How To skit in the making

skit in the making
skit in the making
skit in the making

I say it’s it’s so simple that people live skit in the making I would love that because that means I’ve really made it through your kids will use it on you so my kids will use it on me so if I have a certain tone that comes out I’ll hear my child here we go  

  • Through watch that tone mom you know just alright mom  .  I thought you’re gonna go to the gym yes so by counting backwards the the kind of cheat code that you’re doing in your mind is you are interrupting what are called habit loops that get encoded in
  • The central part of your brain and you are starting up the prefrontal cortex it’s a little trick that causes focus and it’s it’s a lot like having a mantra because you’re shifting gears but the thing about having a mantra is and I suppose that as you count
  • backwards more and more and more you become used to it but it becomes a habit that triggers action so what you do is go      cut off this part of the brain awaken this part of the brain and then move and what happens with the counting backwards is

There’s no where to go after one and your mind is socialized .

  • A countdown situation to go and so counting up won’t work because you can keep going forever and you do it in many aspects of your life so it’s actually not something that requires any focus only reason that most of us don’t accumulate a level of achievement in our lives one
  • Most people end up aiming low that’s what I did most of my life that most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss most people fail in life because they aim too low and hit and that’s what I did I was a disc jockey I was very satisfied I achieved
  • The level of professionalism and mastery in that area and then someone challenged me and said you can do more and it took him  years to convince me to become this person that you now see this person .
  • That you now see this voice which I consider my power voice I have absolutely no idea that this person existed but there is sometimes in life someone can take you to a place within yourself where you can never go by yourself and he saw something in me and sometimes you have to believe in somebody’s belief in you until your belief kicks in

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