it, kicking her straight in the stomach and sending her through the wall just like she had done to him earlier.

Galette was caught off guard and wasn't expecting him to hit her. Actually- he may of said a lot of misogynistic things, but the action he just did a lot of men wouldn't of done. Men see her as delicate, something fragile, even her own sisters do too. It annoys the f*ck out of her, because she's one of the top officers, she can hold her own ground!!

"..If it's a fight you're looking for princess, then it's a fight you're getting." Niji spits, lowering down into an offensive stance.

A laugh comes from her, a joyful one, and she's standing back on her feet, maybe a little bit wobbly but she's getting there. This rush of excitment is nothing like she's ever felt before, when was the last time she sparred with a man?

Golden eyes narrow and become animalistic. Fine if it is a fight that her fiance is starting, then she will make sure to be the one to end it.

And so it begins. The two clash, butt heads, Galette's hair is pulled, Niji's back is scratched, black and blue bruises blossom on their skin, each hit is either a crack of electricity or sound of metal denting. A punch is thrown, a kick here, there, Niji yelps as a knee is in his abdomen.

Niji doesn't think he's ever had this much fun fighting with someone before. It is quick but he remembers why he's actually here and gets distracted, which causes his downfall. His body can't move anymore and he's sent flying back into the chair he was sitting in before, her foot back to resting on his chest. This time is a little different though.

There's some unspoken tension between them, so tight and heavy that you couldn't even cut it with a knife. Galette wraps her fingers around one of the execution tools from the metal table, it is sharp and made of a durable and strong metal. Niji hisses in pain when he's pushed further into the chair and just barely manages to dodge the tool she attempts to stab him with.

"Listen here, and listen good, Vinsmoke. I'm no ordinary woman, I will not listen to your orders, you are not in control of me and I will not be a typical housewife. I am Galette Charlotte, your fiance, soon to be wife and yoi will not command me to do anything of the sort that was on that horrifying list. Do you understand me you piece of sh*t?"

For once in his life Niji is silent, absolutely speechless, nothing comes to mind of what to say and he means it, he really has no idea for a response. He's never been talked to like this before, never been forced into the submissive role. Not by any woman, not by anyone. He opens his mouth so say something, but nothing comes out.

That woman's smirk is gorgeous, and it's intriguing him in a way that shouldn't even be possible. But it's there, and she looks exactly like a warrior. A warrior that is worthy of his attention, and it's there all right, she's defintely got his eyes on nothing but her.

Galette stares down at him and is actually a little worried, is he broken? Did she break him? Or is he perhaps thinking what every therapist has told her, that she's completely psycho and her attitude is disgusting and that she should 'get it fixed or no man will want to marry her or even be in the same room with her'. Galette eyes him anxiously, biting at her lip again.

"..What's with that look princess?" Niji finally says. "..Scared I can't handle a woman like you or something?"

Did he just read her f*cking mind or what?

"..Don't look down on me! I can handle anything you throw at me. No matter how much you insult me, beat me down into the ground or make me short-circuit with your fancy actions, I'll never be beaten. Plus it's not like I can just get up and leave anytime I want. So just do me a favour, and don't fall behind, alright babe?"

Golden eyes widen. Has she- Did he just say he could handle her. Ha. Sure. A lot of men had said the exact same thing and had left in less than a week. Galette will humour him for now, and see if he really is gonna stick to his word or not.

"..You dare talk to me like that again and I will send you back to your family in a box, Vinsmoke." Galette threatens.

Niji whistles. "Ooh. Scary. I'd like to see you try, babe."

The tool is against his neck, but he doesn't move. Golden meets Aqua, and his smirk makes her feel uneasy, but secure in a way she's never felt before.

A sigh leaves her and she removes the tool, throwing it back onto the table and walked towards the door. Niji eyes her, watching every single movement of her hips, the way she walks with confidence, how she's still looking at him with a fury and look of determination.

Good. Keep looking at me like that. Fight me, beat me, make me bleed, break my bones and keep me always on my toes, I know you like it just as much as I do.

"..I'm not your babe, babe." Is the last thing she says before the door is slammed.

Niji's hand grabs at his shirt and his breathing was a little uneven, he couldn't explain the feeling that was rushing through his veins. It's adrenaline, excitment, with a mix of something else. Fingers wiped at his neck, and for some reason he's sweating.

He can't do that, he shouldn't be able to do that. But for some reason, his bitch of a fiance had managed to make the impossible become something possible. He doesn't know what's happenign to him, all he knows is that there's something unique about that woman that fills his cup of pleasure and satisfaction like nothing else.

Just what have you done to me, Galette Charlotte?

Chapter 10: - Gentle Giant -


It's Ichiji's turn to meet his fiance, and what he thought was going to be an experience of being ordered around by someone stronger than himself, turned out to be the complete opposite.

Reiju on the other hand finds a new gossip buddy and a gorgeous wife, two birds with one stone.


Ah I love this chapter, Kataichi is one of my favourite one piece ships of all time, and so I try my hardest to write good for them. (I kinda have favouritsm when it comes to them, oopsie)

Ichiji freaks out a bit in this chapter, but if you've read the old one you'd probably already know haha, although a few things have changed- anyway, enjoy!

Chapter Text


Prideful and poweful is what he is, a man such as himself does not get worried or distressed. If you were to ever say such a thing infront of him, he'd make sure it would be the last thing you would ever say.

He's not being this way because of his own personal morals, oh no, it's because of his father, everything he does is on that man's behalf.

A question has been bouncing off the walls of his head ever since he seperated from his siblings. That being if his brothers were to ruin this whole thing all because they don't agree to it or that they don't like their fiances or they just don't want to get married. How does he know they're trustworthy enough to read the room and behave like a royal?

Passing through the corridor of chocolate walls, Ichiji spots something off about his appearance in the corner of his eye through his reflection on the window. He clicks his tongue and stands still, immediately going to fix this mistake.

Had it been a burst of wind that had done this? He looked ridiculous. Ichiji angrily runs his hands through his hair, pressing down on a strand of hair that was sticking upwards. He has to be perfect, act perfect, look perfect, show that his title of 'perfect son' is nothing to laugh at.

Such a title shouldn't be taken lightly, and he'll make sure nobody does that.

Slowly his tongue runs over his lower lip, a habit he had catched himself doing when he was deeply concentrated on something. His hair is flat, not a strand is out of place, and it looks as good as always. Perfect. Now it looks better than before. Now it's time to meet his fiance of his before he's late and his reputation is ruined because of it.

One thing he is thankful for is that the place they were set to meet is a library. A lot of people wouldn't know this about him apart from a selected few, such as his family and his staff would be an example. But Ichiji actually really loves to read.

As a child his mother introduced different genres of books to him and he's fallen in love with it ever since. He mostly does it in his free time, arriving or leaving a mission or just when his father isn't around. He calls it 'pointless' and 'a waste of time'. But Ichiji doesn't care. He argued back, saying as long as he kept up with training he'd be fine.

And his father had listened, because he wasn't wrong. Ichiji was never wrong anyway.

Had this location been chosen because his fiance knows about his liking to books or is it just because it's a place meant for silence or more silent conversations between two or more.

Either way Ichiji isn't going to complain about something so meaningless. He's not like the rest of his family, he does not whine or cry or anything of the sort. He does what he is told, follows direct orders and that is how it always has been, even since they were young children.

Ruby eyes trail up to look at the lights above him, and he notes how they are rather dim compared to the ones before. Actually everything about this hallway is a lot darker than the rest, it's bigger too, in both length and height. It was perfect for when people wanted to come and go through whenever they damn well pleased. He's kinda hoping this is a big library and not like the one he has back home.

Yes he is somewhat grateful to even have a private place to read in his castle away from all the drama and annoying responsibilites he has to do daily, but it's the size of a commoners living room. It also has way too many books that are bad quality, badly written with an even worse plot.

They were gifted to him by his father, although they were all about training, history of Germa, how they came to be and the wars they both won and lost. His reasoning had been that if Ichiji was going to pick up this new hobby then he should make it useful and study more about Germa. Let's just say the redhead hadn't been very happy about this.

Doors slamming made his thoughts drown, he's focused and looking ahead. To outsiders with no experience it would look like he's simply walking. But Ichiji has a little special set of skills when it came to his eyes and he used it any time he could, well, not that he had a choice. Footsteps grew louder and Ichiji noted how it wasn't his, since his steps were quiet.

"Did you hear? General Katakuri is getting married, can you believe it?"

As he's said before, he's not like his brothers, depending on which one you talk about, each of them would have a different reaction. Either freezing up, flirting, or stopping the person to have a good ol 'talk', if you understand what he is meaning by that.

But Ichiji never said he was good compared to them, so he can't really help but eavesdrop on the conversation between the two people, their voices get louder and louder the closer they get, and their talk seems normal, until he sensed their conversation included him in it.

"Oh yes I did! Whoever was chosen to marry General Katakuri must feel so lucky! I know I would!"

Lucky isn't really a word he would use to describe this whole thing. It's not ideal, it's really not, it's the worst thing he's ever had to endure in his 21 years of living, in fact Ichiji would rather be doing anything else then marrying somebody he barely knows.

The only things he knew about Katakuri was his name, and that he's a general, and a very powerful one at that. He's ranked number two in the Big Mom pirates for strength alone. He's not met the guy yet, but as a man who likes control and power, he's very impressed.

"..Whoever is marrying General Katakuri doesn't deserve someone as perfect as him! He does everything to make sure we are safe from outsiders, that man is just going to hold him back from duties and during missions!"

A vein in Ichiji's head pulses in anger, now that's not something Ichiji can let slide. How would they know what his power level and rank is? He's a soldier too, an experienced and modified soldier. He doesn't lose his cool that often, but he can still feel rage boiling.

No longer is he feeling calm about this whole situation, now that his skills have been insulted by a bunch of amateurs, his aura is now replaced with threat and danger.

He comes to a stop, and slams his hand onto the wall beside him. His ruby eyes stare at the two people, intense as ever, and he's now realising that they are women who are coming this way. He watches one whisper something to the other and they also stop moving.

10 steps, that's all it would take to close the gap between them, but Ichiji doesn't move a muscle. When they notice him too, both their smiling faces fade and are now staring at him with parted lips and widened eyes, and by their tense body language. Oh, they know who he is.

"..My, my.. two commoners insulting my skills without even seeing them first hand? Now that's not fair is it? I don't usually react to such pointless things. But I can't ignore or forgive you for thinking I'm weak." Ichiji spits.

Wrapping fingers around his glasses, Ichiji carefully pushes his shades down his nose, his once hidden eyes being presented to the two women infront of him. The pressure inside his eyeballs makes him wince but he ignores it and plays it off like it was meant to happen.

Sparks, as bright as fireworks and colourful like paint, crackle and fly out of his eyes, glowing crimson red in the dark hallway like a glowstick. He's not intending to harm them, it's just a little game he wants to play and he want's to scare them so they never think of underestimating him ever again.

This will be the one and only time they talk about him like this.

Ichiji knows if his blue-haired tempermental twin was here, this interaction would of went completely different. Niji isn't fond of women, he's not fond of anyone actually, not even his own family. Ichiji tries not to think about that fact as he aims the lasers at the wall.

Like a creature in the night, a shadow lurking in the darkness of the night, as quick as ever, a stream of a white sticky substance comes out of the ground and forms into a barrier infront of the women to protect them. The sparks are gone, and Ichiji pushes his shades up.

His threatening aura disappears, and the air around him is suffocating, it's so toxic that he can barely breathe, it's heavy, so much pressure from just one person. Oh?

"..What do you think you are doing?"

"..Ah! General Katakuri!" One of the women shouted.

A cold, chilling shiver runs down Ichiji's spine at how the air just seemed to keep getting heavier the longer that presence stood there. It's not anxiety or nervousness, it was a shiver of surprise. Someone managed to slip past Ichiji's advanced and modified eyes.

In the corner of his eye he can see a weapon too, it's large, and is held by two giant hands covered in pair of dark brown leather gloves. They'd managed to get a weapon that close to his back, straight in his blind spot, Ichiji smirked at this. How interesting.

Smirk fading, he clears his throat. "I did not mean any harm, I was simply using a scare tactic." Ichiji replies nonchalantly, pushing his shades up to make sure his eyes are completely covered.

Deep and dangerous, a hum is what comes from the shadows. "Is that all you were doing?"

"..What a stupid question. Why ask me such a thing when you already know the answer to it?" The redhead huffs, still facing the petrified women.

"You know." It's a statement, not a question, Ichiji notes.

Ichiji's smirk returns. "Naturally. I know all about you and your own tactics. It's the same for you right? I don't even have to tell you what I am going to do because you already see it before it happens. But don't be fooled, the two of us are the same when it comes to that."

Finally after a few seconds go by the deep-voiced figures comes out from hiding in the shadows, Ichiji takes this as a sign to turn around. This, was nothing like he was expecting. This man was tall- no, that doesn't even cut it. Giant was a more fitting word right now.

It's impossible to see his face, Ichiji can't analyse or pinpoint any of his facial features. He sighs, a bit irritated, but remained calm as ever and clicked his fingers until he got the man's attention. Only when he did did he point toward the library doors and speak.

