Priscilla Dann-Courtney: In search of alternate therapies, mushrooms

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A few years ago buy shrooms online many of us may have been eliminated from a spelling bee when asked to spell “psilocybin.” It may not be a household word quite yet, but debate over the use of magic mushrooms for .

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The treatment of a variety of medical and psychological disorders is gaining increased attention in many health related professions.

  • Magic mushrooms or “shrooms” are a hallucinogen that alters thoughts and feelings.
  • They are currently illegal in the United States on a federal level and only two cities, Denver, Colo., and Oakland, Calif., have decriminalized it for recreational use.
  • No state has legalized magic mushrooms as a therapeutic treatment. Yet there are indications in the future that psilocybin-assisted therapy could be a viable approach to treating cancer, trauma, depression and addictions.
  • But the sophistication of science and in-depth clinical trials continues to be necessary for regulatory approval.
  • The therapeutic model being explored includes a preparatory session, a controlled environment with a trained therapist, and follow-up sessions.
  • The “why” as to what it is in the brain that occurs to reduce symptoms, and increases a patient’s ability to have greater insight into their situation remains unclear.
  • I have no ground to stand on to recommend this form of treatment, yet as a clinical psychologist it feels important to remain curious about all forms of alternative approaches.

I would describe myself as a “goody two shoes” when it comes to drugs and alcohol. The only time I have been high on pot was mistakenly eating delicious pot brownies. And sometimes I take one or two sips of wine before I feel a little off balance.

But at 65 I have been composing a bucket list and to my surprise I put the possibility of a short trip on “shrooms” as number 12 out of 12. There was no rush. Until my husband announced he could secure safe, high quality mushrooms nestled in a lollypop.

I like lollypops but certainly didn’t take the idea seriously.

  • Until a stay-cation week at the holidays we broached the subject once again. My curiosity could be described as professional development. I wondered if it would be a direct trip to what one seeks in meditation practice.
  • Where presence is the gold, acceptance is the polish, new insights become the decoration, and love embraces the journey. My adult children encouraged us. “Go for it!”  I also believe that trying something new whenever possible keeps us more alive.

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