Mushroom Julienne And Meat In French: New Stories Of Familiar Dishes

There are festive dishes that have not lost popularity on the tables of Ukrainians for decades. It is they, and not overseas truffles, that symbolize a family feast and a special atmosphere.

And although some people are trying to follow culinary trends, and some are trying to focus on a healthy lifestyle, I can bet that most Ukrainians will still eat their spoonful of Olivier for a presidential speech. Most likely, I will be among them too. The lack of balance is not the only argument that the fighters with typical New Year’s dishes voice. Most of the traditional recipes are an echo of Soviet cuisine with all its deficiencies, lack of normal products and long lines.

It would seem that if the era of food restrictions has long passed, the habits that it gave rise to should also be a thing of the past. But no, shrouded in memories from childhood, they turned into attributes of nostalgia not for the Soviet past, but simply for the times when parents were young and the trees were big.

In addition to a number of familiar salads, there are several more dishes that are included in this company. For example, a hot appetizer julienne and a main course – meat in French. It is about them that will be discussed below. I will not tell long stories about the origin of these pseudo-French dishes, I will just say a few words. I did a whole study among people who love them, cook and eat with pleasure.

Having determined what exactly in technology and taste attracts their supporters, I want to offer my own variations on the theme of these popular dishes. I tried to make them more festive and logical from a culinary point of view, while retaining the main ingredients and their special retro atmosphere.

Was : Julien With Mushrooms :

In classic cooking, julienne is primarily a way of cutting vegetables into thin strips. As a name for an appetizer, when mushrooms fried with onions were poured with sour cream or cream, sprinkled with cheese and baked in the oven, this word came to us from Russia.


The 1964 book of Ukrainian cuisine contains a dish similar in description, but it is not called julienne. Today, fans have tried to modernize it and cook it without sour cream or cream, and on a white sauce made from butter, flour and milk – béchamel. And here’s why his supporters love him:

• Cheese crust is always very tasty.

• Pleasant combination of mushroom pieces and tender sauce.

• It looks good and is also served individually – it gives solemnity.

• Hearty snack, and this is a good option if you plan a lot of alcohol.

• Because of the calorie content, you can limit yourself to julienne and not cook much else – this is convenient.

So the initial data is a hearty dish, individual serving, cheese crust and mushroom aroma. I thought what could be done with it to emphasize each element, but go beyond the sauce or cream.

And then, in addition, a friend brought me a whole package of beautiful dried porcini mushrooms from Belarus, and this did not go out of my head. Therefore, mushrooms had to play an important role, and I also wanted creaminess and character, in other words, cheese. The decision came suddenly. A cheese that is creamy on its own and has a distinct mushroom flavor? Of course, this is it, Camembert!

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