"..Can we go now? Or do you still not believe me. I sure hope you don't take someone like me as a liar."


"..Yes. We. I'm Ichiji Vinsmoke, co-commander to Germa's military unit, heir to the throne and the first-born Prince of Germa. Nice to finally meet you." He says, making sure he's loud and clear.

"..Ah. I see now."

Ichiji senses movement, it's not from the women though, they're still standing there looking between him and Katakuri. So that means- Ichiji almost backs into the wall when he's being stared at by such intense and sharp eyes. This was meant to be his fiance? sh*t, he's not gonna get out of this alive he bets.

"Katakuri Charlotte. First to be a sweet general and a minister of an Island here in Totto Land."

Finally, now introductions are out the way and they've got acquaintanced with one another can they finally go to the library? Ichiji wasn't patient, and he doesn't wait around for anyone either, he's a natural born leader, if they're smart enough then they shall follow him.

His direction is changed, and he's now walking towards the double doors of the library. He's not interested in small talk or getting to know one another to a higher degree, Ichiji only wants to get this meeting over with so he can meet his siblings and go home to his father.

Although it's not quite over yet, unfortunately, as he'll only have a couple of hours to himself before he has to get a sh*t ton of things done. Such as packing clothes and important things for moving to his new home, getting dressed up for a dinner with his family and the Charlottes which by the way, sounds like a waste of time in his opinion.

There's one last thing he has to deal with though. His observant eyes slide to the left and he glances at the two women who watch his every move. His face twists into a nasty scowl, his eyebrow slightly raising, daring them to say anything further about him being 'weak'.

They didn't though, in fact, they screeched and fleed from him like a bunch of cowards, and they have the nerve to call him weak?? They ran away from threat, shivering like a dog, pathetic. Getting caught was irritating him though, and here he was trying not to.

A grin spreads across his face but hides it well from practice. How can he bring himself to complain?(Not that he would, cause that's a waste of time). Well that's just what you would expect from Big Mom's greatest and strongest soldier, Katakuri Charlotte.

Both the doors open without him even touching it, which was quite helpful. He avoids looking at the faces on the doors and walked straight into the library. Ichiji swore he had died and went to heaven right there and then, because this library was gorgeous.

To say it was big would be a huge understatement, it was absolutely massive. Every wall had huge shelves full of books attached to it, in the center of the room was a few tables mixed with chairs and in the corners were stairs leading up to upper balconies with more books.

Sure he was excited, partly, but he did let it reach his eyes, he kept it hidden just like he practiced for years to be able to do. He might look calm on the outside, but as he walked to one in the shelves on the far left to examine it, he was freaking out on the inside.

Something seemed off about the wall, it wasn't hard for someone like him to notice. He pulled down his shades and paragraphs of information appeared in his eyes. Yes, as he thought, the shelves along with the walls and floors were made out of different types of chocolate.

It looked so similiar to wood that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference if you didn't look close enough to it. Ichiji isn't someone you could call 'normal', he can spot it a mile away, even if he was in the center or in the other side of the room, you can't hide anything from his eyes. He can thank his father for that.

Ichiji continues looking around, and his eyes fall upon the center again. Although unlike the medium sized furniture there was a table and two chairs that were towering over him. Had this perhaps been where Katakuri was waiting? And he only came out cause he sensed danger?

The prince winces when the muscles in his thighs twitch, how much walking had he done today? Maybe a bit more than usual, he's not been feeling himself lately too. He should take a seat for a while, rest and regroup, and so that is what he did. Or, tried to do.

Beside one of the chairs was a set of spiral stairs made of rock candy, and it led straight up to one of the chairs across from the other. Was this... meant to be him? Ichiji knows he isn't freakishly giant like his father, but this defintely burst a hole in his pride. Just a little bit though.

Well better put his training to good use, he didn't pack on all this muscle and do endurance training just to be completely useless. Ichiji raises his foot, putting it on the first step, but a dark shadow looms over him, stopping him from going any further.

"..Want some help?"

Is that? Ichiji twists his head around, meeting those sharp crimson eyes that make's a shiver rush through him. Katakuri is holding his hand out to him, not saying anthing more but a subtle question and glance from Ichiji to his hand to Ichiji again.

He's attempting to help Ichiji.. up the stairs..? Now his pride has truly been shot down, but he does not let it show. Wait. Katakuri had given him the option, he'd asked it like Ichiji had a choice. When was the last time he was given an opportunity to say his own opinion?

Despite his doubts of trust for the General, as he kept making him shiver with his eyes, he gives a small nod of gratitude, accepting the offer. Ichiji lifts his hand and places it down onto the other man's own one, and he almost wants to find a sinkhole and let it swallow him into the depths of the earth.

Ichiji's hand wasn't small, for a man his age it was average-sized. But next to Katakuri, his hand was so much smaller, way smaller than he thought it would be. He can't look away from their hands, no matter how much he wants to, it's just, unreal to him, that this is actually happening infront of him.

Slowly but surely Ichiji is led up the stairs by Katakuri, and he tries his darn best to be careful and not possibly embarrass himself infront of his fiance, he has a reputation to uphold remember. If he was to mess that up, he thinks he'd just give up on life and let his own modifications take over and kill him.

And as he expected, even when Ichiji did stumble, Katakuri's fast reflexes and giant hands were enough to keep him standing on his two feet. It wasn't long before he made it to the top, and he took a seat in the smaller chair that was put onto the candy-made table.

Something uncomfortable crawls in Ichiji's skin and he wants to scratch it out, he can't help but feel like some sort of mystical bug underneath a microscope, being examined by some crazy scientist because he's something important. He for sure feels like one.

"..I had some tea and cakes brought here incase you didn't have breakfast. I hope you don't mind, would you like some?"

There it is again. Ichiji's disturbed behaviour increases and he's scratching at his arm in an attempt to get this unfamiliar feeling OUT of his body. Katakuri just asked him another question, it wasn't a demand, or an order, but a question that he's given the option to say yes or not to.





Ichiji feels strange about this situation, everything about it feels wrong, this talk, this-, whatever THIS is. He doesn't like it, and he really wants to get out of here. But that'd be rude, and he's meant to be perfect, proper, so that is what he will continue to be.

For some reason Ichiji can sense that Katakuri knows he is hesitating, it's the small and well hidden eyebrow raise and the way his eyes seem to narrow. Is he observing him? Ichiji is the one who observes, not the other way around! Ichiji clears his throat, deciding to answer so that this feeling in the air leaves immediately.

"..If you don't mind, I would like some. It is much appreciated, thank you." Ichiji decides on, with less confidence than usual. He knows Katakuri picked up on his weird tone.

The taller nods. "Normally I'd just get one specific flavour, but unfortunately I wasn't given much information on you. So I just got all of them, pick whatever one is more to your liking and don't feel bad if you can't eat all of them."

Because he was too focused on what Katakuri had been saying he never noticed the chefs that were climbing up the very same stairs he did, just without a helping hand. Ichiji watches as they put flavour after flavour of cakes infront of him.

Some he'd seen before, perhaps in windows or back at Germa, but there was a lot he'd never seen, and this spiked his interest further. Had Katakuri really went ahead and got everything just cause he was unsure? These interactions.. these choices.. Ichiji wasn't expecting them.

Katakuri seems like the type of guy to make demands and decisions for other people without giving them a chance to make a rebuttal. Is he.. not like that? He's not like how Ichiji thought he would be at al. The redhead isn't a liar, and he had some expecations, some suspicions, but none of them had been true.

"..Thank you.." Ichiji says, his voice cracking, what is happening to him!?

He eyes Katakuri, but the man either hasn't noticed his voice changing all throughout this interaction or he has, and is choosing not say anything, which he's rather grateful for. Ichiji goes back to the cakes, looking amongst them and trying to find his favourite flavour.

With eyes like his it doesn't take long for him to find it. Right there, smack in the corner, is his favourite. Ichiji is about to pick it up, but a chef had plopped it onto a plate for him and was bowing, holding out his hands to give Ichiji a fork. He said nothing, and took it from him.

A small nod is enough to send the chefs away from them. Ichiji didn't like that, he can get it himself, he's not some child. He scoffs, and scoops a piece of the cake onto his fork and takes a bite. As soon as the flavour hits him Ichiji is in heaven, and he sighs happily.

Ichiji isn't disrespectful in anyway, well on normal conditions he wouldn't be, but before he knows it Ichiji is scoffing down this cake like it's the last thing he'll ever eat. He's starting to feel like Yonji all of a sudden, it's weird, and Katakuri doesn't even seem to mind. He just looks happy that Ichiji is enjoying himself.

This is.. strange, he feels like he has been saying that a lot today. But it's just that Ichiji is never distracted by anything, nor is he one to have a big sweet tooth. Sure he likes strawberry shortcake, it's one of his favourites, but he only has it during special events. His birthday would be an example, or another celebration of some kind.

Katakuri's eyes are soft when they look at him, they hold no malice or bad intentions, and Ichiji can't help but feel comfortable in such a safe place. He's able to make his own choices, eat cake if he wants to and he doesn't even need to talk for any of it to happen.

Taking another bite, Ichiji has now just noticed that Katakuri hasn't touched a single one of the cupcakes. He's doing two things, one being him looking around the room or the second which is staring at Ichiji like he's the stars in the sky, which makes Ichiji's stomach feel weird.

Taking this chance of silence Ichiji analyses the man from top to bottom. His skin is tanned, but not badly, it looks perfect and there's not a single flaw in sight. His hair is kept neat, it's spiky, and is an odd shade of reddish-purple, it looks soft despite how sharp the spikes are.

His eyebrows are upturned, sharp, and make him look constantly annoyed at something. His body is something else though, everything is so defined, he's sculpted like some sort of god. He's wearing a black formal shirt with two buttons undone, black trousers kept up with a black studded belt, and black boots that look like they belong in a western movie.

One specific thing from Katakuri, is the huge fluffy scarf he's wearing. The fabric is black, comfortable and the floof is white and looks recently trimmed. It's covering the entire bottom half of his face, his mouth, his neck, even parts of his upper body like his shoulders. Speaking of that- Ichiji then realises it again.

Why is he not eating? Is all Ichiji can think about. Does he feel uncomfortable eating infront of people? Did he get this all for me? Is he waiting for me to ask him if he wants any? But this is from his town, his city, why would he wait for something like that? Ichiji internally sighs, deciding that questioning every little thing isn't going to work, he's better just asking.

Ichiji waits until he swallows the cake in his mouth, then he proceeds. "I mean no harm when asking this, but aren't you going to eat anything?" He asks, as polite as he can get.

Katakuri is quick to shake his head. "I'm not hungry, I'll eat something later."

Yeah he thought that was the answer he was going to get, although it felt a little odd, like Katakuri wasn't completely telling the truth. It was nothing for him to get involved in though, it was frankly none of his business, he had no right to pry into anything Katakuri did or does.

"..You don't mind me eating all the strawberry shortcake then- right?" Ichiji asks, just needing confirmation, it's his father's fault he is this way.

"I got them for you, so no, I don't mind. I will have the chefs take away the cakes you do not want to bring to my mother for later." The general responds. "I'm glad you're enjoying the cake though, I made those this morning, just for you."

He pounds a fist into his chest as he coughs loudly. What did that general just say!? He said it so openly too, Katakuri sounds like a lovesick schoolgirl, he MADE these cakes for Ichiji this morning?? That would of been like- a couple of hours ago, since it had just hit 11am.

Ichiji shakes his hand when Katakuri worries about him, he assures him he was just caught off guard by it. It's a lame excuse, but it wouldn't be a lie. Katakuri is a true gentleman though, he's very respectful towards Ichiji, his choices, how he chooses to do things and pretty much anything he says goes.

The prince wasn't expecting this at all, he's not going to complain on the treatment he's getting though. If this is what his future looks like, this is something he can get behind 100%. He continues chewing the remaining pieces of the cake, and takes another one from the box.

Alright let's get back to business Ichiji, I know that the cake is really good and the fact he got up super early to make you a sh*t ton of cakes is kind of nice and all that, but you have a job to do and you have to stick to it. Maybe he can get more cake- NO! Focus Ichiji! Focus on what you came here for in the first place.

"..So.. shall we discuss the plans?" Ichiji asks, looking up.

"..It's simple, really." Katakuri looks away from where he was eyeing some books, now meeting Ichiji's eyes. "After this meeting as you know we have dinner at Germa, you'll pack before then though, then we shall go to my island where you will stay will me until the wedding. Once that day arrives, we will stay in my mother's castle. After we're officially wedded, and husbands, you'll return to my Island where we stay forever and possibly think of starting a family and finding a role for you on my island. Unless we have children, then you would have to take care of them. You wouldn't be alone though, I'd be there too, cause I don't abandon my responsibilites."

Ichiji had never considered getting a family of his own, he knows that he'd have to have a child so they can have another heir to Germa's throne. But if he's going to be staying on this guy's island, is that even neccessary anymore? Would their child be for Germa's throne or be training for Katakuri's title as sweet general?

"..We won't have a family right away, correct? I hope you don't expect me to just sit around and do nothing, I'll have duties outside of being your husband, right?"

