How to grow birches

The next favorite of many mushroom growers “forest dweller” – birch, which is also very easy to grow yourself.

The boletus edulis, like any forest mushroom, needs a living tree instead of a stump for normal life and growth Buy blue meanies. From its root system, the mycelium absorbs carbohydrates and amino acids, giving

  • the tree moisture, mineral compounds and natural antibiotics that protect it from pests and diseases. Therefore, it is extremely important that the fungal zone is as close as possible to the natural habitat of the fungus.
  • As for growing methods – they are the same as for boletuses and redheads.

Reproduction by spores

Overripe mushrooms finely chop, mix with one tablespoon of flour and gelatin powder. Pour the mixture into moist soil under mature trees. Spores germinate and form the roots of the fungus. The first harvest can be expected in a few seasons.

Growing from fruit bodies

  • Select young specimens of birch trees, chop them and bury them in the top layer of soil next to the root system of the tree. Fruiting bodies form mycelium, and in a year with good soil moisture you can get a small crop of 2-3 mushrooms.
  • In rainy weather, you can scatter pieces of young mushrooms under the trees and cover them with fallen leaves. Mycelium formation is no less effective.
  • Mycelium transplantation
  • This is a time consuming and not always effective process. Find a young tree in the woods with a birch under it. Carefully dig up the mycelium and transfer to your site. Lay it under a deciduous or coniferous tree.
  • Do not place mushroom plantings next to fruit crops, as mushrooms form mycorrhizae and grow only in symbiosis with forest trees. Many fungi are even named after the trees near which they live (birch, boletus edulis).

Buttercup granular – growing on the site

  • This mushroom is very convenient to grow by transplanting the mycelium.
  • If you notice a few small pines with a constant harvest of buttercups, you can safely transplant mushrooms to your site. Remember, buttercups prefer lime-rich soil and indirect sunlight. The mycelium tolerates transplanting quite comfortably and takes root well.
  •  With regular watering (especially abundant watering in dry weather) in 3-4 years, the first mushrooms will appear and will delight you with abundant fruiting throughout the season – every three weeks, starting in mid-May.
  • Country buttercups are almost not susceptible to worm attacks, and the size of their hats can reach 10 cm.

Growing chanterelles in the country

  • Another wonderful mushroom that is so easy to make at home is chanterelle!
  • For him, as well as for his forest counterparts, it is also important to create the right conditions, as close as possible to natural. Shingles prefer to grow in the shade with good air circulation.
  • The soil should be moist and contain rotting leaves and pine needles. It is important to make sure that the area is not flooded with the onset of spring, otherwise the mushrooms will die.
  • There are several ways to grow a ryzhik plantation.

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