How To Win The Microdosing Shrooms contest

You want to cook them you know Microdosing shrooms I know people that love raw mushrooms I know those people that love raw mushrooms would probably sauté this for like you know a minute or two.


  • I really like mine to break down like almost like a stew so I’m gonna let these cook.
  • A little while longer what I’m going to do is I’m going to cover this just to let a little steam a little steam form and cook through
  • There while we’re doing that I’m gonna clean up a little bit no one’s asking me any questions is anyone .
  • There this week has anyone joined us I’ve really got to do better with letting people know about the show you know all this weeks get away from us our time gets away from us and i don’t know if you all are aware or not but in case you missed one of these episodes you can always go to

YouTube and look at reclaiming your health look up search for reclaiming your health and you can find the episodes there all right you see that steam .

That just came off beautiful this is really breaking down beautifully so at this point I’m going to add these mushrooms I’m just going to break them in half but I’m not going to cut them drop these in here I’m going to cover it up again

  • Something crazy is going on with my computer so pardon me this is a rough day yawl computers I’m having an extended personal summer all right oh.
  • My goodness it is acting up again see this is starting to really break down very nicely cover it up again let it steam through let me step away for .
  • A moment and grab some drive time I do not know what is going on here I’m going to grab some

drying time I just got them talking about fresh thyme I did not add it early in the process .

I’m going to use some dry so I’m going to use um about a cheeseburger I’m just going to sprinkle that over toss this up a little bit.

This is looking lovely people okay now it’s time for me to use a bit of my ha beta spice and that’s this one right here on now depending on your tolerance for heat um you know you could

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