Katakuri chuckles. "..Straight to the point as always, I like that about you." Ichiji's stomach flips, he wishes it would stop doing that. "I'm glad to have you as my husband instead of one of the others. Before this, two of my siblings were complaining about how their fiances were rather bratty and annoying. You, though, are none of those things, which is good. I have no time in my schedule to deal with a stuck up, spoiled, bratty prince as a husband, you know?"

The redhead's face grows warm at the random compliments. Honestly he's the same way, if he hadn't got Katakuri and it was someone rather pushy and doesn't understand he hates when people invade his personal space. Well he thinks one of them would be dead by now.

They're getting off topic though, and that causes Ichiji to clear his throat, waiting until Katakuri is looking at him with those intense eyes again, then he raises an eyebrow. Like they were speaking to each other through glances alone, Katakuri gets back on track.

"..Apologies. To answer your question, you'll only be sitting around until the wedding comes, after that you are free to join me on missions or to help around the Island. Whichever one you would prefer, it does not matter to me." Katakuri responds. "However if you wish to get a part-time job before the wedding, I can allow that, but anything that may overwhelm you I can not allow. I'd rather not have you freaking out on our special day."

Stop that.

What are you saying?

What do you care you annoying tall bastard!

"I see." Ichiji mumbles, looking down.

Now that Ichiji has got some information of what will be happening going forward and also some delicious cake in his system, he can focus on the second reason he came here. Which was look at all the wonderful books in the library.

When he looks at Katakuri, he winces at the fact he's already looking at him. Ichiji isn't the one with electricity, but he can feel his skin being shocked by Katakuri's gaze alone. He rips his eyes away, instead looking around at all the possible books he can read.

"..Mind If I take a look around?" He asks.

"..Not at all, go right ahead."

Permission was granted to him, and so he wastes no time in getting off the chair so he can really take a look at the room. It's like last time though, he isn't able to take another step because Katakuri's hand is back, like it's a routine they've started already when they've only met today.

His pride is going to be non-existent by the time this meeting is over. Still, it's a nice gesture and it would be rude of him not to take it. He places his hand down, letting himself be led downwards until he was back on the chocolate wooden floor. Then it's gone again.

This treatment however.. it's too sweet for his liking, too unfamiliar.

It's disgusting.

"Thank you."


Instantly he rushes away from the table and backs into a corner where Katakuri wouldn't be able to see him. He hides behind the wall and grabs at his shirt as his breathing becomes uneven. What is with this weird behaviour. Ichiji can't tell if he likes or dislikes it.

Why is he treating Ichiji like he's something delicate? Like he's something that'll just break with a single touch? Why is he helping him down those stairs when he knows damn well that the prince is capable of getting down himself!

Ichiji's teeth grit together, but he stops it and decides to take a few deep breaths. Calm down, calm, be calm Ichiji, you just need to go and find a book of your liking, then you can say your goodbyes and get out of here.

It turns out finding a book of his liking was a lot harder then he originally thought. It doesn't help that everything in this library is bigger than him, but even the BOOKS are bigger than Ichiji. No matter where he goes in the room, everything still is too huge for him.

He's sick of this already- feeling small- feeling like he's a bug that is about to be squashed. He's grown a hatred for this annoying feeling. Ichiji scratches at his neck in annoyance, rather irritated that he's unable to find a book that he can take out and read without the risk of possibly being crushed.

Currently he's standing on the upper balcony, walking and walking, but he doesn't let his hopes get up because there's still no small books here. He decides to give up and that he should leave now, his siblings are probably waiting on him to come back so they can go home.

Just as he's about to walk away, cackling comes from the shadows out of nowhere. Ichiji whips his head around, trying to look for the source of the noise. He doesn't have his raid suit with him(It was against the rules), but he doesn't need it to fight weaklings.

His eyes find a mirror, and there's a large figure coming out of- OUT OF THE f*ckING MIRROR?? He tries to move out of the way so they don't clash, but it's too late, he falls over the edge of the balcony along with whatever the f*ck just came out that mirror.

His immediate thought is that his head is about to be cracked like an egg and that he won't even need the book to crush him, cause it's about to happen without it. But. It doesn't. He's not moving, he's stuck in mid air, he glances to the side to find a woman in the air with him.

Is that what came out the mirror? A woman? She's got lavender coloured hair, swaying to the side perfectly, her skin is sickly pale- like, greyish. She's got on a long white dress that goes all the way down to her feet, she has a crooked red nose, and a shocked expression.

When his eyes flicker to hers, he feels that same shiver from before. She shares the same eyes as Katakuri, they're so intense, so soft, but so sharp and dangerous. Is this a thing that runs in the family of the Charlotte's? Cause he's not so sure he likes that all that much.

She looks like a witch, is Ichiji's first impression. Ichiji wants to get away from her, cause she might attempt to trap him in a cage and cook him for dinner, and he doesn't want to stick around to find out. But he's unable to leave from the air, and so for the second time today, he gives up on his original task.

Next thing he knows he's in the warmth of someone, it makes him flinch, because he's so used to the cold. Ichiji frowns when he realises it's Katakuri who's emitting that warmth.

f*ck sake.

Here he is sitting on the other man's hand, his fingers wrapped around ONE of Katakuri's fingers like he's a damsel in distress. He's not a f*cking princess, and just because he's going to have a husband instead of a wife doesn't mean his title as 'prince' or role as a 'husband' is going to change to wife or anything along those lines.

No f*cking way. Ichiji lets out a loud, on purpose heavy sigh, and quietly sits there. He chooses not to say anything, because damn it he'll kill someone if they dare to talk to him right now, and yes that includes his sweet annoying but incredibly gentle fiance.

"Brulee. What are you doing here?" Katakuri asks the witch-looking woman.

This 'Brulee', bows apologetically. "I'm so sorry big brother! I was trying to find the mirror for the other library downstairs but I must of misread the scenery. It's just very dark in here."

"..You're right, it is dark, we should look to getting the lights fixed. But do try to be careful next time, you almost toppled onto Ichiji and hurt him." Katakuri replies.

If Ichiji wasn't fuming before he defintely was now, his temper increased to the top of the f*cking thermometer. Who does this man think he is?! Treating Ichiji like glass! Ichiji has had enough for today, he wants to go home and lock himself in his room until dinner.

He tries to gently tap Katakuri but it comes out a bit more aggressive than intended, nevertheless Katakuri looks at him with that soft look in his eyes. Ichiji wants to gag. He points down to the floor, and the General is lowering his hand, allowing Ichiji to stand up and get off his hand.

In his head he's losing it, he needs to let out some of the steam but it wouldn't do good to do it infront of them. He has a perfect record and reputation, and his father wouldn't be happy if he the 'perfect son', was the reason it had been ruined.

"..I need to go, my siblings are waiting for me downstairs. I thank you for the food, the talk, and everything else. I'll see you again for dinner Katakuri." Ichiji quickly spits out, nodding as a goodbye and then walking towards the door.

He waits until he's out the door, slamming it shut, and then throwing a hand in his hair. Just what the f*ck happened in there?! He has a deep hatred for being treated like glass now. But can he grow used to it? It doesn't seem like he has a choice since he's going to get married to the guy.

Different thoughts infiltrate his head, ones of hatred, ones of like. It wasn't that bad is what he wants to think, but his defensive side says otherwise. It was nice to have someone actually ask him his opinion for once, is this what it will be like when he is King of Germa??

Actually- will that even still be a thing? Will he still become king now that he's going to be some sort of co-owner of Katakuri's island? His lips curl up in disgust at the idea of being a side piece to something, he's a leader, a natural one, not some sidekick.

That Katakuri is dangerous.. he's mysterious, but incredibly respectful. A gentleman for a husband, that doesn't sound like a nightmare, but it does at the same time.

Not bad.

Not bad at all.


Walking had been annoying, as the hallways were too long and the lights on the ceilings were far too bright for her liking. This was boring, everything about it was. But when she had met the woman who she was going to marry, it then switched into something interesting.

She'd opened the doors and entered, it had been so silent she didn't think anyone was there. But when her eyes caught a silhouette of someone sitting down, drinking a large glass of juice. Reiju was in absolute awe, her wife was gorgeous, so f*cking beautiful.

Her hair was completely white, curly, and curled around her face and chin nicely. She had a side fringe that covered the left side of her face, Reiju felt like she was looking in a mirror, since she could only see one beautiful blue eye.

A white button up, and high-waisted black trousers with matching boots was all she wore, it was a half-assed suit, and her hair had been put up. But Reiju didn't mind how half-assed it was, she had still put in some effort and that was good enough for the princess.

Reiju had climbed onto the woman's lap, making herself comfortable on her thigh, and the two of their glasses full of juice clinked as they put them together.

One thing she hadn't expected was to see such a tall woman, but apparently they shared a mutal interest of gossiping about things. Just about anything, from their homes, history about family, embarrassing moments of their siblings, but then it came to their siblings love life.

They'd placed a little harmless bet, just a few thousand berry was on the line.

"..Which couple do you think will fall in love first?" Is what they had both asked.

Points were made, things were said, certain pros and cons were thrown in too, agreements came and so did disagreements, but in the end both had came to a conclusion of who they thought it would be.

They're in for a shocker, because both were completely wrong.

And that twist that came along with it, had been the cherry on top of the cake.

Chapter 11: - Malfunctions & Broken Shells -


Reiju really dislikes her younger brother's(Excluding one) for their cruel behaviour, and most of the time she wants nothing to do with them.

But when she's asked to help them decide on what to pack, she may of bitten of more than she can chew when she tries her best to help Ichiji.


- this chapter includes implied SA, panic attacks, concerning behaviour, physical/emotional abuse, manipulation and just a sh*t ton of f*cked up sh*t because it's the Vinsmoke's for goodness sake, Ichiji is also a bit of a bully towards Reiju(But it's actually her fault, so I don't know? Just know he gets a bit violent)

I guess Ichiji is a bit OOC too, but it's MY version of Ichiji, so if you don't like Ichiji actually have some form of emotions(they are weak though and he rejects them), then this probably isn't the story for you.

However Reiju does help her brothers a little bit(not Ichiji though) and gains their respect by being assertive, which we love to see in a woman(Reiju is a girl boss real), anyway I hope you enjoy and I appreciate any comments/feedback !

Chapter Text

"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced."


- extreme or irrational fear of dirt or contamination.

- People with mysophobia may avoid contact with anything that could be contaminated, which might include other people as well as objects.

4:30 PM.

Tick. Tock.

Tick. Tock.

Violet eyes watched a clock as it ticked continuously, giant arrow in the direction of the six, the smaller arrow pointing in between the four and five, time reading that it was currently half past four in the afternoon. Which means it wouldn't be too long until the dinner.

Inside one of the many castle's, specifically the first one on the left, is where the only princess was. Her pink hair was neatly tied back with a hair tie and had a long tight dress that reached her mid-thigh on her body.

She stood inside her bedroom, going from here and there to pick up things that she deemed would be required for when she would be leaving to live at her new home, aka 100% Island, AKA, Smoothie Charlotte's Island, aka her new wife to be.

What an interesting name for an Island, she couldn't help but wonder why it was called that. Did Smoothie name it? Or perhaps it had been Big Mom since she was one of the finders. She had to wait until she settled enough at the Island to ask all these questions to the wonderful General Smoothie.

The things that had been chosen for her new living place varied from different styles of clothing. Some were tight, some fluffy, some formal or some more layed back. But most importantly it was because of the change in weather on 100% Island.

Apparently according to some sources it rains a lot there. Which makes a lot of sense in her opinion, since it is an Island for making and developing the juices that are sent to the other Islands.

Other things included basic makeup, such as her favourite blush, lipsticks and eyeliners, just in case she would need it at any time. She'd also decided to bring her notepads and stationary stuff, name something and she's probably got it.

A lot of people don't know that Reiju loves to write, it's something she has been doing ever since she learned to pick up a pencil and structure together a sentence that actually made sense to herself and everyone around her.

The main reason behind why she loved to write was because she used to do it for her mother, Sora. Her beloved mother loved poetry and all the stories Reiju would write for her. But when her mother passed, she didn't really have a reason to do it anymore.

But she knew Sora wouldn't want her to stop just because she wasn't here to see or read it anymore, and so she kept going, for the memory of her mother's smile when she spelled something correctly, or wrote something so beautiful she'd bring her mother to cry happy tears.

One hand held a checklist she'd worked on a couple of days ago just for this occasion. Reiju is someone who is very prepared nowadays, well- you kind of had to be if you have a father like Judge Vinsmoke. He's unpredictable with his decision making and you should be prepared for absolutely anything AND everything.

Neatly placed down in a line on her bed was everything she needed. Her eyes slid to look at her checklist, written on the paper was what was required and next to each one was a small box that had been ticked off with a pink marker.

Her wrist flicks as she ticks the last box, a small smile coming onto her face, a sigh in relief couldn't be stopped since she had managed to get everything complete before the Charlotte and Vinsmoke dinner.

That single string of happiness was cut by an invisible pair of scissors when ringing came from the other side of the room. She glances at the table in the far corner, finding a transponder snail that was vibrating every few seconds.


She picked it off the table and waited a few seconds, but didn't want to waste time and possibly anger her father. So she answered, and it made a little noise to confirm that. When she heard the voice on the other line, it made her smile fade and form into a scowl.


Judge, is what she wants to say.

