YouTube takes the thumbs down – and gets thousands of thumbs down for that decision


I have such a habit that I practically always click the thumbs up under the materials of my favorite YouTubers – simply as an expression of virtual, positive emotions.


I click my paws down much less often, because I love to sit in my bubble and if I know that a given internet personality (it sounds strange) has always irritated me, I just skip their materials with a wide berth – and that’s it. Perhaps, however, I will miss the paws down soon, because .

YouTube plans to turn them off, at least to some extent. Welcome to a cute world – but is it really as cute as the

website decision makers would like?

There is information that on the one hand seems to be something obvious, and on the other hand – when we hear it accidentally – it drowns our brain in one moment.

  • On a Facebook group or a fanpage there, I read once that when the Polish Pope was dying, YouTube practically did not function
  • the company was already established, but the first video appeared on the website only on April 24, 2005.
  • Well, really – I thought to myself, and then I remembered those carefree times of elementary school and my first steps on
  • The Internet, because a permanent connection appeared in my house more or less at that time.

Then a thought came to me similar to the one that can pick up a person at night (in the style of “where is my birth certificate”): hey, at the beginning of my presence in the Internet I hardly used YouTube at all. I used Google Video.

It was on Google Video, a website forgotten by history and human civilization, that I watched the first “funny videos”. GV, only a bit older than YT (it depends on how you count – by 2.5 weeks or a few months), initially allowed for posting materials directly on the website.

  • Then he quickly lost the fight against the competitor (if we can speak of competition) and started to aggregate his materials.
  • I started to wade further into my memories, but I was not able to remember exactly when I just set up a YouTube account – practically only for watching and commenting.

I think I only put some videos on it for all these years (and with the status “invisible” ). Finally, I checked my oldest account thoroughly – it turned out that I registered in mid-December 2007.

It’s more than an eternity on the Internet – nearly 14 years have changed Międzynet beyond recognition, and YT has undergone an incredible metamorphosis – I remember, for example, that somehow, when I set up my account, there were no paws under the videos at all. There were stars.

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