"Father." She chooses to say instead.

"Have you finished with your packing?"

Yes. Now I can get away from you after all these years.

"I have father, I just need to put it all in my bag."

"Good, hurry it up then and go help your brothers next. They are quite useless when it comes to this stuff, after all they're just killing machines."

Why can't you help them? Aren't you meant to be our father? It's your fault they can't do things like this, it's YOUR fault they're killing machines.

"Of course, father." She just about manages.

Eyes of the snail lower themselves, signalling the call was over and so she places it back down where it once was on the table. Reiju grabs at her hair in frustration, and sighs so loud she's sure anybody outside her room could hear it, even through the thick walls of her castle.

She totally gets that she is the oldest but never in her life has it felt that way, not even once. Ichiji is the eldest son, he's the one in charge, she has never had a say in anything, and Judge really expects her to be able to order them around? She'd laugh if he was joking.

Her brothers can be so annoying when it came to this kind of thing, excluding Sanji of course, and maybe Ichiji too since he was somewhat responsible. But the other two? One act likes an overgrown child and one is so aggressive that it's kind of worrying.

Even at 21 years old, even as a fully grown adult they still act like they were nine years old, it's not the most fun to deal with, and it's incredibly embarrassing also.

Whatever. It'll come to that when it does. Her things come first though, they can wait. Reiju collects each individual item and quickly sorts them into a bag she found lying in her closet. She made sure it was all organised before tying a knot so nothing would fall out.

Reiju tosses the bag over her shoulder and opens the bedroom door, stepping one foot out and bending down to place the bag outside for someone to come pick up. She notes how quiet her castle seems, which doesn't bother her. if it had been loud then she would be worried.

There's a little thing Reiju does differently to the rest of her family, and that is she refuses to call the workers in her castle by the name of 'servant' or 'slave', it is such a disgusting name in her opinion. She prefers to call them 'staff' or by their names.

As much as she is royalty, that does not give her the right to make them feel like sh*t or too uncomfortable to live in her castle. All they're trying to do is help her with everything she could probably do herself if she was given the chance, or allowed to.




They all treat the staff the same.

However Niji is the absolute worst out of the three boys, he doesn't even treat them like they are human with emotions and a heart, it's sickening to watch. He's absolutely vile, a true emotionless monster with no regard for how anybody else feels about his actions.

She's glad at least ONE out of the five children came out kind and proper.

A plan comes into her head, and she realises that luck doesn't seem to be on her side today. Since Germa is quite big there's going to be a lot of walking to each castle.

The kingdom consists of six castles. one each is given to the children and another one that is dead in the center belongs specifically to their father Judge, who is the King of course.

In order it goes, Yonji, Niji, Sanji, Judge, Ichiji and Reiju, who is last.

It's probably best to start in whatever order it is, might make thinks a bit easier for her and hopefully her head won't explode from trying to pick who to help.

Going from the line-up she just said, that means Ichiji is first, which isn't too bad for her. Knowing him he's either got most of the stuff done already or he's finding it difficult because he may or may not be a bit of a perfection freak.

While they were children, growing up with Ichiji was a bit of a nightmare, especially when they used to share a room as the two eldest while the youngest were together. He did not allow any messes, didn't even let Niji or Yonji inside because he knew they would make the place dirty on purpose.

He could also tell if something hadn't been cleaned properly and was still really dirty, it was all because of his modifications in his eyes though, which used to really freak out Reiju when she was younger. His eyes would twist and turn clockwise and anti-clockwise, like a true robot.

It's a bit of a problem, a big issue actually, especially when he pushes his perfectionism onto everything he does or interacts with, and yes, that includes his siblings as well.

One time Niji had broke something, and slime had dropped into Ichiji's carpet. He was so furious that he sent Niji through his bedroom wall, and cut his fingers trying to pick up the glass it had been in, he'd also showered like four different times to get rid of the smell and slime stuck in his hair.

Ichiji hadn't showered four different times because slime was stuck in his hair, well it was partly that, but it was mostly because the PDA he got from Niji he considered as 'filth' and 'dirt' and that he wanted to wash off whatever remained of his brother because it was so disgusting he had wanted to puke out his guts right there and then.

Let's just say Niji never tried to give his brother affection ever again after that.

A small girl came around the corner with her friend, they lit up when noticing her and came straight to her side with bright smiles. They stopped Infront of Reiju and bowed politely, Reiju didn't stop herself from returning the smile since her brothers weren't here.

"Good afternoon Lady Reiju." The two girls say in sync.

Reiju's smile brightens a bit. "Afternoon. I have a few bags here that need to be brought downstairs, please do that for me as soon as you can, I'd appreciate it."

"..Of course Lady Reiju! If I may be so bold, Can I ask where you are heading?" One of the women ask, her smile fading a bit.

"I suppose I should tell you. I'll be moving to another Island, but do try to keep my castle clean as I may visit more often than usual. Right now however, I'm going to Ichiji's castle. I won't be back for a while. After dealing with my bags please head to the main castle to help everyone else out with whatever you can." She commands sweetly.

The two women salute to her. "Understood ma'am!"

Reiju's violet eyes watch the two girls run off to do what she asked of them, and she feels her heart beat a little at how they are so comfortable to ask things in her castle. When they first were hired, She had a bit of a talk with everyone new.

She had told them they did not need to treat her any differently to how they would someone else, she hates being treated as a royal and Vinsmoke more than anything. They understood and agreed to her terms, but when their brothers came over unexpectedly they were to revert to treating her as a royal until they left.

Both girls were gone, and Reiju went down the opposite direction they did. Now that's over and done with, time to head to her brother's castle and give him a helping hand.

4:40 PM

Something is strange about her brother's castle. Outside in his front garden, multiple different staff were planted doing different things, such as cleaning the concrete grounds with specific equipment, picking out the dead flowers and replacing it with new ones, and making the exterior a lot more shinier and less dirty. What on earth is going on here?-

None of them were paying attention to her, they were so focused on their task and it worried her a little. The bags under their eyes were clearer when she took a few steps forward, and they were bleeding from the fingers, their nails were chipped too. Just what is her brother making these poor people do?

Reiju made herself known by clearing her throat loudly, one, only one, stopped what they were doing and flinched, but when realising it was not the 'prince' of the castle, they visibly relaxed. Reiju narrowed her eyes at this small action, but let it go for now and gave a polite smile.

"..Lady Reiju..!" The boy said, dropping his equipment and rising to his feet. "..Are you wanting inside the castle?"

"..Yes, I'm here to help out my brother with his packing." She replies.

The boy gives her a nod and goes to the side of the fence, pushing down a lever that unlocks the giant front metal doors for her. She gives him a smile, and a nod of acknowledgment and entered inside the castle. She watches as the boy goes right back to where he was when she arrived. This is getting weirder by the second.

Instantly she was hit with the strong smell of cleaning chemicals that were too obvious in the air. Her eyes scan the interior, and there's more staff cleaning. Why is there so many people cleaning? She knows it is their job, but it was cleaned this morning before they left to the meeting so there was no need for this.

Ah, wait a minute. She realises the reason a bit too late, but she knows now. They were told that the Charlotte's would be staying over for the night so that they'd be here and ready to leave the next morning at the earliest, apparently it would take a while to get to the Islands, pretty much a whole day.

Ichiji must of been told this when he arrived home by Judge, and he's probably freaking out a bit more than he needs to. He's clearly demanded everyone clean his castle from top to bottom because everything needs to be 'perfect'' in his book. Reiju smirks at this, is he trying to impress his fiancé or something? How cute is that?

Doors open and another worker walks in, looking around before their eyes settle on Reiju and smiling at her presence.

"..Lady Reiju! What a pleasant surprise! Is there something I can help you with?" The woman asks.

She turns to them. "Yes, there is something. Could you tell me where my brother is currently?"

It's subtle, but she notices how the colour drains from the woman's face. "..Uhm, as of current?" Reiju nods. "..Sir Ichiji is in his private library, we don't really know what to do as we don't want him to feel more stressed than he already seems to be."

Oh? Reiju had been joking when she said he would be stressed over something like this.. That is.. very strange. her redheaded brother is always rather calm and well-balanced with his feelings towards something, he's not known to get stressed either, and even if he does it's not to the point where it is obvious to everyone else.

Worry settles deep in Reiju's core, and she swallows the lump in her throat. If Ichiji is really that stressed then that's a huge problem, this has only happened once before and it was when they were kids(aka when Ichiji was more emotional), it hasn't happened since then. But now it has, and that's.. very concerning.

"How long has he been in there for?" Reiju asks, her foot starting to tap on the ground anxiously.

The woman thinks for a second, then frowns. "I believe since he got back from that meeting with the General, which was-" She pauses to look at her watch. "-Three hours ago. All he did was yell orders at us to clean everywhere and then went upstairs to his room to lock himself in the library."

Huh, yeah, something is definitely weird and she's going to get to the bottom of this. She nods her head as a thank you and left the entrance hall to go towards the main set of stairs leading to the upper floors. Reiju frowns, there's no place she can go that doesn't have someone working. It appears the staff are either helping one another or working individually.

There's no way this is real. At least a few bunch were attempting to clean every nook and cranny of this place, which by the way is physically impossible for them to do in the short amount of time that was given to them.

Apart from every single part of Ichiji's staff working their asses off, there's nothing that seems to be different about the castle. It's shining and glowing a lot more, the air is toxic and suffocating because of the stench of the chemicals, but that's honestly about it. Just because there's nothing wrong with it on the outside, doesn't mean there isn't something wrong with the inside, specifically the inside emotions of the prince in charge of this castle.

Reiju slowly goes up the stairs, drifting her gaze from one person to the next, greeting everyone who greets her and tries her best not to trip over any of the buckets of water and wet sponges on the stairs. An entire person was arched over one step, and Reiju had to bend her own body to step OVER them. This is getting really ridiculous now. Honestly what is going on in her brother's intelligent but stupid head?!

This is far too much pressure for one person to handle, this castle is way bigger than the rest, it's just a tiny bit smaller than Judge's. She can't help but feel sympathy for these poor people, they did not need to do so much in one day, but that's the burden you have to bare when it comes to being Ichiji Vinsmoke's staff.

Rage rushes through Reiju's veins and she instead stomps up the stairs. Her change in attitude makes everybody stop what they are doing and move to the edges of the stairs to allow Reiju to enter through the center. She's thankful for that, but also a little apologetic because she scared literally EVERYONE into moving away from their work. Is she really that terrifying? It's hard being a Vinsmoke.

She now stands Infront of her brother's door, attached to it is a sign, and she raises an eyebrow.

'Stay out, I'm very busy right now' Is what she reads internally.

That's another thing that's adding to the list of weird things. He isn't one to put up signs, he's usually straightforward with what he feels, especially if it's on the topic of stressing or clear frustration. Now she's had enough of all this. Reiju doesn't bother knocking or being respectful and slams the door open, the door hitting off the wall from her wrath, creating a large and loud slamming sound.

Reiju half expected Ichiji to be able to hear that and come find out what the noise was, but he never did, plus it's his sight that was superior, not his hearing, that belonged to Niji only. She walks to the center of the room and looks around, but finds no sign of her brother anywhere, meaning he has been in the library this whole time.

"Ichiji?" She calls out, but gets no answer.

She grabs for the doorhandle of the library door, she twists it around and uses her shoulder, but it does not budge open. So he has locked himself in here? She tries it again, and it does indeed confirm he's locked the door so nobody can get in. Reiju crosses her arms and scowls at the door, but imagines her stupid brother's face instead through the door.

"..Ichiji! Come out of there, now." She orders.

Silence fills both of the rooms and for a moment she thought he wasn't going to come out, meaning she'd have to abandon the idea of helping him and move onto the next, which would be Niji. She didn't know what Judge was expecting, why would they listen to anything she has to say? It's never been that way, even when they were kids. As she was about to walk away, thudding noises came from inside the library, movement of some kind, and something clicking behind the door and one of the doors opened fully with a loud creak.

Slowly her violet eyes trailed upwards to look at her brother's face, and oh boy, Ichiji looked... awful.

His normally perfectly styled red hair was a complete mess, it was tangled and she can see some knots from here. His skin was paler than usual, and that's saying something since he's always been as pale as a ghost. His eyes were missing their usual shades, meaning he had taken them off or they were broken. His clothes were a mess too, and that never happens. Just what has happened to her dear brother while they were separated?

Honestly the best way to put it was that he looked like he'd been dragged up a hill or something. This was so very unlike him, and Reiju felt a bit of pity for him start to spark somewhere in her heart.

"What do you want?" Ichiji is quick to ask, like he's trying to hide something.

Reiju's eyebrow slowly raises. "..Is that anyway to speak to your big sister? Also what's the matter with you? Every member of staff you have is cleaning the castle, and you.. well- you, just don't look well, are you perhaps sick?" She asks, attempting to put a hand to his forehead.

Ichiji slaps her hand away, a scowl coming onto his face, and he blows a piece of his fringe out the way. "Don't touch me. Can you just hurry up and state your business already, I feel disgusting and I need to wash off this filth. Now I have to wash off your touch too, eugh."

That simple sentence strikes a bit of sorrow in her heart, but she ignores it.

"Are you really sure you're okay?" She tries again.

Ruby eyes narrow angrily. "I'm fine! Can't you tell? Again, hurry up and tell me why you're here."

Oh yeah she can absolutely tell. Not like you have broken your so-called 'perfect' routine, suddenly have messy tangled hair compared to your perfectly styled hair and have locked yourself in your private library so you have two doors to get through and so nobody can see you while you're like this.

"..Sure. I'm here to help you with packing. Father's orders."

The prince sighs, clearly irritated. "Make it quick."

Reiju moves out the way of the door, and Ichiji walks out to join his sister in the bedroom. He slams the door behind him with one hand holding the doorknob, and closes it so hard that it actually bounces and creaks as it opens again. Reiju flinches at the sudden sound, and is even more confused now. What's wrong with him? He'd normally do things with such specific precision, but it's like he's forgot how to do it, or he's just not doing it anymore.

There's no way he's fine, she doesn't believe such a lie, not even for a second. She can see it in the way he's lazily moving his body, how his shoulders are more tense than usual, the click of his jaw when he clenches it, and how his usual eyes void of emotion are out of nowhere very emotional, it's pretty uncanny.

Reaching into the pocket of her dress, she brings out a checklist full of things she feels her brothers would need. It had different things on each one, since she knew her brother's better than anyone else, and this would be the most affective for their stay in a new place. She rips it out of the notepad and turns to Ichiji, attempting to pass it but he's already snatched it from her hands before she even manages to make a move.

A glare is aimed in Ichiji's direction, but he's not paying attention to her expression and is more focused on the writing that's on the checklist. He lets out a simple hum then proceeds to walk towards his closet and start pulling things out of it at random. That's another thing.. why is he just pulling stuff out? Normally he'd have already known what kind of clothes he wanted to bring, is his mind full of everything but his current task?

Starting off he has random pieces of clothing draped over his arms, but it's taking a lot longer than necessary because he's bringing one item at a time. When they were younger they'd been given a signature colour based on their hair, and of course Ichiji's had been red, and OF COURSE every item of clothing he owns is red. But there's a selective few that you'd find that are actually black, white, or mixed.

Reiju observes him from where she's standing, noticing how he's mumbling incoherent sentences to himself, and whispering random one-words too. Each time he brings something he agrees with himself on, he'll take a look at it and if it's dirty he'll throw it onto another part of the room, but if it's clean then he'll carefully fold it every single time before he places it down onto the bed.

Maybe this perfectionism thing is a lot worse than she originally thought. She continues to stare at him, every single move he makes, the way his lips move when he's talking to himself, how his eyes are constantly looking around his room as if he's unfamiliar with where he is. Everything he's doing is like he's fighting with voices in his head, and she is 100% sure of it now.

There's something incredibly wrong with her brother.

Carefully she takes a seat on the other side of Ichiji's bed where it is empty and has no clothes on it and still continues to stare at him. Apparently she must of not been subtle enough, because she didn't even notice Ichiji was staring back at her with a deadly glare. Damn him and his sharp observation skills, damn his stupid eye modifications and being able to see a whole 360 instead of like a normal human.

"What." Ichiji snaps.

Well the cat's out of the bag now, she might as well just get on with it.

"..What's wrong with you? Why do you look like you're battling your own mind, not to mention your face is so pale you look like you're going to faint." She says boldly, pointing an accusing finger at him.

She almost wants to flinch herself at how Ichiji winces, and how more colour fades from his face(If that's even possible), like he hadn't even realised himself he was doing such a thing. He stands tall, his back straightening forcefully and he clears his throat, looking at Reiju with a scowl.

"It's nothing, I told you already I'm fine, so butt out would you?" Ichiji insists, quick to defend himself.

This is where she chooses to return a scowl. Does he think she is that stupid? It's Ichiji we're talking about here, of course he does, everyone to him is inferior and below him. Sigh. They've lived in the same place along with the rest of their siblings since they were born. She knows every little detail about them and she at least thought Ichiji of ALL people would remember that.

Whatever it is that has his brain occupied, it's really messing with him, it's even making him forget the easiest things. The things he is supposed to remember as her brother, this is really serious, and she's so worried herself that she wants to bring out old habits and rip chunks of her hair out. But she doesn't, because if she too loses her composure, she doesn't want to know what Ichiji's reaction would be in return.

Softly, she whispers out. "Ichiji.."

Ichiji however, rejects her soft tone and scowls harder. "Why can't you believe me? I told you I am fine, therefore I'm fine. So tell me what is the next thing on the lis-"

"..Ichiji." She interrupts, a bit more serious this time.

"Stop that Immediately." The redhead threatens, his eyes glowing. "I told you I am-"

"ICHIJI!" Reiju shouts, raising from the bed.

"f*ck sake- Reiju- It's just-"

What a turn of events, as Reiju has never ever witnessed Ichiji fall onto his knees Infront of anyone, not even Judge, and that's saying something. Giant pale hands with chipped nails grab at chunks of his red hair, pulling at it with great strength, and Reiju feels she has to blame herself for that habit. It's when he lifts his head to look her in the eyes that she gasps, loud and clear, at the sad expression he's making towards her.

This should be impossible for someone as emotionless as Ichiji. What's going on with him? He has to talk to her, and it seems like his walls have broken down, or she's been the one to do that and he's willingly expressing how he feels to her now. What's this new feeling? She really doesn't know how to describe it.

"It's that f*cking General I met today." Is the first thing he says, Reiju motions for him to continue, so he does. "He's far too kind, he's treating me like I'm someone who's worthy of being cared for. I am NOT made of glass Reiju, not even father has treated me such a way, so why does he do that?" Ichiji finally gets out.

Of course, she should of known. She understands completely now. Everyone in their family, or specifically Ichiji, is not used to the kindness of others or people who would go full lengths to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Reiju moves away from the bed and joins her brother on the floor, she goes to grab his hands but stops. Quickly she grabs some gloves from his bedside drawer, sliding them on and only then did she grab his hands.

He didn't say anything about it, or reject her touch, so this must of been okay. Reiju's only holding them to stop him from further pulling on his hair and making it worse than it already is, what makes this situation worse is that he isn't even aware he's harming himself, he picked it up from Reiju at a young age. But she had no idea he had been doing that this whole time, a wall of guilt balances on her shoulders and she frowns.

"..Oh Ichi.." She whispers, soft and gentle, holding his hands on her lap. "..He's not trying to treat you like glass.. that's not what he was doing."

"..What the f*ck does he think he's doing then? Why is he- speaking to me like that! It's disgusting. Not to mention he keeps touching me, and it's filthy, he seems safe, but anytime he touches me all I can feel is disgust!" Ichiji replies, feeling the physical affection was too much and tried to pull his hands away, but Reiju grips them harder and puts them onto Ichiji's lap instead, which he deems acceptable and stops fighting against her hold.

"It's not disgusting Ichiji.. it's just.. not something you are used to." Reiju says, and she's trying so hard to think of an explanation, but everything comes out empty and dark.

"..I-I don't understand Reiju, I don't know if I want to. Sure father showed us physical affection sometimes, but even when he touched me I felt disgusted." Ichiji says, now staring at her. "..I'm.. afraid? Is that the right term? I'm afraid that he's just doing this to get me to trust him, Reiju- what if that man tries to kill me. Is that why he's being so sweet to me? That lady did it too, and then she used me in a way I never thought would happen, Reiju I don't want that aga-"

For once in Reiju's life since Sanji left, she's shocked, it felt like that day when she was staring at her blonde brother through the dungeon bars, and how he had confidently told her he wanted to become a chef even while knowing she couldn't lie to her father. Ichiji's eyes are shining like lights, and they are filled.. with water, with f*cking TEARS! He's crying Infront of her, the stress became too much a burden and now he's paying the price of not letting it out early enough.

Like in a simulation, Reiju watched every single one of Ichiji's walls crack and crumble to the floor like dust, they've finally broken. Every little thing she thought of Ichiji was gone, the co*cky attitude, his arrogance, his superiority over everyone else, it all snapped in half in an instant.

Her big sister instincts kicked in and before she can even think of what she is doing, she's pulling her brother by both his shoulders and wrapping her arms around him in an embrace. Reiju can see how he freezes up, and how his muscles tense up. Ichiji, in the space of 5 seconds in an embrace, is in a panic, and a complete wreck.

"..What.. What are you doing!? Let me go. LET ME GO THIS INSTANT!" Ichiji demands, his hands gripping into Reiju's skin and tearing through the flesh with his sharp, chipped nails.

"..Ichiji! Stop-" She tries, but the scratching is far too painful for her to even talk.

"I SAID LET ME GO- I DON'T LIKE THIS- STOP IT. STOP IT I SAY! IF YOU DON'T STOP REIJU I'LL f*ckING KILL YOU!" Ichiji threatens, his eyes becoming feral and savage, like a cornered animal on it's last line of defense. "I MEAN IT. I DON'T CARE IF YOU LIVE OR DIE, BUT JUST KNOW IF YOU DON'T LET GO OF ME YOU DISGUSTING WENCH, I'LL MAKE YOU SUFFER."

Reiju can feel something dripping down her arm, and she doesn't have to look to know it's blood. In fear of getting harmed further, she let's go of her brother and backs off, holding onto the bleeding and painful wound forming on her upper arm. Ichiji's eyes are still wide and feral, his animalistic urges are clear in the air and he stands up off his knees, his scowl towards Reiju is more painful than any bloody wound, and she regrets her actions.

"..Ichiji, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"Get out."

Violet eyes look at the redhead, wide and shocked. "..What?"

"..Don't make me repeat myself. You heard me." He says, pointing to the door.

Not even hesitating for a moment, Reiju follows her brothers wishes like she should of done at the start and leaves his bedroom. She gives one last glance, but all she sees is that stare full of animosity and hatred. Reiju holds onto her wound and looks to the floor, feeling regret at what she'd done. He had made it clear during his outburst that he felt disgust when other's touched him, so why did she go on ahead and make it worse by HUGGING him?

So stupid, she should of never done that. Reiju sighed in annoyance of herself, and instead focused on taking care of this wound before she moved onto the next person. For some reason though, it's still good that came out of this sudden marriage. He's more willing to open up, maybe not to her anymore, but maybe to someone else, and she's hoping Katakuri manages to unlock more unknown emotions and feelings to Ichiji, maybe then he'll understand.

It takes time, and she's sure Katakuri, being the patient person he is, is willing to wait. He's got a good man, and she hopes Ichiji sees and understands that one day as well.

Chapter 12: Broken Robots (2)


Reiju makes mistakes, now it's time to help her other two brothers, but they're exactly the same as Ichiji is.

Something's changed, and she's still trying to find out if it's a good thing, a bad thing or just in the middle.

Chapter Text

4:50 PM.

Guilt. It's such a strange emotion for someone to feel, or at least one that has barely able to connect to them like others could. To describe it, it'd be suffocating, crushing, like your entire body is being pushed down onto the ground or someone gripping your heart and giving it a massive and big ol' squeeze.

It hadn't meant to go that far, and she knows that now. Why hadn't she realised that hugs, or even physical contact in general weren't allowed to be brought into their heart to heart, if you could even call it that. Her lips were in a thin line, eyebrows and muscles tense as she thought about the words of her family.

'IF YOU DON'T STOP REIJU, I'LL f*ckING KILL YOU!' 'I DON'T CARE IF YOU LIVE OR DIE, BUT JUST KNOW IF YOU DON'T LET GO OF ME YOU DISGUSTING WENCH, I'LL MAKE YOU SUFFER.' Were the exact words of her brother, eyes feral as they widened, snarls of hatred in his tone.

All she's focused on is the stomach-eating guilt, and the wound she currently has. It's not anything to make a big fuss over, but it's not something to be taken lightly either. Ichiji's nails are always perfectly manicured, but they are anything but short, they're sharp and dangerously long. No wonder he hurt her so bad.

Not a single glance is taken to the man's castle, what would be the point anyway? He's so angry with her she'll be surprised if he acknowledges her during this evening dinner. She wanted to stop and go apologise some more, but she knows that would make him angrier, and she also needs to start back on what she was meant to be doing.

Ticking off the first box of her list, she gazed down to the next. Now she would be heading to Niji's castle, which is absolutely a joy, nothing annoying about that at all. The list is folded up and stuck into her pocket all while she huffs out a breath of annoyance and moves forward.

Unlike Ichiji's castle, Niji's is completely different. It's not as sparkly, glittery or squeaky clean, actually it has a lot of cobwebs and dead plants in his garden. Most of the time Ichiji will refuse to go anywhere near there because of the dirt and filth. And you know what, she's not exactly blaming him for that one.

No staff is outside, which must mean they're all inside, and it's good because it's a sign that everything in Niji's castle is the same. Reiju halts infront of the doors, taking in the dark steel patterns and tapping her foot impatiently while waiting for them to open.

After a few minutes of waiting, the doors magnificently open, and she's entering the main hall of Niji's castle. But something is.. wrong? There's not a single soul in where she is, and she can't hear the usual yells of her brother barking orders or running footsteps of workers worrying and stressing to not anger their prince in charge.

It's far too quiet in here, there's not a single step, one shout of order, none of the metal buckets vibrating against the floor, absolutely nothing. This is a kind of silence she didn't expect, but it's also one she would never want to hear in Niji's castle of all people.

Trying her chances, Reiju calls out. "Hello? Is anyone here?" She tries, but there's no answer to her, and this is defintely concerning if nobody is responding.

Barely even able to take a step before there's a loud scream ripping through the air, with loud crackling of elecricity following straight after. Reiju notes how it is coming from upstairs, and she thinks the worst possible. She imagines punshment, abuse, and torment to the poor women that have unfortunately been given to Niji for staff.

Wasting no time Reiju moves quickly, feet pounding loudly with each step she plants them on. It's an old carpet, and really disgusting too, so it's not the cleanest nor is it dry, so she almost fell over a few times. Niji should really get this checked, it's really not safe for anyone who comes into the castle. Although she feels he wouldn't care all that much.

Down a long hallway she goes, and at the louder sounds of elecricity she pushes herself to the limit, going faster than she ever has before, and going based off of adrenaline alone. Reiju stops infront of her brother's bedroom, that is suprisingly wide open for the whole castle to see.

Two hands fly to her mouth one right after the other, she's in absolute distraught at what she's looking at right now. Just when she thought everything had been normal too. She appears to have jinxed it with her previous statement, as it turns out Ichiji hadn't been the only one who was affected by the meeting of the Charlotte's.

Standing in the center of his bedroom was her brother, Niji, and surrounding him was his furniture, it would of been fine if it hadn't all been shattered into pieces because of him using his electrical powers. Being held upwards by one of his arms, hand wrapped around neck, is a staff member belonging to him and his castle.

There's a burn mark forming on the skin of her shoulder the higher his voltage of his electrical powers go up. What is going on right now? This isn't something that should shock her, but the room being trashed, each worker quivering in the corner with similar wounds, that's not what shocks her at all, it's the wounds she can see on her own brother that shocks her.

Staring in complete silence as she tries to take the entire thing in, Reiju has no choice but to listen to her brother's cruel words, although something about them seems... different somehow.

"Stop being a whiny little bitch and come hit me, speak back to me. MAKE. ME. BLEED." Niji would scream, the muscles in his arms tensing every once in a while.

"Wh-What!? Sir Niji, I can't go and do a thing like that." The worker retorted.

Niji's scowl was different, not angry, but more like a hatred deeper than anything Reiju has ever seen before, and the words he says, it's like he's tasting something bitter, like there's venom spilling from his mouth and the only way he can get it out is by shouting at another.

"..How pathetic you are, can't you speak up for yourself? Disgusting, get out of here already, or I swear I'll kill you and all the rest of your little friends!" Niji yelled.

Fingers unclenched, and the worker was free, falling to her knees. She was coughing violently, but that didn't stop her from raising to her feet and running out the doorway. Reiju didn't miss the tears piling from the corner of her eyes when she passed her. Reiju felt an annoying feeling linger under her skin, but she tried her best to ignore it.

"Niji." She says.

At the mention of his name, Niji is wincing and he's turning himself around to meet eyes with her. Judging by the look on his face she could say he seemed very confused, and she doesn't think she has ever seen such a thing in her life, especially from Niji.

Clearing her throat, Reiju gathers all the courage she has and is walking inside the man's room, not asking for permission as it's clear what his answer was going to be even if she did bother asking. Gently, she places her arms over her chest and crosses them.

"..What are you doing in here?" Rejiu doesn't miss the smell and she gags, bringing up a finger to squeeze her nose. "And why does it smell like burnt fabric in here?"

"None of your business!" Niji sneers. "What do you want anyway?"

Reiju can't help but let out a sigh at her brother's attitude, what had she expected though? It's typical that he'll only answer with aggression and paranoid hostility, is anything actually going to change about him? She holds in another sigh when he glares straight at her from across the room.

"Father told me to help you on what to pack." She finally says. "So I made you this fo-" She reaches for the checklist and goes to hand it to the other, but he's already snatching it from her before she can make a single movement.

Niji turns his back to her. "Yeah yeah, can you get out now already? I'm getting sick of being interrupted, I have stuff to do you know." He waves his hand around in a way that says 'Go'

And that involves hurting women? How exactly is that more important than this??

She's had enough of him anyway, there's only so much time she can bare to be in the same room as Niji. "Whatever." Reiju had mumbled, twisting her body towards the door.

Something stops her from leaving properly and so now one of her feet is on the inside of Niji's bedroom, the other out in the hallway. Wait a damn minute. No way. She's not going to let her brother push her around like that, she's the oldest and he better start treating her as such.

Reiju turns on her heel, now holding a determined expression as she storms back into Niji's bedroom. When she slams a hand down on his shoulder and spins him around to face her, she finds his sudden surprise quite funny, he was so caught off guard and it was another thing she'd never seen from him. She could get used to that.

He's scowling at her, his eyebrows lowered in an angered manner, and the way his eyes are narrowed means she is on thin ice starting from now. Reiju gulps and takes a deep breath to try and keep all that confidence she had rush through her come back, even if it's for a few more seconds.

Purple eyes lower to the ground, and she's now noticing how the checklist she took ages to make for him is now ripped to tiny little pieces that were scattered along the floorboards. Okay, f*ck being nice now, he deserves a lecture from his elder sister, whether he likes it or not.

Her hand finds it's way to her hip, fingers pressing softly into the flesh. "What's your problem? What were you doing to all those workers?" She is quick to ask.

Niji's scowl is deepened and much more menacing than before, but she chooses to stand her ground despite the increasing danger levels. "I'm sorry, I don't see how that is any of your business really."

"Actually I do believe it is my business. Because you're my brother and as the eldest I look out for you little bastards, even if you don't deserve it. Now tell me what you were doing." Reiju says, and when Niji didn't budge, she scowls back at him. "Now." She demands.

Shockingly, he complies, well- after a loud groan.

"Fine! f*ck sake, if it'll get me some peace and quiet then fine! I just wanted to see how it would feel if one of them talked back or even smacked me, if one of them managed to make feel that.. insane adrenaline again. But none of them would do it, what a bunch of cowards!" Niji whines, hitting his fist off the wall just for fun and for no actual meaningful purpose.

Hold on- WHAT?? Reiju couldn't believe what she was hearing. Niji saying he had actually had a genuine motive behind his actions of hurting women was one thing, but did he just say something about feeling.. adrenaline? FEEL?? What does that even mean?

Two fingers come to grip and pinch the bridge of her nose, both of her eyes shut tight in frustration, because she has no idea what is happening and she's trying to figure out what the f*ck her brother was talking about right now.

"..Sorry- Sorry but like what? What do you mean exactly?" She asks, almost scared to for the fear of the word 'feeling' or 'feel' coming out of his mouth again.

For once in her life, Niji seemed excited to talk about something. It's not the usual bloodlust excitment though, that sadisitic and sinister kind of joy, no it seemed like.. he found a missing piece of a puzzle, like when you see a beautiful sunset or the northern lights dancing and glowing in the darkness of the night.

When he spoke, his tone was high-pitched, and the way he moved his hands around as if he's trying to get Reiju to have the whole picture right infront of her just from his movements and descriptions alone.

He's like a child, or a girl getting her first school-crush, every thing he does is done in such a child-like manner she can't even believe she's talking to her hotheaded and first to dive into danger brother right now.

"So you know during the meetings, yeah? I met the Charlotte bitch okay? But like, something was different from her. Reiju, she's so f*cking strong, and she makes me feel this kind of bloodlust and determination I never have before. She didn't listen to me, she kicked me down, pinned me to the wall, put a weapon in my face, kicked, booted, punched, slapped, tore me down and built me back up in a way I've never experienced before. It was- nice, like it felt good to feel something like that, and I want it back, I want it again. It's so addictive like a drug, and I feel like I'll die if I don't have it again sometime soon." Niji explains, a grin coming onto his face. "..The bitch even had the guts to rip up the wife duties list."



Oh, my god?

Reiju knows she's supposed to be subtle about certain things, but that entire rant felt so much like a confession of love she didn't even know what to do other than let her jaw drop to the floor. What on earth is going on? Is this an on-going theme with her brothers today?

First it had been Ichiji who was stressed because he's being treated kindly and like he's important, also been given some sort of princess/wife(?) treatment by the literal man of his dreams, he just doesn't know that the reason he hates it so much is because he actually enjoys it. But what else does one do when something new drops into their field?

Second is now, Niji, who for the first time in his life was told no, beaten senseless and to a pulp and was ordered around by a woman. The only authorative woman present in their lives was their mother, but she had never been around enough for Niji to actually learn anything. Of course Reiju was here too, but Ichiji was the one in charge, always him, never her.

What's going to be next though? Yonji complaining that his spouse was a flirt and that he's actually feeling some burning jealousy because he's found out that it's love he has too??

She couldn't help but let out a snort, as Sanji had predicted this whole thing happening. It was like a quick flash of light, how he had went in Niji's face, poking his chest and hoping, probably even praying, that Niji's wife puts him in his place.

The best part about it? Is that she actually did, and that alone is enough to make Reiju want to topple to the ground and laugh until her stomach is hurting and her face is sore.

Niji's glancing towards her at the first sound, he swore he just heard her laugh at his confession of what he is feeling but apparently that may of been something else in the room cause her face was completely neutral. Although she'd always been able to switch emotions quickly, so fast to the point it creeped him out to the highest levels.

"Maybe." You deserved it. "You will feel it again, she's not a pushover, and she's not going to take any of your bullsh*t, remember not all women are the same Niji. They're rare, but you're going to stumble into women who speak up for themselves quick a lot more than you're probably used to." Reiju says, leaning on the wall behind her.

"...Man, you're telling me.. She's the first woman I've met who actually dared to snap back! I didn't like it when she did it, but after I kicked her and she attacked me back, I couldn't help but want more of it, she's special.. but not in a 'obsessive' way, in a different way for sure."

A shrug falls on Reiju's shoulders. "Well It's upto you to figure this out for yourself Niji, this is your marriage and I can't help you out with it."

I can't help you out because I don't know how, I'm pretty sure you would try to hurt me if I tried to and I can't risk that.

Quickly Niji is back to his usual self, like this conversation never happened, and his familiar annoyed glare appears on his face. "I told you the reason, can you, I dunno, like- get out now?" He mumbles. "Please." He then adds, softly.

With the unexpected gentle voice and actual manners, Reiju did not say anything more to him other than a quick 'goodbye' and left his bedroom. She grabbed ahold of the silver handle and closed the door behind her, catching a glance of Niji's smile only to himself. It made her want to smile, and she couldn'tstop it even if she tried.

Well, that was a very interesting experience, and it went better than her meeting with Ichiji, did the gods above known about their problems or something? It's starting to get rather weird, but she can't find it in herself to complain, not when it's working so well to fix them.

They gave Ichiji someone who treats him with mutal respect that didn't even have to be properly earned, it was just given, with 100% trust from Katakuri.

Niji with a woman who doesn't take sh*t and actually is able to stand her ground against him, even being on the same level of strength? Now that Reiju can admire.

What's next for the youngest thought? Is Yonji's husband going to be the type who can listen to his long rants and feed his big apetite like nobody else can, or even bothers to try and do?

Her smile only widened at the thought of her brothers possible switch, if their emotions were triggered, does that mean they'd be nice and they could actually be somewhat of a family?

Reiju doesn't think too much on it, because who knows how powerful those feelings need to be to break those strong ass modifications. Luckily though, it's time for her last brother, the youngest, and all she can wonder is what is in store for her there.



5:00 PM.

Metal doors were opened for the third time that day, Reiju stopped all movement when she took a couple of steps inside the castle. A scent she wasn't expecting to smell suddenly filled her nose. What is that...? Tell her if she's wrong.. but is that the smell of.. BISCUITS??

There's no way that's what she's smelling. It has to be something that she is mistaking for biscuits, but that can't be possible since her sense of smell is higher than an average human. This has to be wrong, Yonji hates them more than anything in the world.

Why would he be having biscuits as a casual snack before dinner? It'd be funny if she walks in and he's actually eating them, she wants to laugh at the thought of him suddenly switching up and eating something he has massive hatred for.

Greeting the staff who pass her, Reiju enters to the nearest room, and here she stands corrected when she stands in the dining room of her younger brother's castle.

Here he is, sitting at the large table in the middle of the room, infront of him is a bowl, and yup, you probably guessed it, FULL of biscuits it was. And it's not just one bowl, there's at least ten sitting around the current bowl. Some were empty, some half full and some completely full.

Yonji is best known for his huge apetite around all of Germa and throughout the family, so it isn't the amount of bowls that have shocked her, it's the food itself. He seems to stop, sensing her presence and turning his head, immediately smiling when their eyes meet one another.

"..Reiju! Hi big sis! What brings you here?" Yonji yells, waving a hand at her.

Snapping out of her shock as to not cause problems of suspicion, Reiju strolls further into the room and comes to stand near him. She still kept a bit of distance between them though, as he has a tedency to be playfully violent with her and the rest of his siblings.

Excluding Sanij, cause if it is number three, then Yonji wastes no time in becoming like his other brothers, and giving him a hardcore and bloody beating, until his face is swollen and he looks like he's been stung by a hundred bees at once.

Carefully inspecting Yonji, he seems to be in a good mood and that's great enough for her, so she takes a few steps forward and sits down on another chair, the one closest to Yonji's own, and clears her throat before she speaks.

"Father had told me to help you with packing Yonji." She starts, tilting her head at him. "Have you even started yet?" She asks, very monotone.

Yonji quickly nods, giving her a thumbs up. "Yes! Although I got a bit confused on what was more important than others, and I was told I couldn't bring everything, so I gave up and told my staff to go on and do it for me." He replies simply, like he was talking about the weather.

The princess lets out a nervous chuckle at his reply, although she's not even the slighest bit surprised. She's not going to risk jinxing it again and say 'Nothing's changed', because she's said that twice already and TWO out of the four of her brothers have indeed changed in their own ways.

Reiju's elbow balances on the table, and she lays her cheek flat onto her palm, staring at Yonji as he's building some form of tower with the remaining biscuits he has left in some of the bowls. He's such a child, but she smiles anyway.

"So, tell me, how did your meeting go with your fiance Yonji?" She asks, knowing he'll answer just about anything, plus they need a topic for conversation and this is the best thing she could come up with.

Orange eyes narrow, whether it be in disgust or sad*stic joy, she honestly has no idea. "..Oh my god, Reiju, he's really tall. Like I mean he's freakishily tall, he almost goes up to the fricking ceiling! He also likes to treat me like I'm a child or something. He's called me so many things! Like a brat, a child, annoying, he even called me darling, sweetheart, babe..-" Yonji said the 'flirty' nicknames with a gag straight after each one. "..But..-"

Shamelessly Reiju leans forward on her elbows, impatiently waiting for him to continue on with what he is saying. She doesn't have to wait long.

"..He's sweet sure, like in a sick and yuck way. He's very patient, and he actually listens to me. Reiju I think it's the first time I've found someone who WANTS to listen to me. As much as he has some nice qualities, he has awful ones that go above the good. He's a womanizer, can you imagine being paired in a forced marriage with a ladykiller? Literally the worst thing I've ever had to experience, 10/10 do not recommend to anyone else. It's actual torture, he doesn't know when to shut the f*ck up and he keeps calling me nicknames, it's.. gross." Yonji complains, rolling his eyes at the thought of the taller man.

That's.. an interesting answer. It seems that she can add Yonji onto her list of one's who are being treated differently. One thing that their father never seemed to call out is Yonji's childish ways of doing things. In fact- he never cared to call out any kind of behaviour that wasn't considered a weak or a failure to the family.

She removes Judge from her thoughts, and instead focuses on her brother's clear and obvious happiness, he's trying to hide it though and Reiju smiles.

"..I see." Reiju's eyes fall to the tower of biscuits, that have now scattered across the table since they fell over from Yonji smacking it with his hand when he was using them to be more expressive with his words. "..Why are you eating biscuits though, I thought you hated them did you not?" She asks, politely.

Yonji's eyes light up like stars, it intrigues Reiju, this newfound motivation was beautiful to see.

"You are not gonna believe this, but it was actually him who introduced me to them. Like- I know I did hate them, but then he gave me these specific ones that I LOVED. They were the first time I tasted good quality biscuits. So without me asking, he made a whole batch and gave me them to take home."

That man is far too sweet to be a womanizer, that's for sure.

"You really like him?" She decides to ask.

Yonji pauses from his eating and smiles, but it's quick to leave and he's now glaring at her, but it's harmless and soft. "NO! I told you I don't like him, he's annoying, and I really hate him! I just like his cooking, and find him a bit interesting, is that so bad huh!?" He says, a bit too defensively.

Reiju chuckles loudly this time, and ruffles his hair with one hand, he fondly looks at her and sighs, softly. "Whatever you say little brother."

Yeah. Whatever you say, the three of you.

Now she can't WAIT to see where these marriages go from here.

Chapter 13: - Unspoken Feelings -


Reiju is not alone anymore.

Sanji is starting to believe something has changed about his brother's too, he just doesn't have the right proof yet.

The Charlotte's are ready to leave for Germa Kingdom and meet the Vinsmokes once again, but this time as a group and not individuals.


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text


There's really nothing to do in Germa right now.

Because of the upcoming moving and marriages everything in the children's schedules had been crossed off, or at least anything that involved training or getting themselves hurt. You bet Sanji was going to take advantage of this, he was starting to miss his freedom and this seemed to be the only opportunity to have some.

So Sanji chooses to go for a less violent option, one that does involve training but not the one who's outcome was wars, blood, violence and mourning losses. He wanted to help others and be inside his safe room by cooking, and being able to do it as much as he wants to.

Currently he's in the main castle, the one smack right in the center, and he's chose to spend his time in the bottom floors kitchen and assist all the chefs out with whatever they needed. He can feel how tense and stressed out they all are from being given such a big task, and he wants to help them by taking some of the burden for his own, even if he doesn't need to.

Whether it be for preparation, main dishes, desserts, drinks, small snacks, you name it and he will get it done as quickly as he possibly can. There is a very big reason as to why all the cooking and decorating needs to be done as possible, along with the high expectations and increase of anxiety, it's well-

Tonight is when the Charlotte's are coming to Germa for dinner and 'meeting the parents' as one would say, although Sanji doesn't know how he feels about that. For one, they only have a father, their mother unfortunately passed away years ago, so this would be 'meet dad' instead, right?

In his spare time when he's talking walks Reiju will join him and she'll tell him all about the rants his siblings have, and what he's taken from them is that his siblings aren't very fond of their new spouses. She didn't give him a lot of detail though, it almost felt like she was trying to hide something from him.

When she had told him about the fact Niji's spouse was exactly how Sanji hoped she would be, they had a good old laugh in his bedroom for a long time. Who would of thought? Sanji mocked Niji later on about it, which almost received a punch in the face, but it was totally worth it to see the look on his face.

A tap on his shoulder halts Sanji's thoughts and makes him remember that he's not alone right now and he probably looks a little insane staring at this wall when there's nothing to look at. Focus Sanji, focus on the task right now.

Quickly he turns around to see who had tapped him, and it so happens to be the head chef Cosette thatwas the one. His gaze flickers down, staring at her hands that are fidgeting with the apron wrapped around her waist. She looks between the floor and him awkwardly.

"..Uhm, Sir Sanji." She starts. "Are you sure you're okay with helping us out? I wouldn't want you to get into trouble or anything." Cosette states, frowning.

Sanji's hands find their way to her shoulders, and he gives them a gentle squeeze of reassurance. "Don't worry your pretty little head about it. If I get in trouble then that's on me, not you, okay?" He says, smiling softly.

The head chef smiles back. "Okay!" Red falls onto her face when she realises just how loud she had been, and quickly lowered her voice. "..Sorry- I, um, I have a few more tasks left that you can take, if that's okay."

"I'll do anything you ask me to do, Chef." Sanji responds, giving her a wink.

In a few seconds Cosette's whole face burned up, her hands slapping onto her face in an attempt to cover it from him and the rest of the chefs. Sanji let out a light laugh at her, he just can't help it, she's so easily embarrassed and it makes it that much easier to tease her too.

Fun time is over though, he has to get to work now. He takes the sheet of paper that had his tasks on it and looked down, eyeing the information before making his way towards the cupboards.

Turns out he had been given the task of snacks, the smallest going from sandwiches to bigger things like desserts. According to the information they'd been given, the Charlotte's have a very strange diet, and they don't eat a lot of actual meals such as soups or meat dishes.

So there will be some more basic, simple snacky dishes, then more advanced one's for the Vinsmoke family. Gazing back down to the paper, he starts listing the things off.

So he will need bread. Got that. Different kinds of spreads like jam, butter.. etc. Check. And also toppings like cheese, ham-

"Sir Ichiji!

"Sir Yonji-"

"..Sir N-Niji!"

Silence flows through the room at the presence of the newcomers who had joined them in the room, they were the princes, otherwise known as the Vinsmokes or you know- Sanji's BROTHERS.

Every single chef in that kitchen stopped what they were doing to look directly at the princes, some dropping their equipment, some of their jaws dropping or breaking their eye contact because of fear. The trio just stared back at them, looking around the room, clearly looking for someone.

sh*t! If it wasn't for his quick reflexes and the intense training he went through with Zeff, everything Sanji was holding along his arms would of fell to the floor and made a mess, then his brothers would of spotted him so easily.

This isn't good- What are his brother's doing in the kitchen?? It's weird, unheard of actually, that's why everyone reacted the way they did, and rightfully so. According to them they'd rather die than come here, cause you know..-

'Royals don't belong in such a filthy place or a commoners job' As Ichiji had, so very, gracefully said one time during dinner.

God that's such a stupid thing to say for someone so intelligent.

"Sanji!" Someone roughly whispers to him, gaining his attention he raised an eyebrow at the woman. "..Get under the table!"

Oh! He see's what she is doing now. Well he's not just going to stand here out in the open where his brother's could possible see and then start ridiculing him again. Sanji drops to his knees, and without hurting himself, crawls on the floor until he is underneath one of the tables in the back.

Luckily he won't be able to be seen that easily, there's a tablecloth covering the entire table, and almost close to touching the floor. He shuffles himself in the center of the floor and grabs at the corner of the tablecloth, moving it slightly so he can keep through, finding his brother's in their usual formation for walking and standing around.

Yonji is on the left, Ichiji is in the middle, and Niji is on the right.

Ichiji clears his throat. "I hope you are all working hard for tonight, harder than anytime before, everthing needs to be perfect or our reputation would be ruined. You all do understand that, yes?" He says, sounding as robotic as he usally does.

Screams and shouts of 'Yes Sir Ichiji!' were called back to him as every chef falled back into what they were doing before they walked in, Sanji guessed it was because they didn't want to be yelled at and wanted to at least seem like they were in control of themselves.

Sanji doesn't blame them for not being able to do it right away, or at all. The heavy pressure in the air that you can feel when his brother's are around is incredibly overwhelming and it makes you dizzy, sick, awful. He knows, he has been dealing with this kind of pressure since he was young.

His brother nods approvingly, his red locks swaying with him. "That's good. Now can someone tell mw where the head chef is? Cosette. We need to have a word with her about something." Ichiji says next, crossing his arms and looking around the kitchen.

What? What would he need Cosette for exactly? Sanji's eyes narrow at what his eldest brother just said. He swears, if his brothers are planning to make her feel small and gang up on her, Sanji will not let them do it this time.

If he has to alert them of his presence and beat the sh*t out of them or allow them to do it to him to save her from almost dying again, then he will do so. He won't allow Cosette to get hurt to the level Niji did last time ever again.

From here, Sanji can see the way his elder brother's eyes are moving. They are more mechanical and robot than they are real. The scopes increase and decrease, his 'pupils' are changing in size whenever he uses them to look for something. It's honestly a weird thing to look at.

He can't help but wonder if Ichiji actually likes having those eyes or not, doesn't it make you feel less.. alive? Less.. human?

It's easy to tell when Ichiji has spotted her, because all the layers of scopes are gone and now it's just a "normal" looking eye. His face looks rather soft for someone who's emotionless, and it actually spooks Sanji to no end.

"..Hey, Cosette." Ichiji calls out, motioning her to come over with his finger. "..Get over here, we need to speak to you about something important."

On the other end of the kitchen, Cosette stops what she is doing and turns her head, practically jumping out of her skin when she spots the princes waiting impatiently at the front door of the kitchen.

Immediately she drops everything she's holding at the table Sanji is hiding underneath, excluding her checklist, and rushes over to them, almost tripping a few times before she stops a fair distance away and bows her head to them.

"..I apologise, I did not hear you at first." Cosette brings her head up but does not make eye contact with any of the three princes. "..What is it that I can help you with, Sir Ichiji?"

There's something very odd about what's going on, like the air feels.. less.. heavy? Sanji frowns at this, and thinks he's just imagining it, but he can't be when everyone else seems to be feeling the exact same thing he is.

His eyes slide to his brothers, first, Niji. He seems rather disinterested in what's going on, like he doesn't want to be in the kitchen but only came here in the first place because he follows Ichiji around like a lost puppy.

No aggression comes from him, for once, and Sanji doesn't believe it but he actually looks like he doesn't feel like tearing someone apart. This is strange because Niji is known for two things.

- Mocking someone

- Beating people up.

Something like that would never change right? he's too much of a heartless bastard to be able to change something like that super quickly. There's not enough hours in the day today for him to change his attitude after meeting just one woman. Sanji had been joking about that.

Next, is Yonji. He's smiling, suprisingly, and has a hand on Ichiji's shoulder. Because of him being on the taller side, he doesn't have to lean as much to look down at Cosette, he's 6'4, that tallest out of all the siblings.

Whenever they are out for business reasons everybody never thinks that Yonji is the youngest because he is so f*cking giant, in both physique and height. Nothing has changed about his face though, he still has his baby face and even THAT doesn't stop people from assuming things of them.

Yonji hates being babied though, which is why none of them do it. Sure his father does it sometimes, shockingly, but if it's anyone out of his family then he gets really annoyed and wants to destroy things, whether it be out of anger or not, it's actually really frightening to watch from the sidelines.

It's even more frightening when you are the reason he's angry.

Ichiji is the last one he looks at, and he seems fine, not angry, not annoyed, not really enjoying the moment, but it's hard to get a read on the eldest Vinsmoke son. He's exactly how you would imagine a robot, he's more robot than human at this point, and it makes Sanji sick to look at him.

The redhead is bringing something out of his pocket, eyeing Yonji for a second, until he gets what he is trying to say. Yonji brings out his hand, and points to the palm, trying to get Cosette to also understand what Ichiji wants.

Only a few seconds go by before Cosette understands, letting out an 'Oh!', and brings out her hand with the palm facing upwards to the ceiling. Ichiji lets out a grateful 'hm', and is placing something down onto her hand.

She blinks in a bit of confusion, and also fear, because he's very serious about touching anyone he finds 'filthy', which is like, everyone. But she still looks at what she's been given. Slowly she unfolds it and notices it's writing, but it's not just any old plain writing.

It's.. a request- a request for tonight's dinner!

Cosette almost wants to scream in shock but stops herself from doing so, she doesn't want to anger them in anyway. She is holding the piece of paper so tightly she's afraid it might rip, and if she does that, that's just plain disrespect and they might misunderstand it.

The head chef raises her eyes from the floor, and meet's Ichiji' cold, mechanical ruby coloured ones.

"..We wish to add these items to the menu tonight, if that's okay." Ichiji says, tapping the piece of paper with two fingers.

Yonji leans down, catching her eye now. "..It's not a problem right? We didn't want to disrupt anything, but I just really want these..-" He adds on, pouting like a child, despite not acting like a 'child', according to himself anyway.

Cosette shakes her head in an instant, a nervous smile coming onto her face as she looks between the two princes. "N-No! I-..."


Sanji sucks in a breath. f*cking finally. He had been waiting for that bastard to say something, him being quiet was starting to freak out him for a long time. Niji is moving forward, no longer leaning on the sideframe of the door.

"What do you mean no? My brothers asked you for something, and you are going to do what they say, understand?" He spits out, tone like venom.

Niji slams his hand against his palm, snapping can be heard in the room from him cracking all of his knuckles. Cosette's entire body jumps, a chill going down at her spine and starts stuttering so much that she can't get a single word out.

"N-NO! I don't- I dont mean no for that! I- oh dear- I-" Cosette says, fidgeting with her apron and lowering her head nervously waiting for a slap.

However that slap never came. Niji's arm had fallen to his sides, and he looked so defeated. Sanji had never seen him look like that, ever, and he could not stop his jaw from falling so dramatically it might as well of been on the floor at that point.

In the room all of the chefs looked worried, but now they're packing their bags and moving into the same boat as Sanji right now. For a second they might of not been able to get dinner done without their head chef, but now- what are they supposed to think when the aggressive one doesn't BE like that?

"..Boring! I hate women who don't speak back." Niji whines, sticking out his tongue. "Yuck, can we leave yet?" He asks the other two.

A vein in Ichiji's forehead is pulsing, and he's turning to Niji, clearly annoyed at being interrupted. He's grabbing Niji's wrist and throwing him out the doorway of the kitchen. He manages to catch himself before he loses balance, and turns around, confusion written all over his face.

"..What the f*ck Ichiji??"

Ichiji narrows his eyes. "..Cut it out would you? Why do you act this way with every woman? We get it, your wife is big and powerful and speaks back to you. But could you shut up when I'm trying to speak? Aren't you supposed to have superhuman hearing? Or are you weak in that department along with your sight?" He snaps, a harsh scowl aimed right at Niji.

Everyone in that room stayed silent, it was like all had died and went to hell or something. Sanji did not think Ichiji would talk to his twin like that. Reiju was right, Ichiji seemed more hostile than usual, which he never used to be.

What's going on in that head of his exactly?

"..Shut it. Don't bring that up." Niji warns, breathing heavily from his irritation that has been sparked and starting to increase by the second.

"Get out of my sight Niji." Ichiji says, turning his back to him. "Go have your little tantrum and then come back to me when you are calmer. You can't be this way when the Charlotte's arrive, so go on." He flicks his hand as if to say 'go on, and leave'.

Niji's electricity crackles with his rising temper. "Whatever! It's partially your fault I'm like this anyway! You're just like our f*cking father." Niji claps back, turning the other way and rushing down the hall.

Silence is back, until Yonji is moving away from Ichiji and is now the one scowling. Sanji feels like he is watching a reality TV show, why are they so hostile towards one another, this has never happened before.

"..What the f*ck Ichiji?" Yonji says, repeating exactly the same words as Niji a few seconds before. "That wasn't cool, you know how sensitive he is over that. He's traumatised, and all you can do is bring it up as a weak point. Dude, you're so f*cking annoying."

And at that Yonji stumbles out of the kitchen, going the same direction that Niji did. Ichiji looks down at the floor and Sanji sees his mechanical eyes are back, for what reason? He has no idea, and he doesn't know if he wants to.

"..Thank you for your time. Please get back to work, they will be here soon." Is all Ichiji says, and he also leaves too.

When Sanji could no longer hear footsteps, he comes out from underneath the table and leaned on it, confusion entering his body. Actually every single chef had the same expression, each one of their gazes remained on the doorway.

Some glanced around at each other and others responding with shrugs and continous 'I don't knows'. Sanji remembered about the one who had been in the middle of this drama and rushes to Cosette's side, raising her head and looking for a single injury. Luckily, he found nothing.

"..You alright? He didn't actually do anything right?" Sanji asked.

Cosette looks at him, blinking. "Uhm- No, actually. I'm okay, he didn't actually do anything, but thank you Sir Sanji."

He's glad to see that she was alright, and it must of been obvious in the way he sighed in relief. "..Okay, that's good. Let's get back to work then. We have less time now because of them, but we can get through this."

Lips fade into a smile, and Cosette nods. "You're right." Now she's facing her fellow staff, with that exact same confidence. "Come on everyone! We can do this!"

Chants of 'YEAHS' come from everyone else, and Sanji is happy to see her in such high spirits. It gives him motivation to want to get things done too. His smile fades though, and he stares at the spot his brother's were once standing on.

Was their only reason for coming here really just to ask to add something to the menu? The blonde's expression falls into a glare, his bag full of confusion getting bigger the more thoughts and possibilites in his head.

Had it actually been their only reason? It couldn't of been.... right?



6:08 PM.

"..Wow, Cracker, Nice of you to finally join us." Smoothie deadpans, gaze sliding lazily to look at PerosPero's watch. "..You're late. Like always."

An exaggerated eye roll came from the biscuit general. He's barely just got here, why is somebody giving him sh*t already? Sure, yeah it had taken him a bit longer to get here because he was collecting ingredients to bring with him.

Why does his sister always have to be on his back about everything? As long as he doesn't have anything to do that involves Mama, then let him arrive when he damn well pleases! He sticks his tongue out at her, taking pride in the way she glares at him.

Sitting a few steps away on the grass is his little sister, and Pudding is quick to notice him, sending a rapidly quick wave his way. "Hi Brother Cracker!"

Cracker's mood slightly lifts at the squeaky voice, and he squats down so they can be somewhat eye level when she comes to stand infront of him. He taps her nose with a finger, and softly smiles. "Hey Kiddo, how's it going?"

A smaller hand wraps around his giant finger, she's holding it and it makes Cracker smile wider, dammit, he loves having little siblings, they're so cute.

"..I'm doing great! Why were you late today, is everything okay?" She asks, anxiously, and Cracker picks up on it easily.

He's quick to nod to ease her a little. "Everything is wonderful, yes. I was just picking up some things from the kitchen storage rooms, I'm sorry I made you worry Kiddo." The knight responds.

Pudding puffs out her cheeks and places a hand on her hip, using the other one point at an accusing finger at his face. "You better be sorry!"

Raising his hands up in surrender, he laughs. "I am! I am! I pinky promise on it." He sticks out his pinky to her.

She seems entertained enough and drops her hand to link her pinky with his. "Okay! I forgive you then!" She giggles and runs off towards Katakuri, who was also sitting on the grass.

Cracker lets out a deep breath and makes his way to one of the nearby benches, sitting right smack in the middle between his two other younger sisters. On the right, Galette is first to acknowledge him, giving Cracker a small smile. The general also notices that their eldest brother is here as well, standing right next to Smoothie.

It's far too quiet and Cracker doesn't like that, and so he clears his throat and thinks of something to get this silence to be thrown out the window.

"..So..." He starts, looking around, waiting for the other three to look at him before he continues. "..How long have we been waiting exactly?" He asks, trying desperately to start conversation.

"Hm.." Perospero looks down, checking his watch. "..I'd say- around 10 minutes now."

Something clicks in Cracker's mind, and he snaps his head towards Smoothie, pointing at her and angrily staring. "So I wasn't late at all. You're such a liar!"

"..Oops. You figured me out, whatever shall I do now?" Smoothie replies, smirking.

He lets out a loud, irritated groan. His sister is such an annoying pest, he swears he is going to get her back some day. He smooths back his hair and grabs it all in one, putting his hair up into a long ponytail, being wary of the sparks on the ends of his hair.

Once he finished he slapped both hands onto his knees, and sighed from boredom. He's barely been here that long and he's already bored, no surprise though, he's just like that sometimes.

Cracker's had enough of waiting for them to get here. He's got what you would say.. selective patience. In certain situations he would be able to sit there and wait no problem, other things.. not so much.

Groaning, he leans back and hits his head at the back of the bench. Back on his Island he'd really be hoping that the ship would already be there by the time he got here. Unfortunately that had not happened, so now he's bored.

"..Stop that Cracker, you're gonna hurt yourself." Perospero mumbled, shoving his hand in between the bench and Cracker's head so he'd hit his palm instead.

From the sidelines Smoothie snorts, side-eyeing him with a mocking smirk. "You really are such like a child. Weren't you complaining that fiance of yours was childish? Look at the two of you, perfect match, wouldn't you agree Galette?"

On his other side, Galette covers her laugh with a hand. "Oh absolutely."

The end's of Cracker's hair lit up like an erupted volcano. "Shut it! The both of you! I don't really see how any of you can talk. First of all, Galette you get off on fighting gory with your little boy toy, and second, Smoothi you of ALL people really can not talk, since you love gossiping so f*cking much." He snaps back, folding his arms.

Ignoring completely what he said, Smoothie continues. "Look at him! Aw, he's pouting!" She calls out, beginning to laugh louder with Galette joining in on the tormenting and laughter.

Cracker turned his head and looked at Perospero, hoping for some form of assistance, but Cracker spotted how he was clearly trying to hide his laughter. Traitor! He slams his hands down and gets off the bench, just about ready to walk off and let out some steam.

But Katakuri's mochi wraps around his body and stops him from going anywhere, flinging him right back to where he was sitting. After the shock passed by, he looked up at the man in confusion, finding himself only getting a side eye that gave him a cold shiver.

"..Stay here. I don't wanna have to come and collect you." The elder says, looking away from Cracker. "Our ship to Germa is here anyway."

Six different pairs of eyes drift towards the docks where another set of eyes are already looking back down at them. Cracker doesn't know if he jumped off the bench or jumped out his skin, but all he knows is that he's pointing at the giant incoming ship in complete shock, his jaw dropped.

What the HELL is that thing? Is that supposed to be a giant snail? Or something else?? WHY IS IT ATTACHED TO SOMETHING?? IS THAT SERIOUSLY A PIECE OF A CASTLE ON TOP OF THERE??- WHAT THE f*ck IS GOING ON!!

Ladders fell down, and a Germa soldier slid down one of them, bowing. "I apologise deeply for the delay, we had some problems to deal with back on Germa. We did not mean to keep you waiting this long, come on abord and we'll get going as quickly as we can."

Katakuri is the first to stand, but the first to move. "Alright. Let's go. Move." His gloved hand gestures to the ladders.

As they were walking, Perospero stays where he is and is waving aggressively, Cracker swears he saw him wipe a tear too, which was clearly fake and just for dramatic effect or something.

Are all big brothers embarassing like this?

Is he..- Is he like that to his younger siblings? f*ck, he sure hopes not.

"..Have fun you guys! And remember to be on your best behaviour, pero." Perospero says, looking specifically and not very subtle at Cracker when he said the last few words.

Are you serious? He doesn't go around creating problems. He's a gentleman, very charming and a lot of people love him you know! He gets women! And stuff! How annoying, this family is so annoying sometimes.

But those eyes are still boring a hole through his skull, and he throws his hands up in defeat, gritting his teeth together as he speaks loud and clear.

"..Ugh- I got it already! Don't cause issues for our family, I won't cause problems on purpose I promise!" He yells from the deck of the ship, hands wrapping around the railings tightly.

Everybody gives him a deadpan look, clearly not believing him.

"..Pfft, yeah right. Sure you will, since you're such a golden boy." Smoothie mocks, smirking and laughing with Galette again.



Honestly I am struggling so hard for the individual chapters that I am ready to give up, I don't want to, but it's so frustrating trying to come up with a storyline for all three of them and UGHHH, I wanna do it and succeed, but this is so much more than I thought it would be and NOW I don't know what to do.

If you have requests, any ideas, or just ANYTHING, I'd appreciate it so much. Plus I actually wanna write something that people would enjoy, relate to or even find enjoyment in.

Emotions - Adrien_06 - One Piece (Anime & Manga) [Archive of Our Own] (2024)
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